Teeba Sadoun @TeebaShiazahraa
Teeba Sadoun @TeebaShiazahraa
Female poet of Ahlulbayt(A), student, and future lecturer Servant of Al-Abbas(A) دخيلك يا ابو فاضل و دخيلك يا ابا عبد الله الحسين
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How do i approach him modestly and is it haram if i try my best to get to know him? I never talked with a guy on facebook but he is a really good person lecturer and our families know each other.such a dilemma.God said it work for it Ill help u but this seems like a sensitive topic ...need ur help
First things first do not fall in love with his personality. I know there will be attraction but once it goes further and there is no intention of marriage it's a dangerous game.
Honestly tell yourself is he really into you? Or did you make it up in your mind? Sometimes we girls take things over the top.
Listen I would just pray to Allah(SWT) for the best. If he's the one then he'll come one way or another. Of not then of course you will get someone better
Sister i have many questions to ask you i have you on gb but i dont know how to approach you through messaging in fb. I am not the type to start a convo & i dont want to make it awkward. I am a female. Salam sister.
Just start it up. Seems you can type here. Don't worry I won't bite
But u personally how much did u pay ?
Whats the difference between university of michigan and ann arbor university and wayne state university
Prices, the teachers, and locations. I guess
When's eid? ;)  Abir Safa
Yesterday lol
Habibty teeba ( i am a sister ) , how much did camp taha cost you for a week?
Please check their site
He said it himself about his family thing... But still thats sad and is shocking
Oh well. May Allah(SWT) guide us all
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Just curious do u got with ur abaya to amusement parks and do carting? Will u wear ur abaya even if u become a doctor in a hospiyal!???
No unfortunately I can't wear it on the rides, or when I travel long distances, and at the hospital. I can wear a regular black Abbaya though.
What do iraqui dearborn residents do during eid? Mashallah at the amount of iraqui restaurants that dearborn has & its cheap
The Iraqis usually have big feasts together. Then they usually head to parks or zoos or something else.
Food is okay priced. I wouldn't call it cheap lol
Whats beautiful about dearborn?
The fact that it feels like the Middle East is beautiful. The mosques and the food are also amazing
I see u accept a lot of men on ur fb page . I dont get religious females who preach about modesty and doesnt apply it socially.U dont need to add or accept men just to spread the word of Allah or just bc they are famous nouri or Ali.mA all the relig women have all the men on fb LOOOOL
I barely accept my friend requests. I still have brother and sisters from two years ago that I haven't accepted.
When I do add brothers I don't talk to them. And many are from organizations I deal with.
How did u spend ur eid?
With family at a go cart place
Hahahahah arab blood true that
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I just dont get it ali al najjar is so religious and modest and he preaches a lot about modesty.he does lecture about social hijab also about spiritual hijab but isnt hypocrite when his family mmbers dont practice it from his cuzins to his sister w/ makeup? I pers know 1 of his sisters
Well it's their personal choice. I bet he talked to them about it but they have to decide for themselves. Trust me his family is sweet and kind. But it's their choice. Ali's family isn't the only one that's like this. There are others who have one religious person and the rest as probably not
Lol haaaaaa there are many other substitutional alimentation that sould replace meat that contains protein.Tofu for example ,miss sciences.
I love meat ❤ #ArabBlood lol
How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?
We'd die because we wouldn't have protein
Who are the lecturers in this weeks camp taha retreat?
I don't know. Hassanain is there for sure and that's about what I know
Where are you going to travel?
Camp Taha
On a daily basis what did u do in ramadan exept working with ur mother?
Going to lectures and reading Quran
How didnu spend ur summer vacation break
Working and soon I'll be going away for a week
I see u braging a lot in insta and facebook
Really? Brag? How so?
But its july how come u have school in july
School starts in August
Did u not understand my question? Why r u not answering me dont worry i wont put an evil eye on you I am alhamdoulillah a 3rd year medical student.... You are studying in advance before taking ur bio class or are you studying bcause u have school?
Mashallah third year.
I'm still in the beginnings of my studies. I guess based on your question I'm studying because I have school
I live in canada and now its summer break By my question i meant, are you preparing yourself before starting taking ur biology class ? Likd u bought ur book so that u can study in advance?
Oh okay. I get it now.
Well no I didn't buy the book yet. I should but maybe later
Sôas i understand you are preparing before taking any class
I'm not sure if I understand your statement. Do you have a different school system where you live?