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Adrian Díaz @TheMexicanMetalheadRocker
Adrian Díaz @TheMexicanMetalheadRocker
Horchata Land
How we Survive is what makes us who we are in this fucking Nightmare full of Pain and Sorrow, but I won't let it be the Death of Me
Ask me almost anything!
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What does true friendship mean to you?
Someone who will stick by you no matter how fucked up drunk or high you are. And will also help you control yourself rather than go and get you another drink
What’s the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to you?
Hmm I think it was something along the lines of you're cool and funny. I was pretty fucked up already by the time they told me that at that one party
What was the last thing you got for free?
Some jelly beans at the mall
What mask would you wear to a masked ball?
Possibly a physco mask. Maybe a deathbat if I could find one
Do you already have app for iPhone?
I have it on my iPod if that counts.
Why do people kill each other?
Because we're all a bunch of lunatics that's why
Post a selfie!
I'm pretty tired right now
Post a selfie!
rate likers, blue=ok, red=hot, green=cute, yellow=ew
Um ok. So whore these likers?
you know what to do
Back from the pool. Its been a while since I've been on Ask
you know what to do
Are you a city or a nature person?
I'm more a nature person, going out to ranches and being with horses is nearly as great as Horchata.
What is your favorite potato chip flavor?
Horchata flavored
How to find true love?
Work for it, nothing is given to you in this life except for pain and sorrow, if love is what you want, you need to work for it cause it's not going to just happen by itself. Oh and you'll need some Horchata as well
What is the one thing you always wanted as a kid, but never got?
A transformer.
Do you find yourself thinking more about your past, present or future?
The future. Those who dwell in the past let new opportunities become wasted.
If you could print any phrase on a T-shirt what would it be?
Hmm I have 2 ideas.
1. Horchata is love. Horchata is life. Horchata is everything.
2. "I'm going to run away into the woods and never come back. And when I do come back I will be the Knife Master!" -Jimmy Owen 'The Rev' Sullivan
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Do you always smile for pictures?
Nah. My smile is shit
Rock climbing or windsurfing?
Rock climbing, takes much more strength and balance than windsurfing
Who was the last person you kissed?
Hmm let me think.. Oh that's right in my 16 years of life, I've never kissed anyone
Who inspires you?
These guys
Who inspires you?
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What type of guitar is it?
I have a First Act here. A Fender at Guitar Center and I'm considering ordering either a Yamaha APX or CPX.
Do you own any guitars?
I currently have only 1 in my possession. I have another at guitar center getting fixed and I was considering buying a new acoustic.
So yes I do own a guitar
How often do you smile?
Not enough. Usually the only time I smile is when I'm with those who I care about or right after I get a good workout in.
Should schools offer cash bonuses for good test scores?
Of course, alot of students need the extra motivation since they can't see that good grades will reward them with money later on in life. And not every student has access to godly Horchata to motivate them.
When you go to a movie, do you like to sit in the back, middle, or front?
It usually depends, if I'm with friends and its a good movie that's like scary or has a ton of action than in the front. Otherwise when I'm with family were usually in the back
$15 for nudes of minor users. power users $35. Lemme know if you're interested and i'll contact you.. ;). personal info also available for $7.95 a pop
Are your offering to sell me jailbait? I'd rather not go to jail right now cause I can't enjoy my delicious Horchata in jail