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If I come for a campus visit can I spend the night with a friend who's currently a cadet?
The Admissions Office is not able to guarantee which freshmen will host Pre-Knob visitors. In some cases, requests for a particular host can be accommodated, but not in all cases. It depends (among other factors) on the availability of the cadet. The first step is to apply for admission. Fall Pre-Knob events are open only to students who have begun the application process. For Pre-Knob events in the spring, students must have earned academic acceptance.
Do I need to bring laundry supply's?
You can, if you'd like. It's not required though. You won't have to do your own laundry, but if you want to, you can pick up laundry detergent later.
When is a good time for high school students to apply? Middle /End of Junior year? Beginning/middle of senior?
For rising high school seniors, The Citadel's admission process begins the summer after the junior year.
Is it possible to find out what company your in before matriculation day?
When do we make our schedules?
Your class schedule will be made based on they way you completed the Class Registration Form, which was due back on 10 June.
For how long are knobs allowed to leave campus on the weekends?
General leave periods and curfews for the Corps (Fourthclass [4C] & Upperclass [UC]) are spelled out on the 24-hour schedule here:
Is there a policy on computer/bookbags? If so does the Citadel issue cadets with new bags when they arrive on campus or are they instead to bring them? Are there any recommended bags for new cadets?
New cadets will be issued book bags after they arrive.
If were received a letter informing us we have been initially selected for assignment to band company, and we do not wish to play in the band, who should we contact to switch to another company before matriculation day?
You should contact the Office of the Commandant.
Are students allowed to listen to music in their rooms during ESP?
As long as it isn't loud and doesn't create a disturbance, sure. It's really an issue that must be worked out between roommates. Some are fine with background noise while studying; others aren't.
Is it too late to start the process of applying for admission to the fall 2015 semester?
At this point, it is very late in the process; incoming students must report to The Citadel in five weeks. A student may still submit an application, but a very limited time remains in which to complete all academic and non-academic (i.e., medical/physical) requirements for admission. Plus, at this point, strength of academic credentials and space availability are also considerations.
Can you apply to Citadel if you have a GED and 2 years worth of college?
As stated on page 16 of The Citadel Catalog, "All applicants for admission to The Citadel must be graduates of accredited high schools or must have satisfactorily completed the General Education Development (GED) examination." While the GED does not necessarily disqualify a student from gaining admission, it does mean that the college course selection will be closely scrutinized in order to determine that all normal coursework requirements have been met.
I saw someone asked about glasses which made me wonder if prescription transition lens were okay for knobs
Transition lenses are not recommended.
Are CSI students allowed to take leave for the entire weekend, so long as they return by 6:00 pm Sunday, or are they required to report back to the barracks every night?
Weekend leave privileges are explained on page five of the CSI handbook here:
Can you minor in Spanish when majoring in Civil Engineering?
Yes. Keep in mind, though, that the course load in C.E. can be hefty, so making the decision to do a double-major may necessitate summer school. Plus, it is probably a decision that should be dependent upon how well one does in the required math coursework.
My child wears glasses, I know there is a lot of movement and physical activity. Is there a certain type of glasses strap that we should get prior to matriculation?
No, you don't need to purchase anything prior to matriculation. Knobs are required to wear safety straps during physical training, though, and they can be purchased at The Cadet Store.
I'm wanting to be a Civil Engineer major, but I don't feel comfortable starting in Calculus. I would rather take a semester in Pre-calculus. Would this hinder me in any way?
From the Mathematics Placement Exam site: You must take a calculus sequence starting with MATH 131 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus I).
Pre-Calculus is probably something you'd want to consider taking in summer school prior to enrolling at The Citadel.
On Lesesne Gateway it says that we will have a Citadel gmail account sometime in June. I was wondering when will we receive those. Thanks!
All incoming students will receive notification of their Citadel e-mail accounts within the next few days. These notifications will be sent electronically, so (1) watch your e-mail and (2) make sure that messages from ‎ are delivered to your e-mail inbox (and not your spam folder).
When will the incoming knobs find out what battalion and company they are in?
Knobs will receive their company assignments on the day they report.
where do incoming knobs select their foreign language if it's a part of their major's curriculum ?
The foreign language selection is made by completing the registration form (which was due back on 10 June) and is available on the Matriculation Headquarters website.
For CSI students are supposed to stencil their names on their white shirts at a minimum size of two inches, if a name does not fit at this size on a single line on the back of a shirt is it okay to hyphenate it and stencil it as two lines?
Specific CSI questions should be addressed to
should CSI students complete the summer reading and assignments before arriving to CSI?
No. The assessment requirements have due dates, which apply to all incoming cadets. These dates are not related to CSI.
When will we be informed of our final acceptance?
Final acceptances are being mailed out daily.
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Should I bring a bathrobe to CSI?
The list of what to bring (and not to bring) to CSI is found on pages 17-18 of the CSI Handbook here: Specific questions can be addressed to the CSI office at
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Are cargo shorts allowed as part of dress code for CSI?
The CSI dress code is on pages 15-16 of the CSI Handbook, which can be found on the main CSI page.
Would having an etranscript sent to The Citadel be possible?
The Citadel accepts official transcripts from various electronic transcript delivery services, such as Parchment and eSCRIP-SAFE.