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Forever Alone ✔ @Stef098
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I activate this shit after a YEAR and i cant believe i still have those 855 followers :'3  Forever Alone ✔
What do you feel to have sex with your ex-girlfriend when you are engaged with someone?
dude im only 15.. :D
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What product or service do you think is ridiculously overpriced?
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Like my 30 answers and i'll like 50 of your answers or give you a gift. whatever ya prefer. ;) tell me when you finish! <3  carly ariana ☠
ok i know you lie i liked 40+
And my fave :3
-Jason :D
more drawings
Ok so im gonna post all my dawings i have...don't ask for more :D
more drawings
so i see you draw ;) portrait?
so i see you draw ;) portrait?
I really didn't like this kid much but..This just..Its actually good  Forever Alone ✔
When was the last time you saw an animal in the wild?
This morning. In the mirror.
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you have my name omfg  me 2
Ahahah actually..thats how people call me :D
Ok. I Love You.
i love you 2 anon :D
dont tell me subaru is your fave car o.o
LATER* ahahah and post itttt!
oh :D
LATER* ahahah and post itttt!
well i have drawings of vehicle concepts lol and maybe layer (;
oh i have one too..but its not finished :D aand..layer?