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t (^_^) t fuck all of you
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What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
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just answer them jeez
what would u? kissing & sex?
Why am I getting so many questions about this
because i want to know what you consider cheating?
What would anyone
answer the question about cheating!!!!!
whats going on with casey..? shes acting different
how is she acting different.?
what cha doing
Titan fall and careers work
wish i was looking from behind she got a nice ass
Thirsty tho
shes really cute can i have her number
You and Casey are so cute!!!  Rachel Currier
Thanks :$
whos the cutie on the right?
well if you were looking at us from behind it would be casey
Who are you?
the loser on the right
Who are you?
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Rate: Morden/10.  Mitch
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What's cool nowadays?
at katrinas party.
O really
you are dumb she kissed another guy...
ohya when?
casey cheated on you i saw her do it.
Thats why she beat me a poker!
What's one thing you hate having to pay for?
now u want to cheat lol
:( caught me
now u want to cheat lol
lucky guess
so are we still guna argue or fuck?
i know u dont because if u did when i first messaged u u would of said that u did cute notes or toys or coffee but u didnt so i know u dont
really? "why do u never do cute things for casey?" cause kinda seems like you knew before hand
i didnt say everyday do it and i said once in a while suprise her with coffee or a cutr stuffed toy or a cute note in her locker but forget it but when she finds better and someone who does cute stuff dont say u werent warned
how would you even know if i did or not? our relationship isnt restricted to just at school
so casey suprises u alot ur saying shes an overly attached crazy girlfriend? im not saying do it everyday but girls like cute suprises once in a while but hay u dont have to be a good boyfriend and listen to me
she surprises me and i surprise her in our own ways but with not buying each other things everyday and everymorning lol
Good. :)
Girls should give some attention back instead of complaining like anon here.
oh shit sorry thought it was same anon tho but casey does surprise me quite alot actually