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What is in your fridge?
I have no idea
What’s the one most important thing to get done today?
Homework buddy
What would the world be like without religion?
Probably complete chaos
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What is the last thing you said to someone?
I told my brother to move
Bro your girl has small boobs
Hahah. I know right. I love em (;
Suprised she fell for you but treat her right man.
I plan on it.
Please tell me where these get togethers are.I want to come
Cant tell :/ but im going to bed!
What boys and please be careful
Um you sound like my mom.
Do diana not care that u do drugs
I dont do drugs buddy.
Halloween plans?
Get fucked up with the boys. There are two "get togethers" that i might go to also.
Do you like her now?
I would have to know who the girl is. But nah probably not. But idk who the girl youre talking about is. So i have no clue.
Have you ever liked a girl that had a boyfriend but never told her?
Hahah yes.
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If you could go anywhere where would you go?
Probably either cali or amsterdam
What are you ready for?
Hahah just go through my questions
Are you ready tho?
What is your most played song at the moment?
After school by dom kennedy
What do you mean she isnt ready
She just isnt ready to.
But y'all woulf be such a cute couple
Yeah i know she isnt ready yet.
Are you an art lover?
Uhh. If its a picture yes (:
Did you get the video of the fight
Sadly nah
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AWWWW I wuv you
I probably love you too whoever you are (:
Baby I have been thinking about you.
Aweeeeeeee thats sweet
Are you and diana dating?
What will you never do?
Smoke marijuana
Do you have a blog?
Twit i guess