Cirsten Clark @TizzyFit
Ask anything you'd like <33
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how old are you
I'm 19
You don't know me and I don't know you, but I saw your answer(s) on my home page and I just wanted to say that you seem like a super nice and funny person :) so jealous of your horse too!
Awww you're too sweet! Ahh thank you so much <33
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How did you get so rich to afford riding
Hahahhaha I wishhh I was rich!!
The only way I was able to afford my horses is to buy cheaper horses that no one really wanted and train them and sell them for more money to be able to afford a better horse
That's why I sold both Troy and Junior to afford Leo
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How long have you been together
Ryan and I have been together for a little over year and two months
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Is Troy still at the barn you have Leo at?
He's not bit he's only a few barns down the road so I go and visit him every now and then <33
are you and ryan stil ltogether
Hehe yess <33 :33
He surprised me with this yesterday after my lesson just because :')) <33
He is seriously the best BF ever
are you and ryan stil ltogether
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I love your video leo is soo cute!
Aww thank you he's just the best!
is peter an awesome instructor?
Yes VERYY!!!
What size lenses do you have?
I have a 70-300mm and I can't live without that zoom hahaha
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You and paintthesky are litteraly my inspiration!!! I love the way you guys edit videos, spend time with ur horses and aren't afraid to be your self, so thanks for that!!!!❤️
Awwww thank you soooo much that really means so much <33 you're soo sweet
Ahhh thank you so so so much I am soo glad you liked it <3333
What camera do you have?
I have a NIKON D5100 <33
Cirsten! I love your footage and I would love to use it in my new video I'm making featuring riders and their horses from YouTube! Do you have some you'd like me to include? Thank you! <3 ,Stretchy  Brenna Weaver
Omggg I would loveee to send you some!!!! I had no idea you watched my videos!!! Should I send space them to you?
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i wanna be just like you
Awww hun you don't wanna be just like me!! Be yourself <333 I'm sure you're a beautiful person
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What profession would you like to take up in the future?? <3 ily
Horse training of course <33 ily2 <333
when is your next video going to be up
I am hoping soon! It's a quote video <3
what do you use to edit your videos?
I use Sony Vegas Pro <33
What's ur YouTube channel?
1TizzyFit1 <3
do you want an oglivy pad?
I don't but I realllyyyyyyy want to get an Eco gold flip pad!!!
You are literally perfect! Your YouTube channel is just flawless and Leo is stunning:) I hope one day I'll be able to ride as amazing as you do<3
Omggg :'))) you really don't understand how much that means to me ahhh you are perfect
How many horses have you owned?
All together 6 amazing ponies <3 :')
you are just amazing
You are more amazing hun <333
how long did leo grow
He's still growing and he's 17.1h right now
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That's awesome they get turned out multiple times a day?
Ridden once, get to go on the walker and turned out twice during the day
But don't stalls get boring? Horses are intended to live in large open areas and walk around looking for things to graze all day and interacting with eachother. Idk it just seems like a small box isn't a very fun or enriching life :/ but everyone is entitled to their own opinion
And that's why our horses get out everyday multiple times a day :)
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