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ur an inspiration i luv watching u dance
thnxs :)
can we fuck or?
are you single yet?
No lol
you must be very flexible in bed
Would you ever help someone who struggles with cutting..
I have before but yes
What would you do if your parents weren't home??
Eat like I always do
im in love with you
Thank u
What books do you plan to read?
your so flawless
Thank ya :)
Tara payne, the girl who constantly told us how much she wanted a cute boyfriend. Reminded us everyday on twitter. One day, it finally happened! Now she's happy and cuter than ever. Twitter is a better place now. Thank you Tara's bf. We are forever in your debt.
be my friend Tara
i miss when we were bestfriends
Idk who this is lol
i saw you in the hall the other day. it was only us in the hall.
That happens often with people so ur not helpin this lol
i still wanna be your friend.
Idk who this is
u ever cut up a credit card?
your amazing
Woah thank ya:)
Name your top 5 friends
Name your top 5 friends
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Or top 10 ur choice
Not in order:
Marissa rouse
Collin L
The six pack (counts as 1)
Justin peek
Nick brown
Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
yessss :)
Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?
That's my plan
--How often do you wear them in let's say..a month?
Once or twice
Do you have any dresses or tops that zips up the back?
Who is the biggest gossiper you know?
HAHAH I could name names 4ever
I'm doing sorta like a survey relating to back zipper in dresses, would you mind answering a few questions in relation to that?
Uh okie