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Is Victoria Giordano your bae or nah?
Best friends? (boys and girls)
They know who they are i dint have to name them ;)
Why do girls' and boys' clothes have buttons on opposite sides?
I didnt even know they did....
No, theres plenty on my instagram....
Sjb swag
Ah ok Bella ... Tu si parlano con tua culaaaa. ..I'm actually dying rn ;"))
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Grade 9 at sjb?
No bressani
Answer my questions
Ew no
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Tbh...  Victoria
Tbh ur ugly and i dont like you :)
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No just gtfo
Tua be honestaaaaaa Tu vuola succacha la puzzola ma si ok Bella. LMFAO  Victoria
Oh ma gawd no. Non mi piacce i puzzola bella
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What grade next year?
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Are you going to the one direction concert this year?
What's the weirdest item of clothing you own?
*spritz* *spritz*
What's the weirdest item of clothing you own?
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Why do people have to be super duper extremly annyoing
Ah idk you tell me
RS #20 lmao I'm soo bored rn
Ohhh lol
Do u know yet lmao
No just tell me holy crap.
Mmmmmm nope tell u that I'm a guy
K im not playing the guessing game...
Like giordano or something....idkk
Omg tryan and white chicks
LMAO who is this? :'))
What r u doin atmmmmmm
Watching white chicks
Best boy and girls on the basketball teams
But why does it matter
How bout boys?
Uh i think reynard tryan michael domenic ryan...and idk thats all i can remember lol
What number r u
Im #20