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Ask anything you'd like <33
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So do your family own/rent that barn? If not how did you find out about such a beautiful place that isn't even buikt yet?!
No I board there :)
Do you want to have a penpal?
Omgggg Yessss that would be so awesome!!!!
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I've seen the barn tour video...I'm having a hard time seeing where the riding arena is? Is there a riding arena?
The arenas are being built right now <3
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You're going somewhere hon <3 can't wait to see u in the Olympics winning the gold ;)
Omgg you are soooo so sweet that means the world to me thank you
Love your videos!
Aww thank you<3
are you at the same barn?
Yes I still ride with Peter:) <3
Are you planning too meet up with anyone from youtube in the future?
I would love to do that!! I've met a few people like Giana, Sara, Ashley but I would love to meet more!!
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How long do you intend on keeping Leo for? :) i say forever! You guys are such a great team <3
As long as I can ❤️
Where did you get Leo from?
We got him from Germany
What breed is Leo?
He is an Oldenburg ❤️
how old are you
I'm 19
You don't know me and I don't know you, but I saw your answer(s) on my home page and I just wanted to say that you seem like a super nice and funny person :) so jealous of your horse too!
Awww you're too sweet! Ahh thank you so much <33
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How did you get so rich to afford riding
Hahahhaha I wishhh I was rich!!
The only way I was able to afford my horses is to buy cheaper horses that no one really wanted and train them and sell them for more money to be able to afford a better horse
That's why I sold both Troy and Junior to afford Leo
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Is Troy still at the barn you have Leo at?
He's not bit he's only a few barns down the road so I go and visit him every now and then <33
I love your video leo is soo cute!  Shannon
Aww thank you he's just the best!
is peter an awesome instructor?
Yes VERYY!!!
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What size lenses do you have?
I have a 70-300mm and I can't live without that zoom hahaha
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You and paintthesky are litteraly my inspiration!!! I love the way you guys edit videos, spend time with ur horses and aren't afraid to be your self, so thanks for that!!!!❤️
Awwww thank you soooo much that really means so much <33 you're soo sweet
Ahhh thank you so so so much I am soo glad you liked it <3333
What camera do you have?
I have a NIKON D5100 <33
Cirsten! I love your footage and I would love to use it in my new video I'm making featuring riders and their horses from YouTube! Do you have some you'd like me to include? Thank you! <3 ,Stretchy  Brenna Weaver
Omggg I would loveee to send you some!!!! I had no idea you watched my videos!!! Should I send space them to you?
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i wanna be just like you
Awww hun you don't wanna be just like me!! Be yourself <333 I'm sure you're a beautiful person
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What profession would you like to take up in the future?? <3 ily
Horse training of course <33 ily2 <333
when is your next video going to be up
I am hoping soon! It's a quote video <3
what do you use to edit your videos?
I use Sony Vegas Pro <33