Cirsten Clark @TizzyFit
Ask anything you'd like <33
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What profession would you like to take up in the future?? <3 ily
Horse training of course <33 ily2 <333
when is your next video going to be up
I am hoping soon! It's a quote video <3
what do you use to edit your videos?
I use Sony Vegas Pro <33
What's ur YouTube channel?
1TizzyFit1 <3
do you want an oglivy pad?
I don't but I realllyyyyyyy want to get an Eco gold flip pad!!!
You are literally perfect! Your YouTube channel is just flawless and Leo is stunning:) I hope one day I'll be able to ride as amazing as you do<3
Omggg :'))) you really don't understand how much that means to me ahhh you are perfect
How many horses have you owned?
All together 6 amazing ponies <3 :')
you are just amazing
You are more amazing hun <333
how long did leo grow
He's still growing and he's 17.1h right now
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That's awesome they get turned out multiple times a day?
Ridden once, get to go on the walker and turned out twice during the day
But don't stalls get boring? Horses are intended to live in large open areas and walk around looking for things to graze all day and interacting with eachother. Idk it just seems like a small box isn't a very fun or enriching life :/ but everyone is entitled to their own opinion
And that's why our horses get out everyday multiple times a day :)
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when did you buy Leo?
A year ago :') <3
Did you buy Sony Vegas Pro or did you download it? (if yes ,can you tell me where?) Btw. I LOVE your editing, videos, riding and everything <3
Aww thank youu <33 I bought it and I am sure you can find a bunch For sale on eBay
Is California always that sunny even in winter? It looks like it's soo beautiful country!
It's sunny pretty much all the time and it's great I love Cali <3
Do you ride bareback/bitless sometimes?
I rode Leo bareback for the first time recently and he was very good!
But I have ridden bareback before countless times and bitless a few times too :)
I have recently fallen in love with your channel, its one of my all time favorites<3 You and Leo are perfection and my inspiration :)
Awwww you're too sweet that seriously means so much <333 I can't thank you enough <3 you're perfect ok?
alright i have a couple questions to ask but let me first say that you are SUCH an inspiration and I love your youtube videos. you're so nice to everyone!!! i was wondering what type of show coat and fly bonnet you have, how many years riding and whats the highest you've jumped? THANK YOU!!!!
Awww you're so sweet hun ahh ILY <33 that means so much!!
As for your questions, my show coat is a TechLite Grand Prix and I love it!! It's super breathable and really easy to move in!! The fly bonnet I am not sure because I got them from Peter because they have our colors and logo on it!! I have been riding since I was 6 but riding competitively and seriously since I got Trinity (about 5 years ago I would guess?) and the highest I have jumped is 1.50m however it was just a single jump so I don't really count that I have done an entire course at 1.35m
what brand is ur half pad?
Ohh I'm not sure I have had it for ages I really need a new one and I am in love with the Flip pad by Eco Gold
do u have an ogglivy pad?
I don't, but I really want a flip pad from Eco Gold!!
Who do you ride with? Anyone who used to ride at blackstar?
A few people that used to be at black star ride with me yes
You're honestly so flawless. You are so humble and lovely and not to mention gorgeous! And let's not forget that your eq and horsemanship is 100% perfect!
Omg you just made my day :') you are way too sweet and that seriously means the world!! Can I give you a hug please <33
ok so im 13 and i do jumpers and i was wondering could i handle a 7 year old horse?
Every 7 year old is different it depends on their personality and ride-ability not their age
do you have rubber or leather reins?
Both but I hate my rubber reins right now because they got wet and slipped RIGHT through my hands so I am riding more with my leather ones right now
does leo wear ear plugs?
does leo wear turnout boots when he's turned out?
Yes he does gotta keep the pony safe