Ariana Grande @TheRealAriana
Ariana Grande @TheRealAriana
honeymoon ave
made this to get closer to my luvs ..<3
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Hi Ariana , it makes me really sad when people make up bad rumors about you but me as a true fan I know that you r a beautiful human being w and amazing voice and personality I LOVE not just because your Ariana grande but for who u are as a person - Lauren Nicolas
rumours make me who i am today :) the things that haters say about me or any other celebrity is the funny cause' we know they arent true. Its just real fans like urself to not believe in them. I thank u all w/ ur kind luv and support , i truly do love u all <3
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If you are real take a selfie looking moody
If you are real take a selfie looking moody
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I love you <3 i hooe you see this but you probably never will i was emotionally depressed and then i started listening to your music and i was happy again thank you sooooo much for everything you do i cant thank you enough for everything ~Jannia<3
that's why im here for ya'll !! I don't just say that shit.. I deeply mean it from the bottom of my deep heart, without ur love and support i wouldn't be living my dream & I'm very thankful for u all doing that .
w/ the amount of fan accs and twitter posts ya'll make notices how much u love me and I couldn't be happier. thank u all for being cute , unique yet loveable as fuck. I love u.
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Omfg are you the real Ariana Grande?!?  ɐıᴚoʇɔıʌ
yesss, sorry i haven't been online much guys, i've been v busy w/ music but i'm back now, how r u my loves?
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I loooooove you ❤️❤️❤️❤️  Mii .
ily guys
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hi Arii, love you so much, beautiful and perfect <3
thank you. :)
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How tall are you? :)  Holidays ;3
5'4 . Lets just say I'm small, lol :)
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I love u as much as i love me!  Nikola Bieber
Lmao. Not true at all.
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heyy ari!!!! cool profile pic ;PP :********* <333  Heidi♥
Thank you. ♥
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I love you  Ariana Grande
You love me ,but you fake me?
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Ari i love you :)
Hey Nialler's Girlfriend, Cute!
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Justin bieber
Who loves Justin?
Like! ♥
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Demi Lovato❤  Courtney
Who loves Demi?
Like! ♥
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One Direction  Angel In The Hell
Who loves 1D?
Like! ♥
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You!!haha :))
Who loves me? Lol.
Like! ♥
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Babycakes!  Ariana Grande
Let's play a game..
Write a celebrity's name , and whoever likes it, loves them! ♥
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are you goin gout with jai brooks?  Meg Bellis†
On valentines day, yes. I'm so excited. <3
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I love you so much omg. I live in the UK and we are so behind on Victorious haha. There is a new one on Monday though haha xoxoxox Good luck for Sam&Cat xxxxx  Milly
Thank you :)
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Are you ready?  Ariana Grande
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Good night! <3 U  Nikola Bieber
Good night my luv. I love u!
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Whats you instagram name?  Lindey
‎@arianagrande is my instargram name ♥
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I love you so much! I think you should reply because its my birthday ;) love you  Natasha
Happy Bday!
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ariana how are you  Ели Д. ❤
Oh my god I'm in love with your page. Thank you so much.
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Love! ♥  Victoria Dawn Justice
Lol hey Ice Cream lover. ♥
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