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What's the best comfort food?
Anything eaten
Which childhood show would you bring back to TV and why? :)
Angel the series
Any disney cartoon
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What time did you wake up this morning?
9.30 am
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OMG! u have 8 millions of subscribers,CONGRATS friend!! <3  Nina
Hahha 8.000 thousands my sweet heart but yaaayyy lol thanks buddyyy ❤️
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Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?
yeahhh it is
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What color are your eyes?
Brown eyes
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I searched tutorial channels but i can't find anyone. Can you give me a link?
I dob't have a link here just search on yt u will find millions
Who are the nicest people you meet on Youtube?
my friends i love them <3
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Are you joining vidders4acause this year? :) if you are; what's the link to your profile? Mine is;  Cynthia
i did join but i never made any video so i think now i am out :D
Imm.. I watched your videos about Katherine Pierce and i really like your videos. Specially Kahterine Pierce- So Cold. I want to make a video like your videos but i can't i downloaded program but i can't use the program. Can you teach me or making a video about using the sony vegas pro?
thank you for your nice words honey i am glad you like my videos you can search for tutorial channels they help a lot i think my good Friend Jenn has one
Have you ever played golf?
nope never
Do you already have app for iPhone?
YUP i do
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Hi, I love all of your videos. You are great vidder and you have perfect editing skills. Your video with Malia is just awesome! Love you for doing this videos. <3 Btw, yesterday I found that she stole your video with Katherine:  Perla
aww thank you so muchhhhh for your nice words honey <3 and THANKS for telling me about that damn thief GOD i hate them i will report her she is not even worth time to ask her to remove it
When you’ll be 90 years old, what will matter most to you?
My family (husband, kids and grandkids)
hey can i ask something
Sure hun it is
Lalo!!!,I love u new malia's video!!,miss u video friend :)  Nina
Thank youuu my sweetheart ❤️
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What was the last drink you had?
Apple juice
In your opinion, who/what is the most underrated : celebrity, character, show, ship, movie, book ? You can name several if you wish.‎  Pauline The TVD Viewer
Underrated Celebrity: Alexandra Chando i love her acting skills but she needs more luck
Character: Scott Macall i couldn't understand how people loved any male character but Scott even the stupid ones like Peter or the weird twins lol
Scott is just amazing and hot but sadly he doesn't have a big fanbase as he should
Show: Chicago-PD that show is amazing it has great plots and wonderful storylines but it needs more viewers
Movie: sweet home Alabama i adore it
Books: i don't know hhehehe
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For the year 2013-14, tv shows (and their writers) have decided to make us depressed by killing off characters or making them leave. Which deaths/departure did you find the saddest ?  Pauline The TVD Viewer
I find Christina Yang departure in GA is the saddest she was such a huge part of the show i hate the fact that she left
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Worst series (not seasons) finale ? Why ? Well, we all know a certain comedy has its place in the list #sigh  Pauline The TVD Viewer
Series finales that i hated:
Gossip Girl : ughhhhh it was lame so LAME i can not even start
Angel: i did not like the fact that Angel did not get his happy ending or that cordy and fred died
Um i think those are the ones i can think of,
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In your opinion, who/what is the most overrated : celebrity, character, show, ship, movie, book ? You can name several if you wish.  Pauline The TVD Viewer
Overrated Celebrity: that might be Mily Curis and Justin beiber i don't like any of them at alllllll
Caharcter: i honestly can not think of anyone now but i would say Klaus i am sorry but i never understood what is it about him that people love.
Show: Glee i hate it i watched few episodes of it and i did not like it at all
Ship: Crenzo it makes me laugh how people wanna match Caroline with any british guy in the damn show,
Bamon i never saw any reason for people to even like them they are not even close friends
Movie: any supernatural crap that copies each other such as i am number 4 and Vampire academy they are all copies of twilight and the superman saga
Book: i don't know cause i don't read
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in your opinion who's the most person here?
Who is the most person what??
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Which couple/fandom you think you vid it/them in perfection way !
Katherine pierce ❤️
And i think i vid Mash and Delena with honest feelings
But in a perfect way that is for others to say cause i couldn't tell if i am perfect or not
I love your video. they are the best) I live in Belarus in novopolotsk.ya bad know English so Google translator helped me)  =Yana Martin=
Thank you Yana i am very glad u do
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Where do you find new music?
And the Radio
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