Ariana Grande @TheRealAriana
Ariana Grande @TheRealAriana
honeymoon ave
made this to get closer to my luvs ..<3
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If you are real take a selfie looking moody
If you are real take a selfie looking moody
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I love you <3 i hooe you see this but you probably never will i was emotionally depressed and then i started listening to your music and i was happy again thank you sooooo much for everything you do i cant thank you enough for everything ~Jannia<3
that's why im here for ya'll !! I don't just say that shit.. I deeply mean it from the bottom of my deep heart, without ur love and support i wouldn't be living my dream & I'm very thankful for u all doing that .
w/ the amount of fan accs and twitter posts ya'll make notices how much u love me and I couldn't be happier. thank u all for being cute , unique yet loveable as fuck. I love u.
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Omfg are you the real Ariana Grande?!?  ɐıᴚoʇɔıʌ
yesss, sorry i haven't been online much guys, i've been v busy w/ music but i'm back now, how r u my loves?
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I loooooove you ❤️❤️❤️❤️  Mii .
ily guys
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hi Arii, love you so much, beautiful and perfect <3
thank you. :)
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How tall are you? :)  Holidays ;3
5'4 . Lets just say I'm small, lol :)
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I love u as much as i love me!  Nikola Bieber
Lmao. Not true at all.
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heyy ari!!!! cool profile pic ;PP :********* <333  Heidi♥
Thank you. ♥
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I love you  Ariana Grande
You love me ,but you fake me?
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Ari i love you :)
Hey Nialler's Girlfriend, Cute!
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Justin bieber
Who loves Justin?
Like! ♥
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Demi Lovato❤  Courtney
Who loves Demi?
Like! ♥
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One Direction  Angel In The Hell
Who loves 1D?
Like! ♥
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You!!haha :))
Who loves me? Lol.
Like! ♥
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Babycakes!  Ariana Grande
Let's play a game..
Write a celebrity's name , and whoever likes it, loves them! ♥
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are you goin gout with jai brooks?  Meg Bellis†
On valentines day, yes. I'm so excited. <3
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I love you so much omg. I live in the UK and we are so behind on Victorious haha. There is a new one on Monday though haha xoxoxox Good luck for Sam&Cat xxxxx  Milly
Thank you :)
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Are you ready?  Ariana Grande
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Good night! <3 U  Nikola Bieber
Good night my luv. I love u!
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Whats you instagram name?  Lindey
‎@arianagrande is my instargram name ♥
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I love you so much! I think you should reply because its my birthday ;) love you  Natasha
Happy Bday!
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ariana how are you  Ели Д. ❤
Oh my god I'm in love with your page. Thank you so much.
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Love! ♥  Victoria Dawn Justice
Lol hey Ice Cream lover. ♥
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I don't need your thoughts. All I need if my fans to believe me for who I am. I really don't care what you think, but I'm real <3
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