graveyard dancer @TheFabulousKilljoy
graveyard dancer @TheFabulousKilljoy
Merryn-Romance/18 Celebrating love, sex & beauty. Belly dancer extraordinaire. Lover of punk-rock & metalcore.
Be creative, you bastards.
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Always be yourself. Never change for anyone <3 I love you very much :)
And I love you darling!
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Are you horny
There's a porn site called xhamster that has nothing to do with rodents.
How misleading.
9 people like this Nonono your figure tho....those boobs tho o:  Andy
Belly dancing keeps a girl in shape ;)
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What made your day today?
Somebody gave me a flower crown:)
What made your day today?
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pretty (:
No you <3
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What Is your own definition of the word "sexy"?  Testicle Clamp
Being comfortable no matter how you look.
What Is your own definition of the word "sexy"?
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i love your piercing  Sam Nadal
They love you too
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Are you happy with what you accomplished today?  Testicle Clamp
I had to put on pants so no
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Nice photo !!!!!!!!!
I want to be a pin-up girl sooo badly
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What was the nicest most memorable thing someone has said to you?  Testicle Clamp
"You're beautiful. And have nice boobs"
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Try and make me laugh?  Testicle Clamp
It's better to be a rape victim rather than a corpse
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pap of u in just underwear
Who said I wore underwear
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If you could add something to your body, like Angel wings so you can fly or gills so you could breathe under water. What would you want and why?  Testicle Clamp
I'd have a tail. A fox tail
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Have you ever had a homosexual experience?  Testicle Clamp
I've kissed a lot of girls before
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wanna dick pic
I bet mines bigger
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im really bored so opinions on me? (sent to everyone i follow)  Of Mice And Meth
You make me moist in my special area
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Okay I love you
luv mi
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Well, "you're" welcome.:)
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You're really pretty.:)
No you
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Aye bby, you're fabulous.
You had me at the proper use of "you're" <3
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In a zombie apocalypse what would your weapon of choice be? (sent to all followers)  Zackerino Peppiatto
Miley cyrus
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If you were a farmer, what would you grow?
dat ganja
no, mangoes actually. I would have a mango farm
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but no ha  Zackerino Peppiatto
I love my tummy
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