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Do cadets have class everyday? and are all cadets required to take a math and science every year if the are majoring in something such as Criminal justice?
Cadets attend classes Monday - Friday. The requirements for earning a Criminal Justice degree can be found on pages 180 - 181 of The Citadel catalog.
If a cadet does not have a NROTC-Marine Option scholarship upon entering the Citadel would it be difficult to contract to comission? and do the majority of cadets entering NROTC-Marine option enter with or without a scholarship?
Some cadets seeking a commission in the United State Marine Corps have a ROTC scholarship when they enroll; some do not. Others may earn scholarships during the cadet careers. For specific questions regarding contracting options, you should contact the Naval ROTC Detachment.
I plan on going to CSI ~ i hears there is a test you have to pass to see if you need to take Pre-Calculusbefore Fall Calculus? How, when and where do we take this?
All incoming students are required to take a small number of assessments prior to matriculating in August. Information on these requirements will be provided later in the semester.
Can I go to Airborne school while enrolled at the Citadel?
Could I pursue an Army Rotory Wing Aviation MOS after graduation from the Citadel?
Sure. You can pursue any job in the military you'd like; however, you must keep in mind that earning these slots is sometimes competitive.
When should I stary applying to The Citadel if I'm a sophomore in high school?
Normally, The Citadel begins accepting applications from students once they complete their junior year in high school. The online application opens around early-June each year.
Are knobs allowed to use parade shine polish on their shoes?
If you're referring to Kiwi Parade Gloss shoe polish, yes.
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Once we have submitted the deposit and medical forms, is there anything left that we are required to do other than send our official high school transcript?
As specified in the letter of academic acceptance, final acceptance is based upon receipt of the $300 deposit, medical clearance, and an evaluation of the final high school transcript. Notifications of final acceptance will be mailed during the summer.
What do cadets do when they are not in class? Are they allowed to relax around the barricks or are they always occupied
The daily schedule for cadets is quite full; this is precisely one of the reasons the cadet lifestyle is so challenging. When they are not in class, cadets can be studying, participating in leadership or physical training, competing in intramurals, maintaining their uniforms, and almost a million other things. They do occasionally have discretionary time, but their academic and non-academic duties always take precedence. A glimpse of the 24-hour schedule can be found here:
How and when are scholarships awarded to incoming cadets?
The answer depends on the type of scholarship. For example, athletic scholarships and academic scholarships have different timetables and requirements. Generally, merit-based academic scholarships are awarded based on information an applicant presents in his/her admission portfolio. Some of the strongest academically-accepted applicants are invited to participate in on-campus scholarship competitions. Other accepted applicants may be qualified for awards based on their selected course of study, where they come from, etc. Academically-accepted students generally receive notification of scholarship awards late in the spring semester. These award funds are always limited, so the awards are always competitive.
When should I receive information for my Lesesne Gateway account?
Portal credentials will be mailed to accepted applicants within the next few days.
How is the payments done for tuition. Semesterly? yearly?
Cadets can pay by semester or by using a monthly payment plan called The Citadel Tuition Payment Plan (CTPP). Information will be sent to incoming students a little later in the semester.
When will we be hearing from the citadel again? I've already been accepted and medically cleared
You will be hearing from The Citadel on a regular basis throughout the semester and into the writing and via e-mail.
When can I expect to receive a letter regarding admissions for the Fall 2015 school year? This is for a MECEP candidate.
It depends on when you submitted a completed admission packet. Your best bet is to contact the Office of Admissions directly at (800) 868-1842 and ask specifically about your admission status.
How old do you have to be to get in tge Citadel?
From page 16 the catalog: Applicants must be at least 17 and less than 23 years of age on the day
of matriculation at The Citadel. Exceptions to this policy are made only
under extremely extenuating circumstances and with the permission of
the Provost.
Are their physical requirements in order to enter the citadel in the Fall? Say if I was not able to pass the running portion of the Citadel Standards at the time the class of 2019 reports in august, would my acceptance be revoked?
A diagnostic physical fitness test is not required prior to Matriculation; however, physical fitness is an important aspect of The Citadel's four-year leader-development program. More info on the college's Physical Readiness Program is here:
Are there any scholarships for CSI this year?
From the CSI website: There are a limited number of need based scholarships. To be considered students must have completed their FAFSA by April 1st and registered by May 1st.
Would I be allowed to bring a computer bag with me to CSI?
Sure, but you'll be provided a bag for carrying school materials (book, etc.) that will probably be sufficient for your laptop.
Are incoming transfer students that are currently in the military considered knobs?
The application asks for a degree program. What happens if I change my mind about my major before matriculation?
Not a problem. The major you select when completing your application is "unofficial." You'll be able to officially select your intended major when you complete the registration process later in the spring semester...a few months prior to matriculating.
Would I still be able to earn a commission upon graduation from The Citadel Graduate College?
Your best bet is to take ROTC as an undergraduate and earn your commission while working on your bachelor's degree prior to beginning graduate school.
I wasn't able to attend The Citadel for the fall term off 2014 due to financial problems, would I be able to come back to The Citadel for graduate school after I get my bachelors degree elsewhere?
Sure. The Citadel Graduate College is separate from the Corps of Cadets; they are two separate entities. As a result, the challenges you faced while attempting to enroll in the Corps for the fall of 2014 should have no bearing on your ability to seek admission to The Citadel for graduate school. Good luck to you.
If somebody is not awarded an ROTC scholarship but definitely wants to commission upon graduation are they guaranteed a commission?
For students who seek--and do not receive--an ROTC scholarship, the next step is to pursue a contract. It's really hard to say that someone is "guaranteed" a commission. Students pursuing a commission (with or without a scholarship) must still meet academic, physical, medical, and other requirements, which can be stringent at times. Cadets who meet these requirements should be fine, though.
What date do Knobs report to The Citadel for Fall semester 2015?
Saturday, 15 August 2015
My child has a good GPA , scores well on the ACT and is a Varsity Athlete, and is in good physical shape. He had childhood Asthma and ADHD. Does the CITADEL grant physical waivers for these common conditions?
All academically-accepted applicants must receive medical clearance to attend The Citadel. Medical clearance is based on Department of Defense standards. However, waivers for some minor disqualifying medical issues may be allowed. Conditions such as mild asthma, occasional migraine headaches, ADD/ADHD, and mild depression or anxiety are among the common conditions which can be waived. If you have questions about whether another particular medical condition is waiverable, please contact the Infirmary.