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How fast do you fall asleep?
When am tired it takes 2 seconds :D
you have bad experiences in
Well some spam questions that are not worth me hating the site
How old are you?? :)
Am 26
Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies! Hope you all had a wonderful celebration with your loved ones, :)♡  shybeauty❤︎
Thanks honey
do you still ship mary and bash or are you over them??And what do you think about the new season of Reign?I am a bit mad that we dont get a lot of mash scenes even if they are just friends :(( P.S happy valentine and love you :))
I am still in love with Mary and Bash which pain the hell out of me cause i am beginning to think that they will NEVER come back or even be friends, it sucks that even their scenes they don't have an eye contact i hate that and i hate conde and Monde they don't make any sense only a copy from Mash with a slight change of story bits
About the new season on Reign i love it it is so good except for the shit of monde ;)))
ever lost a friend?
Yeah i did actually two times
First time it was harsh and it was not my choice second time same friend my choice
Top 10 countries you wanna visit?
I wanna visit
Saudi Arabia (again)
Do you prefer to talk or to listen?
Talk talk talk hehehe
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where you get your coloring,i really want!,i know that its of ChemAttraction,but i need a link,can you upload your coloring in sendspace and send me,PLEASEE :'(
Well my coloring is made by brooke (Chemattraction) as stated in my videos description box so i am very sorry but i can not pass it cause it is not mine to give so if u want it u can ask her
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Го обмен анонимными вопросами:3  Dima Tolmachev
Huh ?
How do you do your video aaanndd are you use gifs for your video
I make my videos using sonyvegas pro 11 and no i don't use gifs i take my own pics :';)
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Best music service? Pandora, Soundcloud or Spotify?
Well u don't use any of them except soundcloud so i would say i love soundcloud
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i like your videos very much  Annie
Thank you hunnie ❤️
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What age are you scared of?
Maybe really really old like 70
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Lalo, I'm sorry to ask you that but is it possible to make money with a yt channel like yours? Btw ur videos are amazing
It is okay honey i don't mind
And no i don't know a way we can make money with yt channels they are non-profit
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i just wanted to ask you:do you like Kai?? and do you find elena in S6 bit annoying because I do and she is one of my favourite characters.. and did you read the book called hush hush? I am sorry if this is bit annoying haha and happy new year may the new year be better than this one(if that is even
First happy new year to u too
2nd YES i like kai be is a badass
Um yeah i love Elena this season i don't find her annoying
And no i have never read the book hush hush :D
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Which editor you use?
Sony vegas pro 11
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What is your favourite song of 2014?  Daria
I think battlefield
Say something
Blank space
And manyyyy more
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Who's the one character that everyone loves and you just don't like?  Anja
Um dan humphry i never liked him
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I just wanna say happy early new year everyone , wish you all great 2015 full of surprises and all ;)))  Mariam
Happy new year babyyyyy ❤️
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How will you celebrate New Year's Eve?
Up till now i really don't know
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Do you have or want a tattoo? What and where?
Nope i don't but i wanted to have a butterfly one
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what is your biggest pet peeve? Love ya :*
Umm i think ignoring me while i talk
What is your favorite candy?
Potato chips
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MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Not sure if you all celebrate it or not but either way have a lovely day <33  zahra weaver
Merry Christmas honey i hope it is a great for you. ❤️
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