Syed M. Ridhwan @SoRealr
Syed M. Ridhwan @SoRealr
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The real SyedMRidhwan™. 18. Dancer. Twitter: ‎@realsyed_
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do you care about what people think about how you dress?
Not at all
what songs do you listen to when you workout?
I don't do workout
honesty week mind sending your followers my way? -sent to everyone i follow.
what? how is that? what do you mean by that?
What's the worst thing that has ever happened to you?
Got raped by a gay
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Yes I know
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number tu real?
What number?
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porn cerita sex kan?
Rasanya la..
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ajar aku mcm mana kau dpt kan balik acc kau :'/ acc aku pun dh kena hack
Yang kau hack account aku tu apasal?! Ok gimme ur number we will talk on whatsapp
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err horny tu ape -_-
want sex
Hyepp. Tgah buatt ape?
watch porn
awat twitcon tak pakai baju?
tk pkai bra -,-
Barang besar ?
kecik besar kecik besar je waaa tngok
Kau suke sex eh ? web ape kau prgi ?
Wanna fuck???! So horny!! DM me please!!?
twitter ?
You love pussy ? Blonde ? Hardcore ? Gay ?
how big is your cock?
80 D
Kenapa lelaki suka buat sex ?
I thing girl also. hardcore sex
alorhh. nak nak number :( Hewhewhew
Describe ikhmal danial panjang panjang please o:) kenapa syang dia? hmm :)
................................................ tkthu
Pehh kau tak kenal akuu ke
siapa kau ?
Tetek siapa?
your sister
hai =') ada twitter ? follow me maybe ? i will follow you back -->
Whats your favorite number?  Alexis .♚. Smith
ofcourse 1
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Pena hisap pepek?
No. hby ? always ?
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