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Well then I'm judging you,for judging me,for judging you:)

Tammy April

Are you calling me fat? :'(

Too late,I'm judging you;)

Tammy April

But, i'm judging you for judging me? ;)


why, that's mean :(

You might be waiting a long time ;)

are you making me guess :(

Hmm... I'll think about it

well, i'll wait here patiently

Hmm... I'd win though

the challenge remains, accept at your risk ;)

I'm better with numbers

Maybe random stranger, but i'll challenge you to a count off if you show me who you are

How will you win??;)

with the power of numbers my friend

Hahahah, now there's two

if this is a counting contest. i'll win ;)

Ah, I see you got

I sure have anonymous stranger, enjoy the entire 1 question available to read.

y r u so gay lol


because u r gay lol

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