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Are you with Jake now?

Not at the moment. But we are going out for ice cream later.

Maia I am a fan of yours.You are great on the fosters every Monday

Karine Littlemix

I'm so glad you do!

Does it get hard learning both lines?

Karrald Gauthier

At one point yes. There was a dramatic scene in The Fosters and, and I was learning to surf in teen beach, so that was a tiny bit difficult.

How is Jake Ausin


Maia!!! Remember me?? I asked you a question a few days ago x) maia just know you're my celebrity crush.. do you hav a facebook??

Delvon Coleman

No I don't.. But there are fan pages.. I hope to get one soon actually!

if i ever get to meet you can i take a pic with you p.s. ilove u so much

Of course! Do what ever you want!

Not sure. Never thought Laura got Ask. I may be wrong though!

Maia if this is really u i just want to say i love u and ur r absolutley gorgeous. and i cant wait to watch tbm! :)

It's people like you that keep me going, so thank you.

This is so fake, the real Mia would get way more likes in an answer than 1 or 2!!! This is so fake, the other one interacts with other celebrities!!!

Hey, I'm working on my follows. And who other than me has Ask?

Would u ever date Ross lynch ?

Matters. What situation?

Hey Maia, I am one fan I look forward to seeing you in Teen Beach Movie (As I am French I has to wait in September) Otherwise I adore you Kisses <3

I can't wait for you to see it ! Enjoyyy

I see a lot of these are about Teen Beach Movie.. I like to be different, so how was it working on "The Fosters"

Delvon Coleman

It's awesome! I love the crew so much :)

Is it hard working on two things at once? (Teen Beach Movie and The Fosters)

Karrald Gauthier

It's actually an amazing challenge!

I love u soo much ur one of my fav acterss (answer plz)

Glad I am.

In real life are you a biker or surfer?

I'm a lay in bed and read a book kind of person. Lol but surfer. I guess

My crush is friends with me on Facebook every time I message him he doesn't reply is it because he is nervous to talk to me?

Hmmm I'm not very good with this kind of stuff. Does your crush see your messages? If he does, he is probably way to excited!

Hey Maia, can't wait for Teen Beach Movie, i'm sure it's gonna be great, love you <3 <3

I can't wait for you to see it :)

Are you dating Ross?

No.. just his costar in teen beach movie :-) xx

Did u get anything on Ross and if u did is he ok?

Yes, it was a pretty dumb reason to get mad, but he apologized and so did the others. It's all good

Garett Clayton is sooo hot!! & You're gonna be on Teen Beach Movie with him!! :)

Lol! Ill make sure to tell him that. Also, I know!

Do you have some kind of site or something where fans can talk to you privately?

Not officially no, but there are quite a few fan sites I read comments on ^_^

Hey remember me or is this another fake? Idk if this is the one from facebook i might have been talking to a fake on facebook the whole time


I'm sorry, but I have no clue who you are? Sorry..

Ross got mad at Rocky so Ryland and Rocky r looking around their hotel for Ross

Ill call him. Thanks:)

Did u hear what happened to Ross

No I haven't, what happened?

Do you know my friend from facebook Damien Thorn-Ellis?

No, sorry


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