Austin Mahone @thetexankid
Austin Mahone @thetexankid
Miami, FL
2nd account! my main account is ‎@AustinCarterMahone. i love u guys :)
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RSS Report answers will you watch? last chance b4 5 million mahomies send u bday messages!  Mahomie and Beaster
wow thank u! amazing video <3
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Happy birthday Austin! i hope you get a awesome birthday, like you are ! <3 loveu so much  Anisa Salah Mohamed
thank u! it's perfect so far :)
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Happy birthday love I can't believe you're 18 but you only turn 18 once. Just promise me you will stay true to yourself and us mahomies. Keep your head up and your heart strong.  Makala Kraemer
i'll always be myself and won't change for anyone <3
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thanks a lot, love u too <3
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HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥  Sandra Thai
thank u :)
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how many questions do you have here Ameezy? :D P.S i follow you everywhere xD <333  ♥MyAMεεzyIรOทℓy18YεαrรOℓd❤
522 :D
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♡♡  Anna♥
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Hi Austin! How many followers do you have here? ;)  I'm a Mahomie
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What is your favorite fan base? PS. I Love You!  I'm a Mahomie
MAHOMIES!!! who else? <3
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which is the 3rd account?  Quetzali Castro Zamora
our ‎@itsfoolish4 account :D
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mahomies go hard!  Austin Mahone
mahomies go hard!
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I get to see you in 26 days in Atlanta <3  Caroline :)
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Will you ever come to Australia? :D  
i hope so. i always wanted to go to australia
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I HATE braces . They hurt & I can't eat skittles ! ):  Dana ❤️
i feel u! i know what u mean
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CAN U BE MY VALENTINE!? ❤️  Mahomie ❤️
next year yes ;)
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Austin how many accounts do ya have ?  Rawoosh Bieber√
3 :)
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Hey Austin (: how many questions do you have on here?  AMeezy♡
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On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love Ariana Grande? ♡  Ariana Grande's Smile ♡
um.. 10?! ;)
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Austin!! Im your fangirl :( you dont even notice me :/ LOVE YOU!! <3  Mere Mota
fangirl hard now
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Austin , My minis getting me an iPhone 5s , But I don't know what color to get ? Any ideas ??  Dana ❤️
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Some guys name on the grammys was clark!!! Me: CLARK!! Hahaha Mom: whos clark? Me: hahhaa!!! Mom: is it a boy you like? Me: yup, definetly... *i walk outta the room* me: CLARK!!!!! One day mom, One day  Erika Mahone
hahaha funny story ;)
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My one and only dream is to meet you...  Hannah
i'm sure your dream will come true one day
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my mom's birthday is today. she mostly enjoys your songs while i play it. she even sings it. lol have a good day austin!!  halley
sorry i'm late but tell your mom HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!
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Hope you don't mind that I'm liking all your answers. (:  
that's okay. just like :D
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London loves you!(:  Lo.
i love london too :)
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