If you are in the National Guard as a knob how does transportation to your guard unit work?

Knobs simply find a ride. If the unit is local, chances are good that other cadets will also be assigned to that unit. Transportation is usually not a big obstacle.

Can an incoming knob request to be in a company even if he is not a legacy in it?

All company assignments are at the discretion of the Office of the Commandant. However, alumni may submit requests for their sons/daughters or grandsons/granddaughters to be placed in the company to which the alumnus was assigned when he or she was a cadet. Other requests are generally not considered.

I did poorly in high school and I'm currently at community college with A/B's, is there anything I can do to better my chances of being accepted? will my high school GPA play a big role if I have two semesters of college coursework?

It depends...mainly on (1) course load [hopefully, 12 hours or more] and (2) course selection [hopefully, academic coursework]. Transfer applicants must still provide an official copy of their final high school transcript, so performance in high school may still matter; however, it generally matters less and less as more college coursework is attempted/completed. Transfer admission is addressed on page 20 of The Citadel Catalog: http://www.citadel.edu/root/images/Academic_Resources/2015-16-sccc-catalog.pdf

Is there an opportunity to become a special agent in the FBI through the citadel? I understand that the citadel is highly recognized through law enforcement and was wondering if any graduates have gone into the FBI and what courses I should take.

A number of our graduates have made careers in various federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI. Many of those individuals studied in the Criminal Justice Department. http://www.citadel.edu/root/criminaljustice

If you are a veteran and would like to attend The Citadel do you have to be part of the Corps of Cadets?

Not necessarily. Veteran student information is available at http://www.citadel.edu/root/admissions-veterans .

I would like to know if Math 119 can be taken by an incoming freshman this summer outside of the CSI program. ap

CSI is the best option because Math 119 isn't scheduled to be offered any other time during summer school.

Can cadets who have not passed the PT test still take overnights?

No. Cadets must be physically proficient to take weekends or overnights. See Chapter 5 of The White Book (Section 5-11(C)).

Does the Citadel deny applicants with performance enhancer (steroids) in their drug test?

In order to receive medical/physical approval to enroll at The Citadel, all incoming cadets must submit a completed Medical History and Physical Examination document for evaluation. Anabolic steroids are illegal. Because of this, a student’s admission status can be jeopardized if medical tests show the presence of such substances.

Is it possible for me to attend medical school after graduation from the Citadel (BSN Biology) and then commission into the reserve after? What are my chances of being allowed to attend Medical school (MUSC)

Good question. However, it's difficult to provide specific answers. First, The Citadel is pursuing the possibility of launching a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing program for the Corps of Cadets soon. So, a large portion of your question depends on when that program becomes available. The remaining parts of your question would be based on (1) how competitive you'd be for admission into medical school and (2) meeting the requirements for a military commission. In general, though, graduates of The Citadel routinely gain admission to medical school, and many graduates serve in the Reserve Forces.

Can I join the reserves while at the Citadel? If so, how would the basic training work?

Yes. A number of cadets serve in reserve units. Incoming cadets must complete their basic training in time to be present on The Citadel's Matriculation Day in August. During the school year, cadets who are members of the Reserve Forces of the United States or a state National Guard Unit may be granted Military Duty Leave. See The White Book (Chapter 8, Section I, Paragraph C (3)). http://www.citadel.edu/root/images/Commandant/white-book.pdf

I have been accepted into The Citadel and I would like to know if I can request to be assigned to a specific company, and if so,how would I make the request? My father graduated from The Citadel. Thanks.

Yes, your father can request that you be assigned to the cadet company in which he was a member. This request should be made to the Commandant's Office early in the summer.

What are the vision requirements to be admitted to The Citadel?

For very specific requirements, you may contact The Citadel Infirmary (http://www.citadel.edu/root/infirmary-home), but many cadets wear glasses and/or contact lenses.

Can knobs be accepted even if they don't meet height/weight standards at the time of admissions, but lose the weight during knob year?

Incoming cadets must receive medical/physical clearance prior to beginning their knob year.

Does the citadel accept teach grants?

No, The Citadel does not accept TEACH grants. For questions about other grant programs for which Citadel cadets may be eligible, please contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships (843-953-5187 or financial_aid@citadel.edu).

Can a student who takes ADHD medication be admitted?

The Citadel may grant waivers for applicants with ADHD who are adequately controlled on their medication if all other medical & physical fitness requirements are met.

Average weighted GPA of In-State Acceptance?

The average GPA for all first-time students who enrolled at The Citadel in August was 3.6.

Can cadets have a Television in their room?

First-class (senior) cadets are authorized to have a television. See chapter 8 of The White Book. http://www.citadel.edu/ROOT/images/Commandant/white-book.pdf

Can First Class cadets have an Xboc in their room

Yes. Chapter 9 of The White Book briefly addresses gaming systems. http://www.citadel.edu/ROOT/images/Commandant/white-book.pdf

When will applications for the Class of 2021 begin? Will Pautz

Applications will be accepted in the early summer of 2016.

Are Apple Laptops ok?

Yes, but Dell computers are recommended, because the college's ITS staff is certified to service Dell machines. http://www.citadel.edu/ROOT/computer-recommendations/computer-faq

If I am participating in the Pre-Knob visit, what should I bring?

The only things that a student needs bring are a pillow, sleeping bag, and toiletry items. Dress should be casual/comfortable. Four of five days prior to their visit, all students participating in a Pre-Knob will receive an e-mail containing more specific information on how to prepare.

Is there any other options to get accepted by besides retaking the act or sat? I'm trying to go there for fall of 2016 but the next testing dates aren't until January and I'm afraid it will be to late to recieve addmision into the school.

If you're seeking admission for the fall of 2016 and you've been asked to re-take the ACT and/or SAT, you really don't have alternatives for either test. You'll need to make sure you take one or both of them at the earliest opportunity. The incoming class usually does fill up each year, so it wouldn't be wise to wait longer than necessary. The next SAT dates are 11/7 and 12/5. The next ACT dates are 10/24 and 12/12.

Do you send emails if they got accepted?

Admission notifications are sent in writing via U.S. mail.

When will admissions decisions be sent out if you applied in September/October

It really depends on when your admission portfolio becomes complete (scores, transcripts, etc.); however, admission decisions are being sent out daily.

Are cadets allowed to have friends stay with them in the barracks over the weekends?



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