Blindfolded Zygarde @The_Market
Blindfolded Zygarde @The_Market
Lmao you wish upon a star
You can't drive with a blindfold on that's illegal
enildaeh egaP
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well I told you where to find me. =) I only use to talk to one person anyway while at least at the other place, bl and abbadon post there  Sling
True. I'll probably join tomorrow.
the blood thing was funny as hell though.  Sling
Well yeah it showed cartoons shouldn't be afraid of a little blood
probably gonna shut down my ask fm again soon, see ya  Sling
why does truth or square sound like it's about the characters playing truth or dare. does "some" refer to ryuken, darklucario and kutie pie? i think those were the only other ones saying post movie is godawful. tho I did poke some fun at them for it a little. they hated house fancy or w/e its called  Sling
I never saw anything wrong about that episode. I mean sure the toenail part was present but this is the same show that had Spongebob poke Squidward's heart and made blood spew out
so uh i watched truth or square but i dont think i can fit my opinion on it in a question since theres a character limit, i'll need to say it in an answer. i will say it's not horrible like people claim it is - i did kind of like it  Sling
I didn't even know this was a play
Is there anything you can do today that you couldn't a year ago? What?
I wasn't at an age where I could legally drink alcohol
is there anything other than squid's baby that I should avoid watching? mind you I did see one hella boring post-movie ep where plankton basically sat around in the krusty krab, then ate a krabby patty and went back to the chum bucket and asked Karen to cut him open or something. it was shit lol idk  Sling
No other episode really. And that's the episode where Mr. Krabs also did a puppet show to insult Plankton where one part he made a vampire puppet eat the Plankton puppet while squirting ketchup like blood
: /  Sling
Durant Eater
Post a picture of your favorite landscape in the world!
Post a picture of your favorite landscape in the world!
i dont think the return of one (1) writer is going to increase the quality of the show back to its original state; its just not a realistic thought. there are probably a lot of good post movie episodes but the only one i can remember atm is MM & BB VI The Motion Picture  Sling
Of course there's plenty of decent- great post movie episodes. About all of the specials (Truth or Square is one I recommend) are well done imo. And that episode actually aired today lol
I mean I prefer the pre-movie episodes sure but the ones after the movie aren't god-awful like some (not directly you) claim they say
this just made you the most interesting person on! =)  Sling
: /
What is the secret to a happy life?
Eat a healthy breakfast or something
Do you follow your brain or your heart?
How the fuck is that logically even possible? I would die the second those organs came out of my body.
Post a selfie!
Your next job ad will nearly post itself.
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Have you ever got into trouble with the police?
No because I'm a loyal citizen.
What's the most delicious fruit?
Fruit is actually pretty good! Except the extremely sour fruit though
Ice types gonna wreck you
Since when did we have Icy Wrecking Balls?
Two words: ice types
Those are four words actually:
1. Two
2. Words
3. ice
4. types
post movie = shit  Sling
Isn't the creator supposed to come back this year? I think he left after the 2004 movie. And the post movie episodes aren't too bad (maybe my sense of humor is just unique)
Now you'll go "this just made you the most interesting person on! =)" and I'll reply ": /". Then you'll do the same. Ah I can see the future now
Today is World Environment Day! How do you plan to make a positive impact on our Earth?
I'll throw my garbage in the recycling bin
quoting a post-movie sbsp episode though?  Sling
Well you see I can't without a blindfold on
What is the formula of happiness?
N + O = I + D + E + A
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Arizona. No wait California. Canada maybe? Oh I know, Dubai. Thanks for making this hard, robot.
How does society brainwash the youth?
We punch birds, does that count?
What is the least stressful job you can think of?