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_ من هو اهم شخص في حياتك ؟  тάм̝τοMà ✨
ريلي اللي بعده مادل درب بيتنا 👰🏽💔
your twitter&insta ?
‎@f6wwmblr 🔥
ask me -boring- ‎@myowme  مٓ
No :$:)
What's the best way to spend $1,000,000?
buy a lamorghini aventdor and go to us and never come back how about that *^*!!!
Who would you like to be?
famous/wealthy graphic designer *^*
When was the last time you danced?
Few mins ago .. xD
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What do you usually forget?
اسماء الاشخاص x_x
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I love you  Hamda.
i admire you hunny :(<3!!!
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Mb 11 hm 10 w7da 10-57 w althanya ma3rf
adry ..? anyways rww7y slme 3leehm on sunday w gwleelhm weirdo t7bkm wayed *^*<3
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3rft'hm :)
wow good irt7ty al7een wla b3dch? :)
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Okaay babe as you like bs tra b3rfhm w b9eer rbe3thm okaaay okaay
"okay okaay" youm bt3rfeenhm gwleely nzain :)=))<3
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thoughts about @_hessaal
active on twitter, lovely and i love her tweets :( a7s i wanna know her more xD<3
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Okay abe them ask account's or twitter ? Bt3rf 3laihm maybe n9er rb3 :$
no may7tay shkrn :)<3
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Are you in love with them ?
Totally <3<3<3
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Omg kaif chi wyana f albreak w ma3rfhm wla chftch mra tmshety wyahm kl elly ttmshen wyahm ana a3rfhm w m7d mnhm skavlan or '3lwwy ?
inty shu mshkltch wyahm? ishkeely f'9f'9eely hun kly aa4aan 9a'3ya :):):)<3
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Is there any person you are afraid of?
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Hm which grade ?!
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اوك ع راحتج بس ترا انا احسن عنهم انزين /:)
t5seen <3
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منو غلوي و سكافلن ابا اجوفهم ؟ حشرتينا نص بيسياتج لهم ؟؟؟؟؟؟!!! انا احبج ليش ماتحسين :( خلي غلوي وتعاليلي :(
-hayeel my life, my heart, my everything v-v <3
-7ashrtnch swy dlt :(
-mnu inty .-.?
-w no mab5leeha -.- *^*!!
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فطوووم فولو مي عرفتيني ؛) واسأليني $:  Bent al9ouri
enshallah :p
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تحبين ورق عنب؟!
yea \o
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3laa wain alyoum?!
Cinema with @_myowme and ‎@ii3washyolita :D -i hope so-
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Do you consider yourself a creative person?
sometimes :p
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Choose anyone with letter A and thoughts about him/her
‎@akaamal : lovley - stunning - i miss her a lot :(❤️
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Twitter account ?
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