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Please don't take anything I'm saying the wrong way. All I'm saying is you're a very blessed man. You know that and I know that. It's not always about what you have sometimes its about what you're giving. I rather log on and see what you gave opposed to what u want to show off.
I never boast or brag I may post shoes or something but I'm not boasting.. I never had nothing so it's good to see the work pay off I'm all about giving back to the kids and community
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Do you like East African women ?
Yes I do
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Don't you think you should take a more humble approach to life? We all know you're talented and have money now. Why show off what you have on ig or whatever? As quick as God gives he can take away. All I'm saying is as a fan of yours is don't lose focus on the real goal. No, I'm NOT hating.
Seems like it to me
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why you so fucking sexy '
Idk lol
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Are you upset about Detroit not drafting you?
Was but life moves on
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If you had a choice, would you play for the Pistons?
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