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If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?


What type of signs would someone know if someone "like"them

To me it should kinda obvious, if they do little things to get your attention or you can just ask straight up.

If a girl supports you, would it be a good idea to ask them out

Most definitely!

What is the most delicious berry?


Do you kiss on 1st date

Never! Lol

If ASU beats USC can I suck you tits

You can drink sulfuric acid. Like bye.

Are u scared of insects & non-insects?

Depends on which ones. Like I don't mess with spider or scorpions, or crickets.... Like eff that with a baseball bat.

Are you one them girls that calls a guy by using the word "He" instead calling him by his actual name

I'm so confused. What do you mean? Example please

I didn't say nothing bout "giving" yourself to nobody, I mean it's ok to kiss and make-out with a boyfriend

Usually when people say prude they mean like sex lol. My bad. But no I've kissed a guy before. Yeah it's okay to kiss your boyfriend. Lol. Not just go around making out with everyone...ya know? Lol

Who or what made you smile today?

My family.

Are u Prude??

I'm not prude, I'm just highly selective & it's called being abstinent. I'd rather give myself to someone I'm going to love for the rest of my life rather than someone whose just part time.

Yu scared of the d hu ? That why yu wont have sex ?

What in the hell..............

What makes someone attractive?

If he's really respectful & sweet.

Do you go to chandler high

Not anymore lol

We should kiss

Who are you? Lol

You are very pretty :)

Awwhh thanks :)))

What size are your tits

Why don't you drink chlorine?

Does your mom know you look at Baseball players butts

Yeah she does too? DAFUQ lol

What do you smell like?

Pure seduction Victoria secret fragrance.

What habit that others have annoys you most?

When people interrupt me.

c: hi...I love you...ok bye :3

Hahhaha. I love you too! Whoever this is...

Jackie i know this is probably too late now but i don't care. I just want to say i'm sorry for everything i have done to you. i'm not saying this to try and be friends with you again. i truly am sorry.

Who is this? What did you do to me?

What causes you to panic?

A lot of stupid things

Who do you like?

No one right now? Lol

How did you loose all that weight? You look great!!

Awwhh! Thanks babe! & eating right & exercising!


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