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Ok guys it me dan sorry i haven't been on in forever i kinda forgot my password lol so i changed it but I'm back if u need anything just ask



Do you need new admins?:)xx


Are you guys related ? And how old is she?

She is 14 no relation

So nootella is a girl ?



Wht do u need again

Are you guys both guys?

No I'm a guy

I really like you. As in like like. But I know you don't like me :( we're friends and all but I just think your so kind, sweet and you have beautiful eyes. I just fell for you. But i just protend I don't because you don't like me like that.and if you found out who this is, OMG I would be embarrassed

Is this Hannah u need to tell me

What frustrates you the most?

Perfect people

I'm 13 how old are you?

Why u ask


How old r u do u have a instagram or a Kik

Dance Central 2 or 3?


Hey I really need help . I have lost a really close friend all because of my depression ( eating disorder/cuttingn) i said sorry and I have changed for herand she won't believe me and now she's saying "who cares about u , your helpless theirs no hope , go back to cutting your self u ugly fat whale "

Ok I have a a similar friends I want to be his friend but I just can't he lies about me and bullies me wht u want to do is 1
1.not hang out with her anymore
2 try to prove ur not cutting by the butterfly challange

Do you already have Ask.fm app for iPhone?


What grade are you in?

7 almost 8


If i was to ask to join would i be allowed to join i love helping people in anyway i can

We would have to talk about it message me back

If you or anyone you know needs advice we are here ask.fm/TeenAndLifeAdvice

That's me

What helps you to make the right decision?

Thinking about how it affects others

Shout out?? NEW X

Kelly Reisss


I like this guy and I think he likes me to b/c his friends were pushing him to go on a ride with me and now when I text him he answers an hour later and then 5 mins in the convo he says he needs to go...but he also told me that he is very shy.I don't know what to believe is he playin hard to get?

He likes you friends do that a lot to get you to infer that he likes you

Ok. So there's this guy. I think he likes me because the way he acts. Example: snowball fight, waterballon fight, sitting really close to him in the car (not caring), we watched Ted alone & he kept staring at me, & etc. but idk of he likes me. Does he? And everyone wants me to kiss him... Should I?

Ask him out then you could kiss him

Idk how to explain it to him that I like him, but how do I do it?

Try to suddley get it across to him

I've been close to this lad for almost a year now. After getting to know eachother,he asked me out..we went out for quite a while, until out of the blue,he finished me?but straight after,he self-harmed. It turns out that was for attention. Does that mean he finished me for attention too?help:(.

No the self harm is probly due to something at home

I haven't started my period yet, but I am getting brownish discharge. What?

I'm sorry I'm a guy and nootella is afk when she comes back I bet she will answer

What if you have a crush on a guy that you are really good friends with, but you want to tell him. but would be nervous that if he doesnt feel the same way that things would get awkward.

Umm I'm in the same situation with a girl in my class try and read his friends if his friends push him towards you or look at you and then go bak to talking to him that probly means he likes you


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