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recently, i found out that my reading with hidden is a lot better than nomod. But my timing is worse. I keep getting 200s and my marv:perf ratio is getting worse. Do you think that i should just change to full time playing hidden or make it 50/50 between both of them?

Alif Akmal

Do whatever works for you and optimize your play. If you feel that your reading is better with hidden, then figure out why your accuracy is being impeded.

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Happy new year :D


Thank you!

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What about dossar? I've heard that someone said he is the best 4k player.I mean his amazing scores have done so many years ago . Especially AAMegalith u know. But I wonder if he is still playing? Or his skill level have been chased or not? Or even if he's good at all types of stream?

Dossar's retired from keyboard play. He's certainly not the best anymore, but he was leagues ahead of just about everyone when he was active. And yes, of course, I know the Megalith AA -- I was there and the one taking the video when it happened. He's been passed by a lot of people now, I think.

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Why EtienneXC left osu! mania?

He's not really interested in the game.

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Is there any way to get good Stepmania converts for osu!mania that aren't already on the convert page on the osu!mania forum?

The best thing you could do is find one of the various converters out there and convert them by hand yourself. Otherwise, it's... really just an endless search.

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Do you think practicing with the editor is a good idea? Like, jumping to the hard part of a map and retrying it

YES. Absolutely yes. I do this -all the time-. Isolating sections that you struggle with is a very fast and guaranteed way to improve on things that are within your reach.

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new player here, what things should do and what avoid

This is a really vague question, but I will say this: do what you can to gain experience in play. Don't strain a huge amount. If you're new and playing osu!mania - do not put ANY ATTENTION to the star rating system: it is a way to get a false sense of skill and security. Instead, pay attention to how fast your songs are and the kinds of patterns you're coming across.

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How do you guys maintain your accuracy in jumpstream maps?

It just comes with practice. You focus on accenting the jumps within the stream patterning and autonomously handle everything else in time and practice.

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Hey here is a cool tip for you if you want to practice 7k: try playing 4k with middle and ring fingers. It will make your ring fingers used to playing :).

My issue has nothing to do with my middle and ring fingers - I can actually play 6K proficiently (above average, even). The problem is that it's an odd number of keys, and that the most optimized way of play involves using your thumb.

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Do you have any Advice for hitting the 4,3,1,2 and 1,2,3,4 Pattern in M.A.M.A [Mx]? I can't pass that section.

Clary Fray

I don't know if M.A.M.A. [MX] has an ending that utilizes 1/8 with those patterns, but the best advice that I can give you is to focus on the dominant note in that sequence: if the pattern is 1/8 and goes 4-3-1-2-4-3-1-2, then you know that each 4 lands on a 1/2: [4]-3-1-2-[4]-3-1-2-[4]-3-1-2-[4]-3-1-2: put emphasis on the taps with [ ] (which are taps that would all fall on 1/2).

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Do you know how to make stepmania 3.9 or 5(preferabaly 3.9) save(show) multiple score record instead of the best? If changing theme is the only solution, can you recommend 1 for me?

It's a theme thing to make them display. The scores are all saved in a catalog, but getting them to display is theme-controlled. I highly recommend StepMania Etterna - which is an all-inclusive solution for gameplay.

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If you could go back in time to when you first started playing mania with kb, would you star with 7k, be ET on it right now, have awesome finger controll and independece and crazy neural connections for all the other keymodes?

I definitely would start at 7K, and I'd most likely be a front-runner, yeah. But hey, what can you do? Learning the keymode on my spare time is something that I could certainly do, but I have a lot of time dedicating to it.

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How do you usually read Quadstream? is there any trick to actually read it more efficiently?

There's really not. The density is usually very high - having finger independence makes things a bit easier to handle.

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Any keyboard you recommend?

Francisco Reyes

I use the Corsair K70 (NOT RGB video). I also have used the CM Storm Quickfire TK with blue switches. Switches are a huge deal, and are dependent on a given player. It's hard to say that you should get (x) keyboard because some keyboards are not as conducive for good play to some players. Brown switches do feel like a good starting point, though.

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Merry Christmas, AJ!

Merry Christmas! I hope you're having a good holiday weekend as well.

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are there stepmania converts for the osumania 4k dan charts? I tried to convert with arrow vortex and all the notes are offset (as in the entire chart will be in 192nd notes or something)

There are not StepMania converts that directly exist - ArrowVortex is not the most reliable for converting back to SM because of the way .osu's timing data/step placement works. The best thing you could do is pay attention to how far offset the notes are, cut and paste them to recolor them, and adjust BPM/sync as needed.

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is it good to have a session every day, or is it better to have one every other day or every 2 days as to not hurt your wrists?

I personally don't contend with hurting my wrists because of my new playstyle. If you want to do a session every day, that's on you - but you need to keep your playtime limited/minimal. Every other day is sufficient, an hour or two each session.

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Male. (And no.)

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do you think jhlee0133 is the best o!m player?

I'm not one to qualify best of anything because I know that there are a lot of different skillsets that one can be good at in the game. Of course he's fantastic at the game, but I'm not really about to get into a spitting contest debating whether or not he's the best. Besides, being the best doesn't mean anything. Giving a reason to be complacent is the last thing anyone should ever do.

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http://ask.fm/TC_Halogen/answers/140413803307 Like Anima Ichi's Pattern. 1/4 stream thats kinda added with 1/6 or 1/8 patterns? (like fast 1234)

I don't recall that one either, unfortunately.

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I've recently played more stepmania but wanted to go back to osu for the online aspect. Do you know of any stepmania to osu!mania converters that actually work? Still wanna play the good ol stepmania style!

Do a Google search for Arrow Vortex - you can open .sm files and then save them as .osu files (you'll have to do some copy/pasting of song files/.osu files into folders, but it's still faster than passing through a converter, imo). The offset will likely be off a bit like most converters, so it will be up to you to adjust them once they get into your game.

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How do you avoid getting distracted in additional notes when it comes to jump/hand streaming? This has been my problem in quite some time now. Like I do well at first but when there's a like a weird or a hard pattern, I got distracted and lose my accuracy and eventually miss.

I'm not quite sure what you mean - mind elaborating?

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http://ask.fm/TC_Halogen/answers/140392049451 what did you do to correct yourself from rotating your wrist? I do the same thing

I started playing lower speed charts and consciously paid attention to my wrist, making sure that it just stood in a good position - then I started playing harder stuff with that same attention. Eventually, it corrected itself.

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http://ask.fm/TC_Halogen/answers/140223975979 Sorry, the patterns are like streams but a lot faster and more complicated. It's somehow like Haelquinn INF diff.

I never got around to playing End to End. Celestial Stinger's got a lot of jumpstreaming/handstreaming, but I get the feeling you're talking about the patterns in Haelequin that go: 12341231 43214324 12341231 43214324 etc - I'm not really sure what to call those. They're rolls, but they have an outer inversion to them.

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