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I am reapplying as a transfer student; do I need to resend my high school transcripts?
If you applied for admission last year AND you provided a copy of your final high school transcript, you won't need to resend your transcript.
Does hazing happen at The Citadel?
All Citadel cadets should expect to be treated fairly with dignity and respect. The Fourthclass System at The Citadel is an important and challenging part of the cadet experience; however, hazing cannot be a component of that lifestyle. Mistreatment of any cadet(s) is totally contrary to the leadership instruction provided to cadets and is not tolerated. As a result, College and Cadet Regulations specifically prohibit hazing, which is punishable by suspension/dismissal/expulsion. Even the failure to report an incident of hazing is a serious violation of Citadel policy. Furthermore, South Carolina law also criminalizes these types of activities. The Cadet Regulations provide an explicit definition of hazing and the consequences. To read this information, see Chapter 1 (p. 10) of the Blue Book here: .
When I took the SAT in June, I used score choice to send my scores to The Citadel. Would y'all still have my scores on file, or would I need to resend them?
Yes, we would still have them. You shouldn't need to ask for them to be sent again.
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Will I recieve a conformation email when everything(test scores, guidance letter, and transcript) is received?
Yes. Once your file becomes complete, you will receive written notification regarding your admission status.
Does the citadel look at seniors first quarter grades during the application process?
Yes. After providing an official copy of your transcript, it's always a good idea to provide up-to-date grade reports.
Is there still open spots for the citadel or fall of 2015, or is it already filled up?
It's still relatively early in the process, so spaces are indeed still available.
I believe I made a mistake on my online application regarding residency . Is there anyway I can fix this?
Send an e-mail to describing the mistake you believe you might have made.
I applied this weekend and I was wondering if you could please give me an estimate on when I will be notified of my acceptance. Thanks!
Applicants normally receive notification of their admissions status within two-to-four weeks of applying.
I am seeking to reapply to The Citadel -- this time as a college transfer. Keeping the rolling deadline in mind, when should I submit my application?
You should start the admission process now. Once you complete the fall semester, you can submit an official copy of your college transcript.
I have been academically accepted and I turned in my drug/medical form. Will I receive confirmation on the medical clearance.
Yes, you will. Such notifications are sent out on a regular basis; however, you can call the Office of Admissions (800-868-1842) if you'd like to find out your status before receiving written confirmation.
Are incoming knobs suppose to memorize anything before the beginning of the year?
Yes. They receive information regarding these requirements early in the summer preceding Matriculation Day.
When is the earliest I can sign up for CSI?
Students who have been academically-accepted to enter the Corps will receive information regarding CSI early in the spring semester, which is also when the CSI website is updated for the new term.
Are there any good workout programs to prepare for knob year?
The Citadel Physical Fitness Test focuses on push-ups, sit-ups, and a two-mile run. As a result, you may want to work on your performance in those events. It goes without saying (we will say it anyway) that you should consider consulting a physician or other appropriate persons (e.g., a certified personal trainer) before beginning a specialized workout regimen.
Where can I find a list of supplies for Knob Year?
This information will be provided to incoming cadets in the summer prior to matriculation.
What is the average distance of spirit runs
Distances can vary; however, it is recommended that all incoming students be able to run at least three-to-five miles in 25 to 40 minutes or better if they hope to keep up with their classmates.
Will The Citadel be making Lacrosse a NCAA Varsity sport anytime soon?
The Citadel Lacrosse program is currently a club sport. You may wish to contact the Lacrosse team directly to inquire about the possibility of any change in that status.
When do cadets become eligible for airborne school?
The primary eligibility factor for specialty training is completion of The Citadel's training selection program. For those contract/scholarship cadets who earn slots, specialty training would occur during the summer.
Does the Citadel accept height/weight waivers via "ARMS" test?
If I do not meet height/weight requirements upon application will I be denied acceptance to the college?
The first step in the admissions process is an academic evaluation. The next step is medical clearance. All academically-accepted applicants must receive this clearance in order to enroll. This includes evaluation of height and weight.
if you're a contract army, are there any rules on getting new tattoos?
The policy on tattoos is spelled out in Chapter Two of the Blue Book (p. 27):
What happens if I am over my maximum weight allowed when I have my physical?
In order to enroll, a student must receive medical/physical clearance. Height and weight are part of this process. If you have been academically-accepted and feel you are close on the height-weight, it is to your advantage to submit your Medical History and Physical Examination paperwork as soon as possible.
I want to know more about The Citadel about their engineering programs, and what high school courses should i take to apply for the Citadel? for Fall of 2016
Three (3) undergraduate engineering programs are offered by The Citadel School of Engineering (Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical). The programs of study can be found at these links:
Regarding coursework, you can find a list of courses that The Citadel expects all incoming students to have completed as a condition of admission here:
When is the earliest accepted students would hear about financial aid?
The Financial Aid process starts in late January. One other way to secure funds is to visit your guidance office and see what scholarships are offered from your school and/or community.
I have been academically accepted so when will I be able to apply to CSI ?
You will be able to begin the application process to CSI in the Spring. For more information please visit their website at
I have an apple desktop and laptop, which one should I bring or could I bring both? I was also wondering what kind of shower shoe I should bring, a flip flop or sandal type shoe?
You may bring any type of desktop or laptop. You can find other computer recommendations at the following link:
Most of our cadets use a flip flop style shoe.