Cirsten Clark @TizzyFit
Ask anything you'd like <33
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What's the registered name? Or is it Leopold?
It's Laudatio :)
PAP a jumping photo of your horse if you have one? :)  Jeanie McCormak
PAP a jumping photo of your horse if you have one? :)
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What was Leo's name before you bought him?
He just had his registered name he didn't have a barn name
Cirsten, I miss riding with you!! You're such a good example and I look up to you so much!! I was at the barn today and Leo was looking out his little window in his stall with his ears all pricked up; it was adorable. I love riding with you because I can see how to fix so much stuff! -Jackie <3
Awwww Jackieeee!! You are so sweet!! Yea I ride in the mornings now because of school but I miss you too!! I try to come out on afternoons again <333 ahh you just made my night <33
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how long do u want to stay with ur trainer
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u are my idol!
:') you are too perfect <333
how old is leo
He's 5 turning 6 years old on May 15th
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what is on grass for a stud mean
Nooo hahaha a horse wears studs on their horse shoes on the grass for grip because the grass is slippery, they are like cleats for horses
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what brand is leos halters?
I'm not sure hahaha the one he has came with him when he came from Germany and the other was a gift
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does leo wear a stud
He wears studs on grass
youngest horse at your barn?
There are a few yearlings :)
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u are so cool and soooo sweet to everybody
And you are too perfect <3333
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does every jumper horse need a belly girth?
Not ALL but if you jump on grass you always need one if the horse is wearing studs. Leo needs one daily he always hits it
oldest horse at your barn?
I believe the oldest horse in our barn is 12
Hat state do you live in?
Sunny California :)
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Why did you sell magic?
We couldn't afford to keep him and start training with Trinity at the same time he was getting a little older and I wanted to make sure he went to a forever home and we found him one with a girl who just adores him <3
Can you pap a picture of magic?
The horse that my 1TizzyFit1 username came from
He was a racehorse and his registered name is TizzyFit <3
Can you pap a picture of magic?
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Was trinity yours?
Yes :)
Was magic your second horse?
Yes I got Magic just after Icy and owned him for 5 or 6 years until he went to a forever home with a girl that just adores him <3
Your latest video was beyond perfect. I've been watching it over and over again.
Awww thank you sooo much :')
What are some good trainers
There are lots of good trainers out there but a lot also depends on what you like and don't like as a rider a trainer who I might LOVE another rider might not like it all depends
is your instructor mean????
NO!! I love my trainer
I miss Troy<3 He was gorgeous!<3 But I also am so happy that you got Leo, because he's adorable!<3
I miss Troy boy too he is such an incredible boy and aww thank you love <33
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I love seeing people as popular and well known as you, being so nice to fans!<3
Well of course how could I not you guys are all just so kind to me :') each of you are so amazing
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How old were you when you sold Icy?
I had Icy for a year so I was about 11 or 12 when I sold her