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I would like to start breaking in my military dress shoes. It seems like Clark Shoes no longer offer the plain military Bostonian shoes. Besides Bates shoes is there another military shoe that you could recommend?
The Office of Admissions will provide more information later next semester; however, a number of companies produce the "low quarter" military shoes you'll need. In addition to Bates, a company called Thorogood also makes them. You just want to ensure you get a shoe that is leather (not corfam or patent leather) and has a plain, smooth toe. If you'd like, you can contact the Cadet Store at The Citadel to see what they recommend.
I've recently been accepted, when will I be able to open a lesesne gateway account?
All academically accepted applicants will receive access to the Lesesne Gateway later in the Spring semester. You'll receive written notification with your credentials once your account has been created.
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I am in my third year of Mandarin and I would like to continue taking it in college. How is The Citadel's Mandarin Chinese program?
Information on the core curriculum and upper-level courses in Chinese can be found at the links below:
What is P.A.W.S?
P.A.W.S. is a short, informational program that is typically offered by the Office of Admissions during the summertime. While the P.A.W.S. program is open to anyone who would like to register and attend, it is generally geared toward minority students. The program itself runs from 9am-12pm and is offered four-to-five times each summer.
I forgot to mail my $300 deposit with my medical papers, so I'm mailing the deposit tomorrow. Will my medical information still be viewed or do y'all wait for my deposit?
No problem. Your medical documentation will still be reviewed.
I submitted my ACT score about a week ago, yet I've been informed that my score has not been received. How long does it typically take from the day scores are sent to the day they are received?
It depends, but it's normally only a matter of days. If you received the notification via U.S. mail, it's entirely possible it was in the mail around the same time you requested your scores be sent to The Citadel. The best thing to do is contact the Admissions Office directly if you'd like to confirm receipt of your scores.
Approximately how many cadets attend the federal service academies after their first year at the Citadel?
The number would be extremely low. While it is possible to gain an appointment to a federal service academy after one year at The Citadel, very few cadets pursue that option--primarily because senior military colleges, such as The Citadel, are generally not engaged in service academy preparation. Again, it is certainly possible but somewhat rare.
Does The Citadel offer project management as a minor for The Corps of Cadets?
No. Typically, Project Management programs usually prefer that students have some "real world" professional experience prior to beginning the program. As a result, The Citadel only offers Project Management as a Master's degree.
How will I be notified of my medical acceptance?
Medical status notifications are sent out via U.S. mail. These letters are sent out weekly. If you have specific questions regarding your medical status, you are welcome to contact The Citadel Infirmary.
How big is the class of 2019 so far?
While a good number of academically accepted students have paid their deposit (and many have even already provided their Medical History & Physical Examination paperwork), it's a bit difficult to accurately estimate the size of the class at this point. However, due to space limitations in the barracks, it is anticipated that the incoming class will need to be somewhat smaller this year--anywhere from 60-120 smaller than the last couple of knob classes.
How does a student without us-citizenship take rotc courses? From what I know, it's impossible for them to take rotc and become an officer.
All Citadel cadets, regardless of their nationality, must take ROTC. In order to serve as an officer in the U.S. military, one must first be an American citizen.
It's been about 5 weeks since all my stuff has been received. When should I be hearing of acceptance?
The best thing to do is contact the Office of Admissions ( or 800-868-1842) to verify all required information has been received.
If I've submitted my application and been told to retake my SAT's, does this mean I still might be considered as a cadet? Do I just send my latest scores or do I have to repeat the whole process? Please advise and thank you!
If you've received such a letter, it means that you're still under active consideration but that an increase in your ACT or SAT scores could improve your chances of gaining academic acceptance.
It says on The Citadel website incoming cadets do not need to complete a separate scholarship application. How and when will an incoming cadet be informed whether he/she has received scholarship or not?
In some cases, it depends on the scholarship awarded/received. In general, though, financial aid award notifications (which includes scholarship info) usually begin going out in late-March or early-April. To ensure you receive this notification in a timely fashion, you should plan to complete and submit the FAFSA ( ) before the end of February.
Will the medical acceptance letters be sent out in January
Medical status notifications are being sent out on a regular basis. If you have received academic acceptance and have submitted medical history/physical documentation and would like to inquire about your status, you may contact the Infirmary directly ( ) or the Office of Admissions, and we can assist ( ).
Does the citadel send an acceptance email or an acceptance letter?
Notifications of academic acceptance are sent in writing via U.S. mail.
do you need to be in rotc to be accepted at citadel
All cadets must take ROTC while at The Citadel, but applicants are not required to have taken JROTC in high school.
It's been five week since y'all received my completed application, sat scores and transcript. I was wondering how long it should take for me to hear anything?
The best thing to do is contact the Office of Admissions ( or 800-868-1842) to verify all required information has been received.
I am a junior in high school and am not in the best shape but not the worst shape ever. I really want to attend the Citadel but the PT tests and passing them to get privliges and graduation are overwhelming me. Anything I could get to help prepare for it? Thanks!
Physical fitness is an important part of the cadet lifestyle at The Citadel. Being physically proficient is a prerequisite to many of the privileges that cadets enjoy, not least of which is participating in Commencement activities, as you correctly mentioned. The good news is that if you're a junior, you have plenty of time to start focusing on improving your PT performance. Now is a good time to get started. You can check out this link to get some pointers: Good luck to you!
Is CSI worth it? What is taught there that isn't during the school year?
It's definitely worth it for a student that will be a knob in the fall if he/she wants to participate in a transition program that will prepare him/her for the first year at The Citadel. The coursework offered during CSI is required of all cadets; CSI simply allows students to take those courses in the summer before their knob year in an environment that also focuses on teaching other skills necessary for success at The Citadel.
I am dual enrolled and I have been academically accepted,but I may have over 24 college hours by the time I begin The Citadel next year. Do I need to notify anyone.
Your situation is fairly common. Many incoming students bring a good number of transfer credits (e.g., transfer, dual enrollment, AP, IB) to The Citadel. You'll want to ensure that official college transcripts are provided to The Citadel if you hope to have your dual enrollment courses evaluated for transfer credit.
What would the date be or matriculation class of 2019?
The official date will be released early next semester.
I received an invitation to apply for the honors program. It has a section to include my ACT scored but I never took the ACT, am I required to take it to gain acceptance into the Honors Program?
You can submit scores from the ACT or SAT.
I am reapplying as a transfer student; do I need to resend my high school transcripts?
If you applied for admission last year AND you provided a copy of your final high school transcript, you won't need to resend your transcript.
Does hazing happen at The Citadel?
All Citadel cadets should expect to be treated fairly with dignity and respect. The Fourthclass System at The Citadel is an important and challenging part of the cadet experience; however, hazing cannot be a component of that lifestyle. Mistreatment of any cadet(s) is totally contrary to the leadership instruction provided to cadets and is not tolerated. As a result, College and Cadet Regulations specifically prohibit hazing, which is punishable by suspension/dismissal/expulsion. Even the failure to report an incident of hazing is a serious violation of Citadel policy. Furthermore, South Carolina law also criminalizes these types of activities. The Cadet Regulations provide an explicit definition of hazing and the consequences. To read this information, see Chapter 1 (p. 10) of the Blue Book here: .