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Sunar @SunarGold
Sunar @SunarGold
Gazientep, turkey
Hey ! I'm 15 years. Old {S.A.P} <3. If u have wanna ask me go-ahead don't be shy ! ;) my lovely bro ‎@ghaithmardini <3.
ask me any thing you want :3
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are you single ?
Lesh :p
1 person likes this 2,9 & 11 :) followed. back ?  Obaid
first liker get 10 and rest 1 like preety plzzzzzz :(
Mashi ^^
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first liker gets 20 + follow and rest 2 plzzzz :P
Okay yla
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Like: galaxy=beautiful ;)  Mahnoor Bukhari
Thanks :3
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Following, follow back?  ~"Abdullah Iftikhar".
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بعد زمااااااااااان Q.Q!
اييه والله :/
عفكرة مس يوو :3
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tbh you are beautiful <3 d.p rate= 9  lover boy ❤️
Thanks :$
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1st liker gets 30 likes rest 4 ??
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dp♥ to7fa .... followed  ســاقـط ثانويــه__Ahmed LệmǿǾǿ
Thanks 3yonak
Btw bk :$
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:3 Stay sad Stay crazy just not important advice.......from someone you can know
Aw! thank you for your advice but who r u? :$
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تابعتك.  Mohammed bin Khaled ♚
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سمعي هل شعر. لك في الداري مائون يرويكا من العطشي . بربك مالي شاعر ¶_¶
بقا مائون ما D':
غيث ما مشان الله لا تتفلسف XP
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like=B+  Rohit Chaudhary
T.y had mn zo2k
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thanks a lot you are just love <3
Aw no problem anytime :3
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1st liker 50 likes & follow and rest get follow?
1st liker 25 likes & follow

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np :) stay happy
I will, Thanks for passing and have a nice day!
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well ok every have its own thoughts accoding me you are :) stay cute and blessed tc
Thanks, u r so sweet :')
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like = you are flawless :) <3  fahad
No body's perfect, anyway thanks! :')
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ممكن لايكات ؟!  Mahmoud Essam Hemeed
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like=5like blocked sorry  Mohammad Shafiq
3adi :3
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مسالخير كيفك؟؟؟  Mohamd Moslli
3ayshe :')
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follow back, maybe? :))  Sheharyar.
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