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Okay jaela. Listen up. I bet you're just jealous tatum can ATCUALLY GET guys so stfu and take a seat bitch. Who are you to go and fucking judge a person for being there self? The fuck thats messed up. Let tatum do want she wants. Are you tatums fucking master? No. So shut the fuck up and take a seat

Julia Lyons

Thanks bby I love u! Thanks for sticking up for me<3

People are just assholes... I had hate on my ask fm a couple months ago, it hurts but you just have to realize that they're too pussy to take themselves off anon and say who they really are. You are perfect and don't let and bitchy fuckers tell you otherwise.

Thanks bby<3 I know.... Thanks for sticking up for me<3

I keep forgetting to take it off anon.

Bella Tellefsen

Hah Bella

Well if u do find out then kick her face in!!

I will dont worry!

Wow who's this bitch?! She's probably just so insecure that she has to make you insecure about yourself. Don't let her bring u down cuz!!

U dot know who it is but I would love to beat the hell out if her!

Haha slutty bitch! I wouldn't be surprised if u got raped on the street with the way you act. Your gonna be a hooker when your older. Ur 11 so why don't you close dem legs and cover up ur tits. If I was a guy I wouldn't want to touch your std filled body with a ten foot pole.

Wtf why do u hate me so damn much!

Let her call you all those things bc I had to Lear the hard way also but at the end if the day you know who you're true friends are ! She look at it as she can't say all these things that she's saying on here to you're face. She's scared.

Brittany contreras

Thanks Brit I know she's scared. I can tell I'm just sad bc all this year she called me it an I forgave her-.- idk why I did that but now I know what kind of person she is.

Haha homie hopper!! The word for you is S.L.U.T.

Jaela leave me alone!!! Plz

Don't let that girl jeala being or tell you things that aren't true ,She's only telling & calling you stuff bc she isn't happy on who she is , keep you're head up pretty girl (:

Brittany contreras

Thanks Brit(: made my day. It makes me sad that she is always picking in me):

Do you regret anything?

Yeah being friends with a gurl named jaela

Are you the type of person with lots of friends or just a few close ones?

Lots of friends!!!!!! But my best friends r Hannah Brittany kylee Julia.(:


Ok I know this is jaela just leave me alone no bony likes you.

Okay really whats up with the slutty pic body poses ur probably only like idk 11 or 12 years old

Ok jeala leave me alone-.-

Your to young to be wearin makeup. Atleast wait till your 13 little 5 grader

Stfu an girl that is younger then me wears make up leave me alone u little hoe bag

How many boyfriends have you had ever sinse you went to paromount

3 why? An they were all Seth .

You like country meadows better ? or paromount better?

Holy shit! That's to hard! I miss my friends from Cm an pAC I HAVE SO MANY GOOD FRIENDS THEREXD
Just FYI that's my face I made when u asked me this

Turn ons turn offs

Turn ons
1. Liam Payne
2. Liam Payne
3. Liam Payne
4. Liam Payne
5. Maverick❤❤

Turn offs
1. Ugly
2 stupid
3. Fat
4. Asshole
5. Small dicks-.-

So I heard what happen are u an Dylan dating still

No :(

Are u dating Dylan???


I love you babe!❤ -dylan

Love you to baby!!!❤

What you mean Hell no?


Ur pretty!!!! Love da hair gurll

Thnx love I try my best to look good(:

Why do u like one direction there GAY AS FUCK!

No there not! Go fuck a guy in the ass if your going to say that!

Will you be my Fb wife??? I love you!!!

Umm who are you?

What's your favorite things to do in the summer?



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