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What is your main rule?
I don't really have rules ..
If it feels wrong, it probably is.
When was the last time you asked someone a question on here?
Haha, like a few months ago.. Why?
Youre bi???
I guess. In a way.
Whats your favorite food
Don't have one.
Are you a virgin?
What do you expect in 2014?
To be pretty.
What's something you regret?
Would you marry a robot?
Uh... Yes if it has a tongue.
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Are you in Love?
What type of people are you afraid of?
Uh... Idk. The white people that act black.
can u giv us a hint
Sorry, I haven't been on. What are we talking about? lol
What is your attitude to smoking?
Don't do it.
Do you think that there are any topics that there should be more movies about?
Suicides... Those are sad.
Whoo is it
No one. Haha.
I don't like anyone omg.
Who issss iiiittttttt?!
No one.. I was kidding. lol.
I was referring to one of my really close friends that everyone thinks I'm dating bc of twitter.
I don't like her tho.
Dude.. It's crazy. lol
But, I wasn't kidding about loving Flipp still. It's hard for me to like other people still.. So, no more questions pls. Thanks.
Is it anybody in your 2nd period?;)
No haha. Well, technically.
This person is in the band hall when I'm in 2nd.
Is it a boy or girl
Whose it doe
Flipp still..
But I do kinda like someone else. But I'm not saying who.
U gay?
Who u like
I'm in love with someone. Does that count?
What are the first things you notice when you meet someone?
Their loudness/quietness.
No. My gf just gets boring
That sucks? Maybe you should try new things with her? like.. New positions? Idk. Masturbating is natural.. But, it's kinda gross.
Idk. Just, ew. Not judging tho.
Like 8-15
LOLOL. Daaaang. Are you that lonely? Hah
why not
I don't need to.... How many times do you? lol