Salim Aouni @Ss125125
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Sa3at ey
akther tfol dima ys2el 3lik ??
Andy zouz khwet fahmi et wajdi lawehed akther men wehed
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Who in your life do you wish you’d met sooner?
My self
If you had to live the rest of your life in a movie which one would you pick?
It will be GAMER
célibataire ?
Makeech newii bech tbaaatteel ?
hhhh lé mech taw.
Do you prefer tea, coffee or cocoa?
Ye5i chbik ki t9osha m3a salma ton ex ma3ach tsou7ebbb?
Beekheel, w enty leehy b zeebyy? nik hwé
taw taw
How long does it take to really 'know' someone?
Naref la rabha ena ? go away question of the day
tu laime encore??
Le le mech lakedarja !
salma dridi pour toi
saalma ? xDD mon Ex w normalement shab
min 2ly sa7y nw
what is your Nationality??
Tunisiaan !
yesser monfa5 :)
hhhhhhhhhhhhhh aych sahby!
Will robots replace humans?
i hope so !
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What helps you to sleep better?
Did you single ?
Yes, i'm single.
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Do you already have app for iPhone?
Hatta njiib l iphone ba3ed to iji l ask!
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Are you a good liar?
How many times a day do you visit
One time a week !
aaa  Montassar ♫
Yaao Dude !
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hobbbiie ♥
Taaaay <33