Austin Mahone @thetexankid
Austin Mahone @thetexankid
Miami, FL
2nd account! my main account is ‎@AustinCarterMahone. i love u guys :)
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Do you consider yourself a Harmonizer ?  Yasmine Marie ✨
of course (;
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#askaustin What's your favorite fruit?
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Can you say 'Hey Aqsah I Love you'?  Aqsah Mahone
hey aqsah i love u
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How do you know 5H ? :)  Khue Mahone
xfactor :D
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Only my Shadow knows... ♡  Aqsah Mahone
how i feel about u :)
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❤️When it comes to you baby I'm addicted❤️
you're like a drug no rehab can fix it ❤️
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Wanna have a pizza date??:D I LOVE YOU
i wouldn't say no (;
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When ever i see red bra's I think of u for some reason❤️
why am i laughing now? why not something else in red??? :D
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Is @/austincartermahovevevo ur 3rd account??  Jena Mahone
no. that's fake! i just own this one, my other main account (look at my bio) and ‎@ItsFoolish4 with my boys
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#askaustin favorite song from jason derulo? (:
talk dirty, trumpets and bubblegum (:
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'Cause only my shadoww  Jena Mahone
.. knows how i feel about u (;
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Your all I ever need ❤️❤️❤️
baby you're amazing, you're my angel come and save me :)
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How manyy followers do u have  Jena Mahone
defintely not that much as on my other account :D 1242 followers :)
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Say "Te amo Amaia" Pleeeeeaase,i love you <3
te amo amaia ❤️
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is so sad .. how im always the one to be ignored .. sad life  Sabrina
i'd never ignore u :*
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What is the craziest thing you have ever done  Ashley Mahone
i jumped off a roof. that was crazy
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#askaustin come to Pakistan ?
one day i will :)
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#askaustin When are you coming to Spain ? ♥  Amaia Cuesta
i hope as soon as possible (:
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I THOUGHT WE WERE MARRIED :O  amalia loves austin❤
i'm married with all of u ❤️
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Austin why don't you ever answer me?  Taylor Kaczmarek
i just did :*
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You're onlineeee omfg asgdjlfsgj
i totally forgot this page :D
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what if i told you that i have a boyfriend? :/ what will you do?
being jealous! ya'll are my girlfriends and not someone else
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what is your favorite part about performing.
to make u guys happy with my music (:
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Do you love ur aussie mahomies?  Izzie :)
i love all my mahomies around the world ❤️
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we are secretly married and u don't even know it haha :D  BO$$✌☺♥
now i know ;)
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