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if I had asked you to be in a battle of the bands with a band that I know to see who gets famous first would you accept it?

If it was legitimate, I could consider it.

Post a picture of your bed!


What is the weirdest thing you've heard somebody say?

"It's colder outside cuz the A/C is higher outside"

You see, ignorant people (like that last person who said shit about your music) are leading our country and/or world to gradual idiocy. How idiotic do you have to even be to spell "right" as "rite". What's not "rite" is that you haven't even had the proper education to spell that word correctly.

I agree. Sad to say ignorance and overall bigotry is in abundance in this nation of ours.

Hey Casey, on a scale of 1-10, how hilarious do you find haters like that last guy who call your music "a joke"?

What would be hilarious is seeing them, actually contributing to society, and not being ignorant bigots. So not funny at all really. Ignorance isn't humorous.

Lol ur music is a joke rite??

And your terrible grammar isn't?

dream car?

Really nice luxury pickup truck. Preferably a really nice GMC or Lincoln

So what exactly does "catch you on the flip side" mean? Like see you later? Or see you in the after life? just wondering

It means catch you on the flip side.


just stop

Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?

I love spontaneous things but planning helps but usually falls through somehow.

If ever you were dreaming of it why would it you say that when so


Who is your favorite sports icon (past or present)?

No one ever asks me things anymore. :(

What would you never post online?

The actual answer to this question.

Do you sing in the shower? What kind of songs?

Yes! I have a confession. I love to freestyle rap in the shower and rap battle myself. Awesome I know, try it sometime.

Why do zombies like brain so much?

Well the zombie virus usually uses a brain of its host to sustain life. Maybe its necessary.

whats your greatest fear?

Being a bad parent. I've felt the news to be better a better parent than my mom was.

What is the weirdest word in your language?


What are you most excited about right now?

Having appreciating my amazing girlfriend

Wow you have like such a big vocabulary... Like you use them in big sentences too.... Or maybe I'm just stupid BAHA. But how'd you do it? Like reading dictionaries all day?

To be honest.... when I was younger I was bullied a lit and didn't have many friends so my autistic brother had several collections of encyclopedias and since I had no friends or Xbox I would read them and gain so much from it. Nowawdays I just bug my friends with useless facts. Like did you know giraffes are afraid of heights because at birth they fall 8 feet from the womb?

Favorite movie?

Probably A Beautiful Mind, with Russel Crowe starring as John Nash a famous mathematician with schizophrenia.

Favorite band?

Definitely a tough one. It would a be really tough tie between Front Porch Step, Front Bottoms, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Modern Baseball.

you're awesome. Don't let anyone tell you different ;3

Thanks that means a lot. :)

Do u think it's even possible for u to not hurt people?

I mean I don't try to, but I guess I can try converting myself to cotton. But do you think it's possible for you to use proper grammar, or not harass someone online?

I asked first

Idek your question.....


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I'm a musician that likes to play music. Punk, indie, and folk. I play guitar and ukulele mainly. I also draw and play ultimate Frisbee.

Tampa, Florida, United States