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Ever smoked weed?
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your voice is amazing&you're very good looking; I think you'd get far tbh x
opinions on ‎@rozeenaaaxo
Don't know her but she's beautiful x
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At what age did you kiss for the first time?
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Your good looking yuno
Am I x
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Your voice is amazing<3  Sareena-Khloe Louise⭐♡
Thanks x
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Fuck ur fit
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Your Sound Cloud! <3 Your Voice <3 *_*
Thanks x
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96% x  Boo! It'sIqra
Thanks x
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You're perfect; x  Pwincessss Waliyhaaaa:$:*
Oh thanks lol
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Perfect x  Pwincessss Waliyhaaaa:$:*
Huh lol x
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I'm pregnant what should I do?  Not In A Good Mood ∘∙∘
Is it a boy or girl ? X
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followed*_*  Send In @ links for Hot or Not
followed you back
7 people like this i was actually waiting for that kind of song and loving the beat thanks for the song <3 loving the engilsh lyrics x
6 people like this Did you have an amazing voice...and you're so handsome. :')
Thanks x
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listen? you're amazing and if anyone says otherwise ignore them cause it aint true :) you're perfect the way you are so never change. and always keep smiling cause your smile just perfect tbh and never let it fade :') - anonymous friend x
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U should be a man model Oof ur too piff xxx
yes i am now x
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Muslim right? Singing at a concert wow syed your so islamic minded yoid fuckin sjout at me for not dressing islamicly but i see yoir anlot worse fuckin hypocryt practice your Deen before you preach ergh
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Pills N Potions - Remix ( SP Pro )  Sydzz
everyone check out and shere please <3
share this link for 10 likes ( let me know once you share this ) x
12 people like this COVER SONG OF THIS PLEASE ?
if i get 10 likes thn yes
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I'm not gonna hate
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