Selena Gomez ❤ @TheOfficialSelenaGomez
Selena Gomez ❤ @TheOfficialSelenaGomez
Los Angeles, CA
I'm a normal girl who's living out life, still trying to figure out who she is and trying to find her place in the world.
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Love you so much♥  †█Twilight█†
I love you too!! So much love here..AGGHH!!
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I love you like a love song baby ;*  Wiktoria Bagińska
I love you way more sweetheart!!
I think it's time that you go out with a real so.....Whats up?!? Lol  Dirty Sprite
I just get on this account..I don't really know why and I answer old questions. Wbu?
I wish I could meet you);  Dyasiaaa(:
One day you will just never give up ;)
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Thank you so much for ur support!!! Love u tho!! ♡
HEy beautiful.. Whats up?:)xxx  Kate
Haaaii, nothing special wbu? X
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I love you ❤  Selena Gomez - Justin Bieber ❤
Love u too! X
I LOVE U SO MUCH ♥  Cami ♥
Love u more! X
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i love you  #TE #JS คηgєℓ ♥
Love u too! X
But the one with the tick is real  sumeetaravindharan
what is tick? I don't want to be verified, If u don't believe don't ask hun <33
Have a nice day (:
so how many accounts do u have  Dyasiaaa(:
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So are u real?  sumeetaravindharan
Yes I am.
why do u say i think so when u say your username selena gomez?  sumeetaravindharan
for fun ;p
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r u real?  sumeetaravindharan
I think so ;)
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selena u love u so much!  nadim khalifeh
I love u too sweetie!
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Thank u so much!
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do you like ice cream?  NERA.1.
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is this the real selena gomez x  Amber Parry
I think so. (:
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i i am your big fan and i love you  #K #BANG BANG✌ ️
That's great, luv u too xxx
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How was New York Selena  David Greene
good (:
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I love you so much  Adam Poppenbouer
Love u more
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I love you selena ❤️  diego
Love u too
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I love you Selena <3<3  Aitor
Love u 2
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I am big Selenator!!!!!!!!!!!  Aitor
That's great! Luv ya
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Happy 4th of July Selena  David Greene
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