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I have taken college algebra and trigonometry, do I have to take the MPE or am I except from taking it?
The mathematics placement exam is required for incoming students who are majoring in: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry (B.S.), Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or who either are pursuing a minor or are in a scholarship program that requires MATH 131 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus I). Additional information on this (and other) requirements will be provided to incoming students soon.
Is it too late to apply for readmission if I left on my own behalf last year?
If you withdrew after the drop/add period (usually early-September), you would need to contact the Office of the Registrar ( If you withdrew before that period, you would need to begin by re-applying with the Office of Admissions. At this point, admissions decisions are being rendered based on strength of academic credentials and space-availability.
Are first year students able to choose their roommates or are they assigned?
Knob roommates are assigned. After the first year, cadets can choose their own roommates.
Can you please provide a complete list of all manuals/guides for new cadets? The Honor Manual for the Corp of Cadets, The Guidon, The Blue Book Regulations for the Corp of Cadets, The White Book? Are they changed and re-issued annually, or can we use the 2014-2015 versions?
The Guidon will be published later in the summer. Links for the cadet regulations and The Honor Manual are below:
If changes are incorporated into any of these documents, the updated versions will be posted online.
Can you transfer into the Citadel as a Junior?
In order to earn a degree from The Citadel, a student must complete a minimum of 1/2 the degree requirements at The Citadel. As a result, it is technically possible to transfer to The Citadel as an academic junior, but it is extremely rare. Generally, transfer cadets have only completed one year at another college before coming to The Citadel. Plus, all cadets--including transfer students--must still participate in the Fourthclass (Knob) System. See pages 20 ("Transfer Student Admissions") and 30 ("Requirements for Degree Completion") in The Citadel catalog: .
Is there a cadet handbook, success guide, guidon, or anything of that nature for the class starting fall 2015?
A book called The Guidon is published each year for that purpose. When it's available, all incoming knobs will be notified. In the meantime, cadet regulations are available for review here:
when does The Citadel CSI program start and end? and what type of credits would a potential student be taking in CSI?
You can find answers to those questions on the CSI website here:
How long does it take for medical clearance notice forms to be sent out?
Not long. Medical status letters go out on a regular basis.
Is prior expierence required to join the Citadel Rifle and Pistol Teams? and is this open to incoming freshman?
Yes, these programs are open to freshmen. The Citadel Rifle Team is a NCAA sport, so prior experience would probably be helpful in earning a spot on the team. The Pistol Team is a Club Sport. While experience would be helpful there too, it's probably not a strict requirement.
How often do cadets have a parents weekend? and how often are parades?
Parents' Weekend occurs in October each year. Parades are held virtually every Friday afternoon during the school year. The parade schedule for this year can be seen here:
When is the Application for Federal Student Aid due?
FAFSAs have been accepted for processing for a few months now. So if you haven't filed yours, you should do it now.
Are three and two year Army ROTC scholarships after being enrolled in The Citadel awarded based off only college performance or does high school performance still play a significant role?
Two and three-year Army ROTC scholarships are based on both high school and college performance. Factors such as high school GPA, standardized tests, extracurricular activities, athletic performance, etc., do still matter. Being a STEM major can also help. For more information, you should contact The Citadel Army ROTC Palmetto Battalion.
do the medical forms and drug consent forms have to be mailed at the post office or can they be sent over email?
You can scan and e-mail them for interim purposes; however, you'll also need to send official copies via U.S. mail.
Can upperclassmen make knobs do physical training such as push ups as punishment?
Are knobs only allowed to leave campus on weekends?
Can upperclassmen enter knobs dorms without permission?
The Citadel's living quarters are referred to as barracks (as opposed to "dorms"). Regulations concerning barracks rooms can be found in section ("Cadets visiting Cadets in barracks rooms") of The Blue Book: (pages 38-39).
During CSI can CSI students run off campus during the week or do they have to stay on campus when running on their own time?
CSI students can do physical training (PT) off campus during the weekend. If they do go off campus to PT, they are required to do so with another CSI student (the buddy system).
Do cadets have class everyday? and are all cadets required to take a math and science every year if the are majoring in something such as Criminal justice?
Cadets attend classes Monday - Friday. The requirements for earning a Criminal Justice degree can be found on pages 180 - 181 of The Citadel catalog.
If a cadet does not have a NROTC-Marine Option scholarship upon entering the Citadel would it be difficult to contract to comission? and do the majority of cadets entering NROTC-Marine option enter with or without a scholarship?
Some cadets seeking a commission in the United State Marine Corps have a ROTC scholarship when they enroll; some do not. Others may earn scholarships during the cadet careers. For specific questions regarding contracting options, you should contact the Naval ROTC Detachment.
I plan on going to CSI ~ i hears there is a test you have to pass to see if you need to take Pre-Calculusbefore Fall Calculus? How, when and where do we take this?
All incoming students are required to take a small number of assessments prior to matriculating in August. Information on these requirements will be provided later in the semester.
Can I go to Airborne school while enrolled at the Citadel?
Could I pursue an Army Rotory Wing Aviation MOS after graduation from the Citadel?
Sure. You can pursue any job in the military you'd like; however, you must keep in mind that earning these slots is sometimes competitive.
When should I stary applying to The Citadel if I'm a sophomore in high school?
Normally, The Citadel begins accepting applications from students once they complete their junior year in high school. The online application opens around early-June each year.
Are knobs allowed to use parade shine polish on their shoes?
If you're referring to Kiwi Parade Gloss shoe polish, yes.
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Once we have submitted the deposit and medical forms, is there anything left that we are required to do other than send our official high school transcript?
As specified in the letter of academic acceptance, final acceptance is based upon receipt of the $300 deposit, medical clearance, and an evaluation of the final high school transcript. Notifications of final acceptance will be mailed during the summer.