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How do you know that you're in love?
When u see a 100 hot guys infront of you and still u think that ur boyfriend is the hottest and cutest man alive
When he popps in your head evey second of everyday
When u find ur self doing things for him and giving up things u never thought you would
When u wanna be around him all the time
What is the video (made by yourself) that personally means a lot to you and why ?  Anja
Each video has it's memory i love them all
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Which vidders have the best music taste? (according to the songs they vid)  Anja
Well i love Naphie88, mariam( Miro0omariam) um that's it
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Who's the one character you love that everybody hate !!!  Mariam
Sutton from tlg
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What do you think of #carenzo !!!
Love them but forwood are unreplacable for me
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Just came here to tell you that I love your videos. (From Brazil) :*
Thank you so muchhhhh
Did you buy your editing app? FLAWLESS EDITS OMG.
No i download it honey
And thanks so much ❤️❤️
i have to ask you(even though you already got this question) do you like Mary? I used to really like her but after s*** of monde and her not caring about Scotland or Francis I cant stand her.. What is your opinion? P.S your video are amazing! keep up the awsome work :)
Well i still love Mary and i understand why she has been acting out like this after the rape
Lately I CAN'T STAND HER because of the F***ing monde relation and because of what she has been doing to Francis which is the same thing she did with bash really i cant understand why is she trusting conde when he was about to marry elizabeth and u know what i think he will eventually leave her to mary and that would be her karma but the question will Francis forgive her?
It's Saturday! What are you doing today?
I am hanging at home with Family
I think for Nina it is normal for two reasons first i think TVD now has no aim anymore Elena's story is over and the point of the show is not clear anymore
Another thing is because of her xboyfriend acting with her it is so hard tbh i wouldn't know how to do it,
But i am very sad tbh i will not watch the show anymore cause Nina and DE are two main reasons why i watch Tvd so it would be pointless to watch TVD without her
How fast do you fall asleep?
When am tired it takes 2 seconds :D
you have bad experiences in
Well some spam questions that are not worth me hating the site
How old are you?? :)
Am 26
Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies! Hope you all had a wonderful celebration with your loved ones, :)♡  shybeauty❤︎
Thanks honey
do you still ship mary and bash or are you over them??And what do you think about the new season of Reign?I am a bit mad that we dont get a lot of mash scenes even if they are just friends :(( P.S happy valentine and love you :))
I am still in love with Mary and Bash which pain the hell out of me cause i am beginning to think that they will NEVER come back or even be friends, it sucks that even their scenes they don't have an eye contact i hate that and i hate conde and Monde they don't make any sense only a copy from Mash with a slight change of story bits
About the new season on Reign i love it it is so good except for the shit of monde ;)))
ever lost a friend?
Yeah i did actually two times
First time it was harsh and it was not my choice second time same friend my choice
Top 10 countries you wanna visit?
I wanna visit
Saudi Arabia (again)
Do you prefer to talk or to listen?
Talk talk talk hehehe
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where you get your coloring,i really want!,i know that its of ChemAttraction,but i need a link,can you upload your coloring in sendspace and send me,PLEASEE :'(
Well my coloring is made by brooke (Chemattraction) as stated in my videos description box so i am very sorry but i can not pass it cause it is not mine to give so if u want it u can ask her
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Го обмен анонимными вопросами:3  Dima Tolmachev
Huh ?
How do you do your video aaanndd are you use gifs for your video
I make my videos using sonyvegas pro 11 and no i don't use gifs i take my own pics :';)
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Best music service? Pandora, Soundcloud or Spotify?
Well u don't use any of them except soundcloud so i would say i love soundcloud
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i like your videos very much  Annie
Thank you hunnie ❤️
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What age are you scared of?
Maybe really really old like 70
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Lalo, I'm sorry to ask you that but is it possible to make money with a yt channel like yours? Btw ur videos are amazing
It is okay honey i don't mind
And no i don't know a way we can make money with yt channels they are non-profit
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