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Nina Dobrev (✔) @TheRealNinaDobrev

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Hey Nina! ;)  Jennifer Lawrence
Hey Jenn ;)
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hi youre just amazing come to lithuania :D*  Kenisipisi▲
Oh, thank u so much.
I'll think about it, you are asking me to go to many places. I don't want to disappoint anyone, but it's hard... But, don't stop believing.
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Yes, I am. How are u?  Jennifer Lawrence
I'm very good, and you?
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Hey!  Jennifer Lawrence
Hey Jenn :)
Are u real?
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Celebrities gathered at Chatzy now! This thing is pretty funny, because of squabbles clueless some people. But I like it!
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In my video I said "Hi I'm Nina Dobrev" but my microphone is horrible!  Nina Dobrev (✔)
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I love you too honey! xx
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Ninaaaaaaa <3  Nicole
Nicoleeee <33
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I didn't put there because it would get too close!
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ı love u so much ! ♥ ı always watch .please make a video for me or write my name on sketchtoy with sign please ı love so much . make something for me ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○♂▬«╬♣§╝£∟+│♥#◙*¬○ª±x©☼?⌂ 
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Make a video!  Nina's Lips
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Hay Nina i Love you ....zahra
Hey! I love you too
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DON'T TOUCH TO MY HUSBAND IAN ! Hum.. It's a joke  Romina Vargas Celi
oooooooooooooooooh! aahahaaha
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I lovee uuu pls follow me  Don't let me go.
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I wish i could just buy a ticket to america and meet you!♥
ooooohhh! I also want to see you!
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Just *----*? ♥
Oh sory, I have many qs...
Thank you for everything. I'm grateful to have a big fan like you <33
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Follow, follow me back pls? Ps: How many seasons gonna have TVD? ;)
Followed... Oh, that's secret, but still have many more!
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I feel lucky to have a inspiration like you Love you♥
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Hello, are you the real Nina Dobrev? I wanted to ask ... you're really the girlfriend of Ian Somerhalder? PS: I really like The Vampire Diaries  come and get it.
Yes! I'm the real.... And yes I'm dating with Ian :)
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I adore you ! :) Love you Nina !!!! ;)
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following follow back  Carool Zanon
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oooh happy birthday nina.. <3  Carool Zanon
Thank u dear <3
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You are beautiful,Nian FOREVER  come and get it.
<3 Thank you so much
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Ninaa beauty <3  Clarus-a-um ( ✔) †
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