Nate Hall
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If you could bring one character to life from your favorite movie, who would it be?

..... I have a long list. Lets NOT go there.

What gadget are you addicted to?

The Nintendo DS! Or XBOX360, or... let's not carry on, we'll be here for a while.

how often do you wash?

Every day.

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

My milkshake. It didn't bring anyone to the yard -__-

No, seriously, it was Russell Howard's Good News.

Who is the craziest person you know?


What are you wearing right now? 


Are you the kind of person who wants to be the big fish in a little pond or the little fish in the big pond?

I'd like to be the little fish in the big pond - I'm too shy and awkward to be in the public eye - but if I write a book that gets big, that my change much to my awkwardness.

Dont u just hate it when you wipe ur arse and then realise later you missed a bit?

I wouldn't know. I'm a 100% accurate arse-wiper.

Knock knock...

Go away.

Have you ever thought of growing a beard?

A beard? Maybe when I'm older I could grow a Dumbledore/Gandalf-ish beard. otherwise, nope.

Do you love your Mum?

Indeed I do.

When will you next get a hair cut?

When I can be bothered to.

Batman, Ironman, Blackwidow, Hawkeye, all Super-Heroes, but what is it that they have in common?

They're all super-heroes. Duh :D

Is it possible to ask myself a question?

Nate Hall

Apparently so.

If you had 10 days to live, what would you make sure you did before you died?

Eat a bagel. No, seriously, I'd probably spend time with my family, go hunting for the Slender Man, shoot his tendrily mass of non-faced idiocy into the dust, and push people to the floor yelling FUSRODAH! I mean, if I'm going to die, it doesn't matter if I get locked in a madhouse.

How much wood, could a wood chuck chuck, if the wood chuck was chuck norris?

Chuck Norris does not chuck wood, he merely breathes near it and it throws itself. So in answer to your question, it would chuck none.

Who would you pick as president and why

Hm... Colonel Sanders, because everyone would be bribed into voting for him because of his tasty KFC meals. Its a conspiracy, I tell you.

Whats your dream job?

Pokémon Trainer :D

When you feel sad, what cheers you up?

Nothing. I never feel sad.