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Laloo!!,I miss ur amazing videoss :'( ,I want see new videoo :).  Nina
Aww sweet heart thank you ❤️ i am on Hiatus now i don't vid or watch videos but i will get back next week
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I am getting tired of those questions WHAT do u wanna heaR?? Do u want me to say aww that's so sweet cause it is or do u wants me to tell u something about the girl that u might send to her an use this to pick a fight get a life please!!!!
you are arrogant?
Are u telling me or asking me?!!!!
you have tumblr account?
you are awesomeee
Thank youuuuuuuu
you life is better,cause...
I am engaged to the most wonderful man ever <3
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you are friend of "Nina" (thesweetkatherine)?????
Do you care?!!!!!
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Are you perfect?
No one is
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your channel is amazing
Thank you pie <3
you are malo o female?
My name is lalo what do u think hahhaa
you have many suscribers!
Thanks !!
Which show/s do you really love watching? I mean... I liked New Girl but over hiatus or waiting for another episode the next week I lost interest. Same with 2 broke girls. But Teen Wolf and Doctor Who? Always up to date. (Sorry for my english and that I really don't know how to explain it.)  Tine Geller- Pond
Oh me tooooo i liked new girl alot but when i got back to my shows i lost interest on it same as Awkward i was addicted on it on Hiatus but i lost interest when i got back to shows same as under the dome,
Shows i will never get tired of
Summer shows: teen wolf, doctor who
Autumn shows: TVD, Reign, Chicago pd, Grey's Anatomy,
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you likes iggy azalea?
you have twitter?
Yes it is also Theprettybrooke
What do you think is the new online trend right now?
Taking Selfies :D ,Noo :( ,I'm so sorry,I just wanted to tell you that this was, if I could get to be like you, do not bother, I just wanted your opinion, I will not stop being you friend, what I wanted was dijieras me that you think, sorry, we continue with friends?.  Nina
It is okay hun we are cool am not mad and i can check the video when i get back to yt
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who are really nice on youtube ? Who do you like as a person ?
I like my friends so much and i have listed them before but mostly they are Ana sophia, Julia, Marina, Anja, Ana Lima, liz, vic, Cecilia and Ana
I think those are my main close friends
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Which is your song of the week?
Right now none i guess
Have you ever tried sushi? (Did you like it?)  Ana Sofia
Nope and i will never try it EVER hehhe
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Do you have a favorite number? Any particular reason why you like that number?  Ana Sofia
I love number 3 because it is my number in my sisters and i always find it my lucky charm
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What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled?  Ana Sofia
I don't do pranks hehhehe between me and my sisters i am one of two that always believe a prank easily lol now my fiancé always teases me too hahaha
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Would you rather be hated or forgotten?  Ana Sofia
Hated at least i marked the life of that person enough
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Thank U so much!!!,see my new video,your review is very important for me :  Nina
So u wanna be friends cause u want me to check ur videos!!!
On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
Um i think 4 lol
We can be friends?.  Nina
We are hun ;)
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