Police Department Test Account
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Police Department Test Account


This is a police department account is it not? You've seen the abuse, the hate, the way people feel and what they do when they receive abuse on here and you're not closing it down? I know it's hard to close such a big website down when loads of people are on it but still look at the state of it?

Karysha :-)

Yes we are planning on sorting it out, But for the moment we are not closing it down.

Right, This account was part of an undercover segment in our police department, we have had many recent deaths due to this ask.fm website, an we wanted to see what it was all about. We have taken one girls photo of Google knowing it was fake, and made an account, made up many sob stories, to see just how much questions are sent against you. We have come to realize that this website has caused many problem, But we are not closing it down. But we will now be monitoring some accounts which may be fake. Also we will may be hacking into some of the young generations accounts just to see how much of a risk this account is.
I would like many people to spread this around, Like and send out the link, Get this message around.

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About Police Department Test Account:

This was published as a Test account for a campaign against Cyber bullying.

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