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Sort of :-P

Every once in a while!

What happened to the consistency of the episodes of Taylor Talk? ( Not trying to nag you or anything, just wondering.)

I'm not entirely sure I understand this question. The episodes come out every other Monday. Always on a Monday :-)

Adam, did you ask yourself that last question?





Is there anyway for someone to get more involved with the podcast? Hosting, editing, etc?

Yes and No. We always want to welcome new members to the team, but hosting and editing are already covered. If you can think of a clever way to help us out, definitely email in! :-D podcast@taylortalk.org

What do u guys look like Btw I made this account just to ask u question. Love u guys


http://taylortalk.org/taylor-talk-a-taylor-swift-podcast-about/ There are photos of us on that page :-)

hi guys! so after a long drought (which was the very worst :P) I've started listening to taylor talk again! looking through the old episodes, I noticed a feminism episode, and in the desc. it said there was a june 2013 episode where you interviewed @feminismtswift I think, but I couldn't find it on

http://taylortalk.org/Episode68 There ya are!! iTunes displays only the recent 50 episodes, but every episode is available on our Web site. Enjoy :-)

Where's Maya?

Working on a project which allows her limited internet access. We still keep in touch via text message when she's available though :-)

Wait what? Caitlin and Grant are leaving the Agency?! How did I not know this XD

Nozomi Oishi

Hey Nozomi -- As far as I know, nothing has been confirmed nor denied by Taylor or her management/publicist. However, in recent performances (VMA's, iHeartRadio, etc), neither Grant nor Caitlin were present, so it's become a safe assumption that they are no longer touring with Taylor. Again, we are just assuming this, but based on their absence, it's becoming more and more likely every day that they are not returning :-(

Wait! You are answering questions? #weird

I know! This is about as rare as Taylor actually tweeting a fan!

Thoughts on Grant and Caitlin leaving the Agency?

It's sad, but things change and evolve all the time. Band members have come and gone in the past. I'll miss them though...They were great performers, and a great asset to Taylor's shows

Do you even look at these still?

Just this question. I figured it was important.

Hey Adam and other Taylor People :) I googled the definition of Taylor Swift on the Urban Dictionary and it was horrifying. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Taylor+Swift Please tell me why people do this!!

Cuz the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate :-)

Was Steve ever going to make the playlist for what are Swifties listening to?

That's a great question!! He DID commit to that, didn't he??

What do are your thoughts on the Shake It Off music video?


What is the big announcement on Tuesday?

Ali Kalkbrenner

The big announcement is on Monday Aug 18th, and Taylor has not said what it is yet. On Tuesday Aug. 19, she'll be appearing on Good Morning America to follow up on the big announcement from Monday

Meredith or Olivia?

Erika Soriano

Neither. Get a dog, Taylor :-)

How old is Adam?

He is VERRRRRYYYYYY old!!! Like.. Grey hair and bald type of old!

i luv u

luv u 2!

Hey Adam!

Hi Liz

You know you are watching Taylor Talk when you are constantly wondering where Steve is. ;)

Where is @steveditch -- a question on the minds of many... Steve?? -- Where are you?

y u gotta be so mean

It's just a bad habit, really. I'll try to be nicer :-)

In the show notes, there a lot of &'s and ;"s randomly put in the paragraph. Is there a reason why?

Are you looking on TaylorTalk.org? I'm not sure. Perhaps something isn't displaying correctly. What Web browser are you using?

Hey guys ! Have you seen the @mamma_swift twitter account yet ? What do you think of it ?

I hadn't even seen that account before you shared it. They seem to have some pretty funny tweets. Cool concept. I'm surprised nobody has done it before, considering what an integral role Mama Swift plays in Taylor's life.

Any ides where I can get temporary, washable Red hair spray? :)

Nozomi Oishi

Hi Nozomi -- I got my washable red hair spray at Target once, and also at Walgreens once. I am not sure if you have those stores, but that's where I've had the best luck finding it.