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you don't seem so nerd

And that means...?

It's a metaphor :O

Oh.... Lol....

*struggles* I won't let you step on me <.<

I'm not going to step on you -_-

a little little man, obiouvsly ù.ù

-_- *pokes harder*

ahah ok then let's just play here ;)

Who are you?

but you were poking me :P

Busy as in, I'm on the internet busy and I don't wanna set up my xbox. lol

aaah, so you wanna play with me? ^^''

When? I'm busy now.

I'm not your toy you know ù.ù

Put toys are small... and you're small...

D: aaah don't poke me! *struggles*

*Laughs and keeps poking*

Would you 1v1 me in Halo?

Maybe. I love Halo but I suck

What would you do if you found me, shrunken, in your shoe?

"What the heck?" Than I would pick you up and start poking you.

What is your favorite clothing store?

Hot Topic...

What should there be in a perfect city?


Which is the most memorable day you have ever had?

The most memorable day is when my grandfather passed. it was a sad day but without it, I wouldn't have become the person I am today.

What do you prefer: walking or riding a bike?


What have you learned today?

I should stop talking to my brother in the mornings...

What activity do you never get bored with?


What can totally impress you?

A guy IRL freaking out about Halo.

What kind of movies do you like?

Sci-Fi, action, comedy, thrilling. really anything but Horror and Romance. There's only some Romance movies that I like.

How have your life experiences changed you?

They have changed me a lot. I am more loving on people and I want to help them with anything there going through.

How old are you?


What is the most boring job you can imagine?

A desk job.

What made you happy today?

Going out to eat with my family

Who do you talk to on the phone most often?

Texting wise....My mom..I don't text much.


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I am a sci-fi nerd, an Artist, Gamer, Halo freak, Dancer, and I am extremely weird...
I RP with Halo and RvB. I created my BG. Link :http://fav.me/d5u5pdx