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what's the difference between peanut butter and jam?

Fuck you

Anything new happened this week?

Something new happens everyday!

10 more days till your b-day!

8 more today

Tell me how to get girls

The girls don't want you sorry

What do you like to shop for?

I like socks

What makes you wake up each morning?




Last time you saw michelle?

Last Saturday

Would you date a freshman?

Would a freshman date me??

hows badminton? awesome cause of me huh? ;)

I don't even know who "you" are so

Would you ever cheat?

Lmao cheaters are trash. They don't deserve anyone in the first place tbh.

did you just fart cuz you BLEW me away

I'll blow your brains out, dung.

Do you love the World you live in?

Love the world, hate the inhabitants.

10 facts about yourself?

1. I'm pretty smart but really lazy
2. I eat a lot but never gain weight
3. If I have the option of the easy way, or the hard way, id go with Yolo and not do it at all
4. I like cats more than people
5. It's hard to surprise me
6. I have survived encounters with death at least 4 times by now
7. I don't like flying or going on boats
8. I am terrified of heights
9. I'll probably go insane pretty early
10. People don't get my jokes or sense of humor

Does she still hurt you?

Han? Lmao she can hurt my body but not my swag

Have you ever sent/got nudes


Last person you talked to?

My nigga Han

What do you do when you w/o?

Well I usually start off with a ten minute run, and I try to do at least one 30 min run once a week. After that I just do assorted arm and leg workouts I learned in my fitness class @lq

How long have you and Michelle been going out?

Since the fourteenth of February 2014 officially!

What was the last 'nice' thing you did for yourself?

I started to work out again

whats your fav clothing brand?

Diamond supply co., since 1998

why do you always answer in spanish?

Espanol es muy divertido

Do you hold grudges?

If you step on my shoes I swear I will hate you forever

How are you and Michelle doing?

Estamos bien

How do you see yourself spending your time in your old age?

The way I live, there will be no age for me haha


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