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its the 5th letter ?
Maybe lolllllll the wield will soon kno Bol
what her name start witt ?????
Loll her name has a C in it lol
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Whos Your crush ?
My Bestfriend lolllllllllll
Idk I jus do
I want you to talk to me :(
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:(I'm sad :( I'm sorrrrrrrry
About what
Do you hate me ? This tenia
No just dont Wonna talk to you
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You act like you don't have one
Why you disclaim her lol
I know your gf you a lier
Lol ok ?? How I'm a lier
You bio on ig say taken tho
Ill change it sooner or later
Do you know who this is
Nope who ?
U kik me
Do you have a gf
Lol okay
Kik me
So ... you could of still said something lol
Ill give u a big ole hug Monday
i saw you at orientation today with your lil glasses on you was scared?
Nawh just was aggravated af and who dis lol
Lol cuz you was with your fam
I like how you don't even say hi to me today /.\
Is this Nicole .?
Does she know you like her ?
I guess idk
What do you like about her?
Ion kno
do you have a crush on a girl you know ?
Yupp I do
Y'all broke up ?
Do you Have a Girl Friend ?
I might tell you when I have enough guts lol
Ok lol just like to if my pics on ig