Smxxx @Smxxx
My name is sara <3 i blow my candles on the 4th of august :) if u want to know anything about me just ask ;)
Going to mrb3 and 36lla on wednesday and thursday =)) mum's in NY
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Who are your enemies?
Don't have any
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Who knows you better than anyone else?
My friends <3
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Do you believe that dreams can sometimes predict the future?
7sb esh howa al 7lm :)
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What do men talk about when there are no women around?
What u said : why are no women around - or f blad tanya yegoolo lets go gay today :))
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Which websites do you visit daily?
Ask - apple - :/
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What’s the one book you think everyone should read?
83rii ;)) loool kidding no no ... -.- ummmm ... I really dont know :$
sana km ?
1 mtw ;((
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esh esmk ?
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Kefik ? *dp*  Leo
Not so gud ~ ~ u ???
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What song best describes your day today?
Surprisingly ..., i knew u were trouble by taylor swift and moment 4 life bu NICKIII BIAATCH !!!
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La ma tfsht bs 2 km?
1 ... 1 ... 1 mo tany :)) bs dont tell anyone :0 we can be friends if u want ;)) <33
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Enty 2/8?
L2 woops l' fa9il elly jmb al fa6l elly jmbik ... 6ffshtik ? ;$
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fj2aaa :| =))) leeeh ? -dp  I LOVE YOU JEDDAH GURLS ;**
Sub7an allahh ;))) loooool
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which school ?
Al bayan model school
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BTW what's ur name ?  Leo
Sara :)
Hey , kefik *dp* Sorry 3la awal Ma kunt aklmk private *dp*  Leo
3aaaaaadyyy ... Wala yehemmaak :D
I adore you <33  I ADORE JEDDAH GIRLS;**
Me more babe
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I want hug you :$ =)) -dp  I LOVE YOU JEDDAH GURLS ;**
Meeeee toooooo ;**
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Km alpin
Walla ma 3endi ;(
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Leesh :o? Ewa ana lw Baba 3rf ymkn amuut kman:( ewa la t5lhm  ريفان خالد
Inshalla ma y3ref ;))
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Gde ;;)! Ma ysawu shy /: you ? lesh ?;p and thankyou <3!  ريفان خالد
Mnkn amoot ;( bs 6b3an ma r7 a5leehum ye shoofo :/ ur wlcm <3
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Hehe lesh bt76e dp oo tjawbe ?=)) ma 3lena 1 thanwe ;;) you ? And ana aba likes :$!  ريفان خالد
Min 3yoony ;) OMG me too ;))) lw a7ad min 3elatik 3eref enno 3ndik ask esh yessawo ??? ;/
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Lool nah she's not me ;p  ريفان خالد
Yup ,,, Lsn sana km enty dp
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Looool 6yyb astnni km yom =))))
Min 3yoony ya gamar ;************** <33 <33
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