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Austin Mahone @thetexankid
Austin Mahone @thetexankid
Miami, FL
#C Happily taken (: ❤

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U & Camilla r like da Cutest Couple Everr!!!☺❤❤❤  ⇨Ausmila4Life❤⇦
thank you sunshine ❤
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Are ️you Kissing camila Haha No sorry i know it's privat :'-/ But it's so Sweet ❤️congratolation ❤️❤️  Lucia Verlingieri
she's my girlfriend so i think you know the answer :)
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Do u follow me on this acc or  Ausmila is shit
just followed you :p haha
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Its 1am and I'm still not sleeping  Ausmila is shit
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there is a girl who keeps calling you monkey...  J
a monkey is actually super cute with his little eyes and the little noises he makes
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Are you dating with Camila??  Γεωργία Δενζιρτζόγλου
yes we are dating :)
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️you look so beautiful when ️you smile :)  Lucia Verlingieri
his smile is so perfect, isn't it?
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Are u a jealous person? :D  BO$$❤️✌️
i guess i am
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#askaustin is Camila Cabello your friend, your crush or your gf?
my girlfriend(:
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Were u reAlly dating a girl named chiara?? Pls answerd
no i wasn't
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Have you ever tried to make pizza? <3 :D  Γεωργία Δενζιρτζόγλου
Of course. It was delicious :D
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OMG the other day I was in the car with my dad and he started singing Say You're Just A Friend...I didn't even realized it until he said "BUT YOU SAY YOU'RE JUST A FRIEND YEAH YOU SAY YOU'RE JUST A FRIEND" I died laughing  Morgan Herringdine
seems like your dad is a mahomie(;
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hey ! :) how are you?  Akv Sabiha
i feel great, thanks for asking (:
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  Carolina Izquierdo
germany slays(;
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Do u hate me?  Mahomie (✔)
no, i love you ❤️
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i think your perfect baby even____________  Tionna
with your flaws!
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Summer or winter  •Samantha•
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Are you in love with Camila?
obviously yes <3
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I ♥ YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!  Carolina Pedreiro
i love you too:)
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What is your biggest Dream ?;)  Lucia Verlingieri
doing a worldtour
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do you still answer questions on this account?  KailaMo
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❤️  Auslex
♥♥ :)
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i want to scream out,but i can't find a perfect place to do it  KaterinaZ
scream in your pillow :D i sometimes do the same haha
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Camila is Gorgeous. Right?? <3  Diana Grace Sordilla
that's right :)
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How much do you miss Angel and Mema?  ♫Darlenepanesa♫
every day a bit more!!! miss them a lot
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