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Likers get a rate....
THESEEE HOESSS EHH;) it's g dawg
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Everyone in ur class is actually so gay
Lol :'))
Pap of followers
I have 30
Gettin cash all day everydaay
Thats cute...:/
Omg i gotta a pocket full of sunshine✌️
Omg i know who this is :')
Bruuh :') ❤️
What is the Universe made of?
Nmm bored✌️
Tbh on Tara and Isabella
Hi isabella :')
What grade r u in?
Just describe Antonio Dante Zoilo Dom Mike
or nahh....
Come on describe them
K there like 18 guys in my class....
Describe the boys in ur class
Omg no
How can you tell that someone is lying?
Well idk about you but i can read minds :'))
Like any boys in ur class
Omggg im in 7th grade and i dont know where to shop:( like where do u buy ur outfits?????:0
The gap❤️ :')
Funniest boys in ur grade
What are the benefits of being famous?
Idk im not famous...
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Omg i got like 50 of these today :/
Wtf thats not harry styles :')
Lool :')
Followed , Follow back ? Thank you. ❤  Harry Styles.
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Payday all day everyday ....