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YEA THE OLD ASK 😂😂😂😂  Taaaaayla✌
-  Taaaaayla✌
I'm deleting this fucked up shit. -.-
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Post a selfie?
Yolo fags
Post a selfie?
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Something like food? Tacos? Rice?
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You are beautiful :)
Awww thank you *: ♥️
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im leso for u
Oh thanks brah. I know I'm sxc :')
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imitate yourself at school?
- put a fake smile on
- I'm fine
- fuck there's to many stuck up cows here
- move you loser
- fuck off cunt
- math is gay
- pull pedo face a couples
- your in year7 you don't know what love is
- where's Denise
- I want Denise
- I'll just sit on the bridge alone.
- eww I hate her.
- gives dirtys to Emily.
- eww fuck that bitch
- punches Justine
- slaps Justine
- walk faster
- when is this fucking class over
- I miss Denise.
- i want tacos.
- no I don't want to go up in front of the class
- eww imports.
- don't look at me.
- he's so hot
- don't show him your blushing
- ew pe
- I can't play sport
- complains
- cries
- throws things
- pulls pedo face
- takes selfies
- fuck everyone
- these teachers are fucking gay
- no I won't go to the head teacher
- I want food
- Denise
- Denise is my best friend
- you all walk so slow
- walks around alone
- always pissed
- fuck
- I hate everyone
- omfg it's sharni Barney.
- I'm not going to class
- I don't want to sit here eww
- ohh look there are my fake friends.
- say hello
- real friends have come
- hi Kristina.
- hugs for everyone.
- don't touch me
- I'm hungry
- I need to pee
- lol
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Aww thanks jade ❤️xx and yes, I do?
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I'm hot but. Lmao
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What is missing in your life that would make you very happy?
My life is perfect thanks to someone :') yeah. They make me and my life extremely happy.
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Aww thanks x
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Do you like alaa?
Yes!! She's awesome
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for putting me in your top 5 prettiest friends x
It's okay x
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aw thanks bæ xx
For ?
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What fruit do you eat the most often?
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Who's your best friends,and hottest guys and girls in your class 8jade??
Kk lol
Best friends in the class; well tbh there just really close friends but it's
Sharni and Justine. Haha
Hottest ; um no.
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Hottest girls in your year?
I'm like not gonna say "Hot" is sounds weird. So I'll do the PRETTIEST :')... No order
Ha lol that's it :)
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first 3 likers get 10 likes ? d:
I'll make it the first 5 ;)
No ones probably gonna like
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Thats fine, idc if it's all over. I'll still be seeing you and you're little friends Justine and Sharnie at school next week :)  Jasmina ♥
Can't wait
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hey tayla
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Lol it's pretty funny how i told you to leave my sister alone but yet i log on today and see you and you're stupid friends still going on? I'll be seeing you at school love.  Jasmina ♥
Well if my friend commented on it and then I did and I was trying to stop and then your sister called me a dick obsessed girl and I got angry. Iv blocked her now and her friends were going off at me so it's done. :)
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Can you not tell off my sister? Kthanks.  Jasmina ♥
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hi tayla, I know that we don't talk, but I see what people write to you on your page, I just want you to know that you should never listen to them and to keep your head up high. ok yeah, bye, enjoy your holidays.  ashleys boyfriend
Thanks Alanna :) x
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la la la la la la la la la la la
Isn't she beautiful :O
la la la la la la la la la la la
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