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Fap fap :O  ☺Kris
you're absolutely amazing, you play jeremy like amazingly well! And you're beautiful!;D I love youuuu  Robyn Ashfield
love ya too
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Really  xaviera wright
yep, I love all my fans ;)
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:DD I sent you a request on facebook :))  ▅ Natt ▅
haha :D
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I'm on a Ask and on facebook .. :) So also nothing special :D  Týnka Kroftová
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Sorry I'm from czech republic :))  ▅ Natt ▅
Nothing. x I don't have. I think so :D
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I love you  xaviera wright
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And you have to facebook fans?:)  ▅ Natt ▅
If I have fcb for my fans?
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What R U doing?:)  Týnka Kroftová
Nothing special. :) What about u?
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And where can I write to you? :)  ▅ Natt ▅
I think just here... or on Twitter ;)
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Hi  xaviera wright
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Fine please write my your skype or facebook i am your fan:))*  ▅ Natt ▅
Sorry it's private
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too.. Thanks ;*  Týnka Kroftová
I'm glad :) u're welcome
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Heyy..<3 How are you? :)  Týnka Kroftová
Good u?
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How are u? :****  ▅ Natt ▅
Fine what about u? <3
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Heey <3  ▅ Natt ▅
Heyy <3
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I love u so much , Steven ! <3 I'm your big fan ! :* <3  Natalie
Thank u! <3
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l love you so much ! :**  Don't let me go. ♡
I love u too
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Heyy,What is your favourite film? :)  Kristýna Sviželová(✔)#online
Probably some with my grandfather.
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U are very nice man ♥ and I love U :( ♥♥♥  †Veronika Kubalová†
Thanks. Love ya too
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Hello Steven :)  Karolina ~BTR~
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we love u Steven xxxx  Sally✔
ilyt :)
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<3 u r amazing <3 sorry u are more that amazing I made a boat for the summer and i put your photo in I love it xxxxx  Sally✔
haha thank ya :) ilyt
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Omg i am crying When i seee you in pics xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you are sooooooooooooooo hot and gorgerus xxxxx Sorry for my Grammar i am not from England or America Or Astralia i am from Cyprus xxxx  Sally✔
haha thank u :) nothing x
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Hi Steven I was so sad that I couldn't see you when you came in Paris !!! I love you  Adèle O2BO
Hey :) don't be sad.. maybe another time ;)
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