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Patrick Paraday @ThatKidsAGoon
Patrick Paraday @ThatKidsAGoon
Love Music Blunt & Very Honest 強さ平和勇気 (Strength, Peace & Courage) @__PincheGoon (Twitter)
Kill Your Curiosity
RSS answers
Guess what day it is ?
Watching twilight, tired as shit but not able to sleep lol hbu?
Booooo!! Hold on lemme go get Wesley Snipes right quick Ahaha & Shitt I feel you, just laying down listening to music. How you been tho?
Yesssss! Lol
Ahhhhhhhh!! Ahaha Waddduppp thoe boo ;P Lmao
I love it when you call me.......
Wait. . Is this Big Pappa Bebe? :D
We use to talk all the time on twitter lol twitter after dark
Da hell? *My Chow Voice* I don't remember, give me a clue? Ahaha Twitter After Dark? Shittt I haven't done that in a while, well at least put that hashtag
Be you don't know who's blowing your ask up. Take a guess!
I honestly don't know, but I would say Michelle? Well considering the " Let me have your babies " seems like something she would say jokingly. Idk.
Let me have your babies.
Skeet Skeet Skeet
I love you.
I love you too
Why you be attracting these crazy ratchet bitches?!? They must love them some White meat lol. o_O
Its because lowkey they do ;) Ahaha They just be tryna hide it, but I see it I know whats really good Lol
i c u fukkin wit dem mes$ican gurlz u needa cum fukk witta reaL baddie lyk mii dat no how 2 do it nice n sloooow!!!! (;
Ahaha This some shitt ‎@creepermichelle would say
Why is grace so awesome ?
Because she is :) Ahaha
Heeeeyyyy der sexy. How u zoinnn. U trying to fuck with a black girl?
Not with that spelling Ahaha
Hola answer my questions papi!!
No go home yoo
I'm reeeeeeal thick.... azz clappin vibratin. pu$$y poppin n phat af!!!!
Lmfao fuck outta here with that
I no u c dem?
I no u c deez nuts
Ayyye boo smok3 m3 outt!!!!!
No go home
Duh, sexually.
Ahhh Then I Love Licking & Sucking On The Girls Pussy, The Juiciness & Sweetness Is Always Good
What's your favorite thing to do in bed?
Sexually Or?
turn offs? turn ons?
Bad Hygiene Mainly & Turn Ons: Lip Biting, Neck Biting & Thick Girls
you like black girls?
Yes I Do ;)
Wanna be friends?
Im Down :) Ahaha
Chitty chitty bang bang I'll suck the WHOLE THANG
Well Alright
What ever happen to that one chick?
She Broke Up With Me Because She Wasnt At A Good Place In Her Life To Date, But I Dont Believe That Cause I Think I Wasnt What She Really Wanted & Said That Cause It Was Easier
Yelawolf or MGK?
MGK Any Day
Who's better? Jay-Z, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, or Drake?
The Fact You Put Drake In There Is Saddening Ahaha Sorry. I Havent Gotten To Listen To Joey Bada$$ Just Yet, But Heard Hes Pretty Dope. Jay-Z I Dont Fuck With Because I Dont Dig Him Being A Free Mason. But Kendrick Is Dope As Fuck, Dope Flow Style, Spits Real Shit. Logic Is Badass, He Spits Real Shit Too & I Dig That