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You going to davitts ? :P
Ya I think so
shift or pass emily mulvihill,aisling mullany,jill mulcahy,katie collins,clodagh crotty,clodagh dwyer,jessie harty,rachel o grady, ali o donnel
shift for emily and aisling
Meet in davvits Bella o b meabh curan ciara caddoc katie DS Darine Chloe
Ya no no dno hu Katie ds is? I dno and no
worst meet
best meet
There's a good few and I can't remember some
how many in davitts n creation
I dno tbh
whod ya meet in creation
bronagh rachel emily megan bella chloe shauna caoimhe caca darina katie ,, who else
Niamh Campbell and some Melanie wan in creation
name the people youve met:)
out of all the people who have u met the most
Bronagh :P
what about andrea?
Oya I dno then
the questions with " Emily, Andrea, Jessie, Megan, Darina, Aisling, Lucy and Bronagh" are from them when they were together
Hahaha orite I don't go on this much so I only answered now
how many people have u met?
13 I think
5 bestlooking in your year x
Rachel caoimhe Bella aisling Megan x
rate on looks; caoimhe coleman, shauna clancy, caoimhe bourke, clodagh dwyer, rachael mc guckian, megan kiely, ali o donnell, bella obrien, caoimhe veale, megan phelan
5 7 9 6 9 6 6 9 6 8
Rate on Looks Emily, Andrea, Jessie, Megan, Darina, Aisling, Lucy and Bronagh
8 9 7 8 7 1/2 8 1/2 7 7
S/P Emily, Jessie, Andrea, Aisling, Lucy, Darina and Megan
Shift pass shift shift pass pass shift
lucy is a fekin 4
thats your opinion :p
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Rate Theses Out of 10.. Emily.. Megan.. Darina.. Lucy.. Andrea.. Aisling.. Jill.. Rachel.. Bronagh
on looks 8 8 7 7 9 9 7 9 7
ya ya ya and like chichhhharicho crossed d ball into d boxch ch hchch goallllchchhchc
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ur wicked sound
cooooooooooooggggiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
hahaha chickorito
Shift or pass rachel m aisling emily andrea caoimhe shauna bella
nearly all of them
Shift or pass : Rachael MGC Chloe fennell darina bronnagh Meave Curran ashling M and Andrea
shift for rachel ashling and andrea