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I saw an error with my class schedule when can I address this and have it changed or modified?
All cadets can make changes to their class schedules at the beginning of each semester during the drop-add period, which ends on 2 September for fall 2014. You can also contact the Registrar's Office now to inquire, if you'd like.
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are cadets allowed to wear rocky c4t?
Your best bet is to stick with something similar to a Bates brand boot. Also, you'll want to make sure your boots are sand-colored and have deep lug soles.
if I denied loans through citadel, am I able to reapply for them?
The answer really depends on the type of loan. You probably need to contact the Office of Financial Aid so that you can receive advice that is tailored to your specific situation.
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What if you are not able to pay your student bill by the 1st?
Because bills must be paid by that date, students who miss that deadline may not be able to attend The Citadel.
When can we find out what companies we are in? Is there a way we can find this out before we arrive for matriculation?
Incoming cadets will officially learn of their company assignment on the morning of 16 August.
if I have the army 4 year scholarship, does that cover the tuition that is due the 1st?
The Army ROTC 4-year scholarship covers tuition but not room, board or the One Card deposit.
Students should login to Lesesne Gateway, go to the Student Tab, look under Manage Money and Make Payments for details related to your student account.
On 1 August, students are responsible for any amount not covered by financial aid or tuition payment plan.
Should we bring a iron and iron board with us? Also are we allowed to bring a blender?
We wouldn't recommend bringing a blender; however, you can bring an iron/ironing board. The CFA's "Nice To Have" list suggests an iron and small, travel size ironing board as an option. Most cadets would say that having these items is pretty convenient.
Also, Chapter Nine (p. 181) of The White Book specifies that "Ironing boards, military bags/equipment [are] to be placed neatly by rifle rack" in the room.
Are knobs allowed to leave on weekends? Not overnight leaves but to just go and come back on the same day? For example going to a resturant and returning afterward.
Knobs will not have leave for the first couple of weeks after they report to campus; however, once classes start, all conduct proficient cadets have general leave privileges after their last duty on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. General leave for conduct proficient knobs ends at 2400 on Fridays and Saturdays and 1950 on Sundays. See the 24-hour schedule in Chapter 12 of The White Book here:
Will there ever be an opportunity for me (and others) to learn how to swim at the citadel if we don't know how to do so already?
The Citadel's Department of Health, Exercise, and Sport Science offers a class for non-swimmers (or poor swimmers). It is called Beginning Swimming (RPED 103). The course description is on page 367 of The Citadel Catalog:
What other options do I have in terms of paying my cost of attendance, if I need $40,000 and was denied the parent plus loan and multiple other private loans due to both my cosigners having bad credit?
Unfortunately,'s usefulness is somewhat limited when it comes to seeking (and providing) answers to questions that are so very specific to your personal situation. At this point, you would be best advised to contact the Office of Financial Aid directly. Best of luck. Hopefully, you'll find a workable solution. If it doesn't work out this year, you can also consider The Citadel as a transfer student for fall 2015.
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Are we allowed to request for more than 5 payments for the CTPP?
The maximum number of payments for the fall semester is five. For other questions regarding The Citadel Tuition Payment Plan (CTPP), you may contact the Treasurer's Office by e-mailing or calling (843) 953-5254.
When are we supposed to pay all our tuition and stuff of that sort?
Your tuition/fees must be paid by 1 August. The answer to that question--and others--is available on the Matriculation HQ site here:
How do I sign up for housing and stuff of that sort?
Incoming cadets don't have to sign up for housing, because all cadets must live in the barracks.
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When we are at the citadel for matriculation, what is the process for changing our ROTC?
The easiest way to make a change now is to e-mail with your full name, CWID, and the ROTC to which you'd like to change.
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To enroll in the CTPP, it asks about a responsible party. Who do I put in as a responsible party?
Normally, the responsible party is a parent or guardian, but it could also be a grandparent--or anyone else who would be familiar with the student's account.
How do I apply for the Federal Perkins Loan?
The first requirement is that you must have completed the FAFSA. Next, you must show exceptional financial need (as determined by the FAFSA). Funds for Perkins Loans are very limited, so if you believe you qualify, you should contact the Office of Financial Aid ( ).
What's the summer assignment for incoming cadets of the fall term?
Good question. First, it's summer assignments...plural. You can find the answer to that question (and lots of other important info) at the Matriculation Headquarters website here:
What's the summer assignment for incoming cadets of the fall term?
How do we create our citadel gmail?
You will receive notification once your Citadel e-mail is available for you to use. You do not need to do anything to "create" it. The notification you receive will be in the form of an e-mail sent to the personal e-mail address you provided when you applied for admission.
I was doing a people search on the citadel website and the gateway and noticed that some companies have lot fewer members than others, is there any reason for that?
Using Lesesne Gateway in the summer is probably not the best tool for researching the size of cadet companies. During the school year, companies normally contain about 100-125 cadets.
Have applications for the 2015 fall freshmen class been reviewed yet?
No. The Admissions Committee will begin reviewing applications for fall 2015 later this summer. Decision letters will probably begin going out in August.
Is there a limit to how much we're allowed to apply for, for the CTPP? Is it possible for the Citadel to decline me?
The CTPP can be used for any (or all) Citadel fees, and enrollment in the CTPP is not dependent on any type of credit approval process.
How long does the CTPP last? Is it only 3 payments?
The Citadel Tuition Payment Plan (CTPP) allows students to pay for each semester's charges in as many as five monthly installments per semester. For the fall semester, for example, students who sign up by 1 July, can pay in four monthly installments. They can then re-enroll in the CTPP for the spring semester. Additional information regarding the tuition payment plan will be mailed to students' home addresses within the next few days.
What exactly will we have to memorize out of the "Knob Knowledge" so that we are prepared?
Fourth Class Knowledge is described in detail on page 43 of The Blue Book:
If all forms and test scores have been sent for the application for fall of 2015, how soon am I to recieve the acceptance of rejection letter?
The Admissions Committee will begin reviewing applications for fall 2015 later this summer. Decision letters will probably begin going out in August.
Is there a way for me to pay for my tuition through a monthly type plan?
Yes. It's called The Citadel Tuition Payment Plan (CTPP). Information about this option will be going out to all incoming cadets next week. In the meantime, you can find additional information on the Treasurer's website here: .