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Which town did you grow up in?

None other than the planet of Dearborn

ماذا يخطر في بالكـ..؟!

I'm hungry.

Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?


Instagram Username !!

teebasadoun is mine. Yours?

How do you surprise other people?

By actually visiting them at their homes. Shocking I know :)

Focus on being a kind person that's what truly makes a Muslim.


What's the best comfort food?


How many days u stayed in camp taha and how was ur experience?

I stayed for 3 weeks. I was supposed to be gone a week, but I extended.

It was amazing. I loved every minute of camp Taha

Do you know a book whether an online book or not that says the entire story of karbala from when they departed medina to sham?

Honestly no.

So did u start school!?


Who is the happiest person on the world?

The one who is God conscience

What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?

Nothing I'm awesome like that

So ur telling me others also paid 266$ or just bc u look religious and participated in camp u get to have this luxury.and ppl who are smart w/ more knowlege dont get to have this discount bc theyre not residents and do not have connections w/ the orginasers

No other people can get the discount. All you had to do was contact them using the information on their website. It isn't exclusively for me

طيوبه من وين؟


266$ you really did get a discount from 845$ to 266$ its true that you went since 2008 but that is such an iraqui move and m3edi sorry for the expression.i mean common your family has a business what about other ppl who arnt economically stable & dont ask bc theyre shy nd u come nd get it

Just because my family has a business doesn't mean we can always afford camp. Two years ago we spent over 1000 for 3 weeks. Besides this discount is open to all not just me. I'm sorry you feel that way

What's on your summer reading list?


Why is it wrong to fall in love with his personality? I am in admiration of his modesty,pious personality , love for Ahlulbayt , intelligence & soul.I think he is the right person but we havent talk or got to know each other.its hard to fing a modest man these days,theres intention for marriage

I think you misunderstood me.

What I mean is that okay you found the qualities you found in this guy, so now what? Are you going to start up the relationship? Do you have someone to help you out to start it? Is the relationship in progress? I don't want you admiring his qualities and you forgetting reality.

I know it's hard to find a man with the qualities you spoke of. I'm just making sure you're going in for the right reasons sweetie.

Why? You had a special discount for camp taha? If you paid normaly like others u would say it straight

I asked for a discount and Alhamduallah they gave it to me. I don't see the importance in why you need to know. But since I'm volunteering and I've been going every year since 2008 I'm paying $266 for one week.

How do i approach him modestly and is it haram if i try my best to get to know him? I never talked with a guy on facebook but he is a really good person lecturer and our families know each other.such a dilemma.God said it work for it Ill help u but this seems like a sensitive topic ...need ur help

First things first do not fall in love with his personality. I know there will be attraction but once it goes further and there is no intention of marriage it's a dangerous game.

Honestly tell yourself is he really into you? Or did you make it up in your mind? Sometimes we girls take things over the top.

Listen I would just pray to Allah(SWT) for the best. If he's the one then he'll come one way or another. Of not then of course you will get someone better

Sister i have many questions to ask you i have you on gb but i dont know how to approach you through messaging in fb. I am not the type to start a convo & i dont want to make it awkward. I am a female. Salam sister.

Just start it up. Seems you can type here. Don't worry I won't bite

But u personally how much did u pay ?


Whats the difference between university of michigan and ann arbor university and wayne state university

Prices, the teachers, and locations. I guess

When's eid? ;)

Abir Safa

Yesterday lol

Habibty teeba ( i am a sister ) , how much did camp taha cost you for a week?

Please check their site


He said it himself about his family thing... But still thats sad and is shocking

Oh well. May Allah(SWT) guide us all


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