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Would I be notified if my application packet is not completed.
Yes, all incomplete applications will receive notice of what is missing once a month until all items are submitted.
I have submitted my application for fall of 2015. When should they begin reviewing the applications?
As soon as your application becomes complete it will be reviewed. You may call the office (843.953.5230) to speak with your admissions counselor for a more accurate update of when to expect a decision.
Have applications for fall of 2015 began review yet?
The Office of Admissions has been reviewing completed applications since 18 August.
Where can I find information for allowed appliances in the battalions? like fridges, printers, coffee makers, etc.? Also the times that cars are allowed to be brought to campus for different classes?
All freshmen were given a link to Matriculation Headquarters that gave them a list of items they could bring to campus. For now the link has been deactivated until we bring in next year's class. Freshmen are the only class not allowed vehicles. All other upperclassmen may bring their cars on campus.
What is the criteria used for the process of assigning cadets to the various companies?
Company assignments are generated by a computer program. Only legacies can be placed in specific companies.
I understand the citadel reccomends to buy a laptop through them, but if I have a Apple MacBook pro I will be fine correct? I know I am not covered by the citadel for technical problems but I don't think that would be a problem for me.
That is correct.
what if we are unable to obtain the release forms by tomorrow?
As a freshman do I need permission every time I leave campus (even if I'm going to another college in the area)?
Cadets are only allowed to leave campus during prescribed leave periods. More information can be found in chapter eight of The White Book.
will cadets have the chance to do airborne school or any special schools?
Yes, Cadets can compete for these slots.
I saw that we were allowed to bring a trunk can be stored under our bed, however, I'm unaware of the height requirement . I have one thats 14 inches in height, is that too high?
From page six of the Success Packet, which can be found at the Matriculation HQ:
"One clear plastic storage container sized no larger than 32”L x 11”H x 18”W to be used under the bed. Another larger clear plastic storage container is authorized for additional items and will be kept on top of the full press."
Matriculation HQ:
Success Packet:
Do we have to bring any forms of identification with us on matriculation day?
While we're not aware of any specific requirement to show a particular form of identification on Matriculation Day, it would probably be wise to bring all normal forms of identification that you usually have on your person anyway.
How many African American females do you accept a year also how many apply?
The numbers can, and do, fluctuate from year-to-year; however, The Citadel generally receives 130-180 applications from minority (not just African-American) women each year. For the past few years, anywhere from 80-90 have received admission with 45-65 matriculating. Overall, around 850-900 minority students (men and women) have sought admission to The Citadel each year for the last couple of years. For the spring 2014 semester, minority students represented a little more than 20% of the Corps of Cadets.
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Are there any forms we need to bring with us on matriculation day?
The Commandant's Office has asked that incoming cadets complete and bring the form found here:
Do you accept a lot of females or more males?
Technically, more men are accepted than women, but that's essentially because more men typically apply for admission--which is the case for most (if not all) senior military colleges and federal service academies in the United States. However, The Citadel works closely with all students (male or female) seeking admission.
I am hoping to find out if the admissions board started reviewing Class of 2019 applications and when will notifications start going out. Thank you for your time.
Not yet. Mid-August is a good estimate. The first notifications of academic acceptance will probably begin going out in late-August or early-September.
I passed the AP bio test with a 3, when will I know that I've been exempt from entry level biology?
If you've been admitted to The Citadel, you'll receive written notification of any credit you've been awarded. You can also contact the Admissions Office if you have specific questions about credit awarded through the AP program. Note: You'll want to make sure your test scores have been reported to The Citadel.
More info is available here:
Can I call to see if you have received all my paperwork for the application process (Fall 2015)?
Yes, you can call (800) 868-1842 or e-mail
Due to financial reasons, I cannot attend the Citadel. Do I have to inform the Citadel admissions team of my not being able to attend? Or is not going to matriculation day sufficient enough?
First off, we are sorry that you will not be joining the Corps this year. Financial challenges can be difficult, as you well know at this point.
To answer your question: Yes, we would definitely appreciate it if you would notify us of your situation. Sending a message to would be sufficient. The barracks are expected to be at maximin capacity again this year, so having a good idea of the size of the incoming class would be very helpful. Receiving word of your decision will assist us in this regard.
Looking forward: We hope you will consider re-applying for admission next year. We would be happy to work with you. Best wishes and best of luck.
Is the admission board expected to start reviewing applications for class of 2019 mid August?
Mid-August is a good estimate. The first notifications of academic acceptance will probably begin going out in late-August or early-September.
when do we find out what company we are in?
Incoming students will officially learn of their company assignment on the morning of 16 August.
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I saw an error with my class schedule when can I address this and have it changed or modified?
All cadets can make changes to their class schedules at the beginning of each semester during the drop-add period, which ends on 2 September for fall 2014. You can also contact the Registrar's Office now to inquire, if you'd like.
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are cadets allowed to wear rocky c4t?
Your best bet is to stick with something similar to a Bates brand boot. Also, you'll want to make sure your boots are sand-colored and have deep lug soles.
if I denied loans through citadel, am I able to reapply for them?
The answer really depends on the type of loan. You probably need to contact the Office of Financial Aid so that you can receive advice that is tailored to your specific situation.
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What if you are not able to pay your student bill by the 1st?
Because bills must be paid by that date, students who miss that deadline may not be able to attend The Citadel.
When can we find out what companies we are in? Is there a way we can find this out before we arrive for matriculation?
Incoming cadets will officially learn of their company assignment on the morning of 16 August.