⋘ Tina ⋙ @Tinabean11
⋘ Tina ⋙ @Tinabean11
Sioux falls SD
I like to hang with friends, joke around, cuddle, and give hugs! snapchat: tinac24 Instagram: TinaLovesYou11
Ask me a question! <3
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Post something funny!
Post something funny!
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¿Como estas?
Estoy muy bien! Y usted?
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What makes a person rich?
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Should guys wear a beard and what kind?
Depends on if its like... Idefk... It just has to be a certain way... Haha.
Tbh, don't think I know you!  Julia clark
Haha, you seem nice. Js. :) have a nice day/night.
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Tbh idk you but you're cute! Hum sometime!  Keaton Davis
Oh haha thanks! Snapchat?
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ask nella. she'll tell you.
Okay. Who is this tho?
Him his friend and 2 other girls left and went to Walmart and never came back.
They probs went to walmart to go "buy" some alcohol. But still he wouldnt cheat on me, even if he was drunk. He doesnt act drunk when he is drunk. I couldnt tell.
May 2nd at Jalen Bui's house.
Ill ask him about it tomorrow becsuse that's when he gets out.
no I swear on my life he did. he got drunk and went to a bonfire and kissed someone (not gonna say who cause she's my friend) and they almost fucked. but she said she was your friend and couldn't do that to you. everyone was really drunk tho.
Oh? When was the party?
Which Caleb are you talking about?
The caleb that liked the post about himself.
your boyfriend cheated on you.
Very doubtful. Nice try though! 😂
What are your thoughts on Caleb?
Hi caleb. 😜 But he's a really sweet guy and he knows exactly how to make me smile. Tall af. 😏 Every short girl needs a tall guy in their life right? Anyways, his personality is perfection in a person. 👌
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I thought u hated me😂  Ethan Bic Boy Hubers
Nahhh. You're a chill dude. 😌😏😎
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Who is the most beautiful person in your country?
Myself duh. Lmao jk.
Who is the most beautiful person in your country?
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Who is your fav cousin?
There's so many... I have no clue
Do you wear thongs under your leggings? If so, why?
Yes, because underwear lines are NOT cute...
You're beautiful 😍🙈❤️
Awww thanks! 🙈☺️
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How long have you lived in your current home?
6 1/2 years
Who r u dating
A person...
Have you ever gotten drunk?
What is the most overplayed song of all time?
Shake it off by Taylor swift
have you heard of the chatous app?