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Really? Thank you sooo much!!!!

Yes, anytime bro :)

Oh really? :D Hahah thank you Steven :)

Nina Dobrev (✔)

Welcome :)

You didnt't know until today but... Ian and I are getting married, on the 14th of February, I hope you will come bro :)

Nina Dobrev (✔)

Oh i know about that Ninz :P hah and I WILL come dont worry :))

Skiing with the whole family!

Steven R McQueen

I'm fine and you brotheer? Haha

Nina Dobrev (✔)

Im great :)

Steven! Missed you!

Nina Dobrev (✔)

Ninaa, sisteer. ha Missed you more!
How are ya?

Hey #follow

Malese Jow (✔)

Heey :) #back for sure :)

#Followed :)))

Michael Trevino

Hey bro #back ofc

Do you know where is Slovakia?

Yep :)

Hello! ♥ #Followed ☺

Phoebe Tonkin

Hey #back ofc

Glad ♥ i'm fine thanks :)

Danielle Peazer


How are you?! :) ♥

Danielle Peazer

Im great and you?

Hello! :) hah #Followed xoxo

Danielle Peazer

Hey, #back

it is quite clear to you ?

Kat Graham

Yes it is *smiles*

*smiles, kiss you*

Kat Graham

*kisses you softly*

Hm *thinks* i let you guess *smiles*

Kat Graham

So that means yes? *Smiles*


Kat Graham

So that means you are my girlfriend? *Winks*

Something like this *kiss you softly*

Kat Graham

*kisses you and smiles into kiss*

I thought you were with Hillary

Nah its past, were great friends now

I'm fine thanks. :) Something was wrong yesterday?

Dianna Agron

What do you mean?


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