reise @TheOutkast
Ask me anything and everything and I'll be 100% HONEST :^)
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Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
Dawgs 4 lyfe mang
take me back
Reise ._. who else makes that face how do u not know who this is
a lot of people lol
what song
who do u love
i half big nuts
i half big nuts
bitch who do you love
that song sucks major nuts
whats this
whats this
u dont know who this is?
yes anon I totally know who this is
i think its just me asking stuff now ._.
idk ANON
y knot
why not what?
reeesz im too lacey
I so sorry mang
how is alondra
lol I haven't talked to her in forever
you knew her for a month. calm down. drink something
u can develop a lot of feelings over a month buddy
how can i look??? idk her name
she asked me a question on here with her name scroll down and look
whats the girls ask???
idk look for it
guise dont bully da lil fag
thanks anon I luh u
karma is really hot now
that's cool.... hahaha
so your not gonna admit it?
sorry I'll admit it... I love pussy
so thirsty
so thirsty
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just admit it
admit what
ok where did you meet if not there
up ur booty
so yes?
yes what
an app where you met her lol
obviously I didn't if I don't even know the app
they met on tinder
wtf is tinder lol
best girl youve dated then? lol
I dont pick favorites, there are reasons we dont date anymore, just keep that in mind