Trent Perry @Trentals
Trent Perry @Trentals
Melbourne, Vic
Every single detail you missed with your eyes.
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How old are you?
How do you usually express your emotions?
Music, Facebook and Twitter.
Trent you have the most gorgeous smile... :D
Nawwwww thank you. I'm embarrassed haha
How can you be motivated?
Food! Always food.
Do you still have a beard? Please post selfie of beard/facial hair/smoothness update. Cheers
Haha no I don't have one anymore
Do you still have a beard? Please post selfie of beard/facial hair/smoothness update. Cheers
Have you ever had sex with someone from twitter?
My ex is on twitter, so yes
Why are you still in love with your ex when he doesn't want you?
I can't just turn off my emotions. It would be nice if I could. But I still love him.
Do you have any tattoos?
Yes. I want more tho lol.
When one should stop learning?
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What's your shoe size in US?
According to an online converter I'm a US sized 9 1/2
Do you ever get cravings after intense sex?  PR_Guy
Usually any sort of drink close by is required after sex lol
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What is the Universe made of?
What is the most interesting thing about your family?
That I'm in it.
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"Birthday" by Selena Gomez or "Birthday" by Katy Perry
Selena Gomez all the way.
What should I do for you to notice me?
Notice meeee
Take my handdd
Why are weeeee
Strangers wheeeen
Haha sorry couldn't resist.
Umm just by talking to me tbh. Interact with me. Let me know you want me to notice you. I'm pretty blonde, I don't often realise someone's flirting with me.
Who's your bf?
I don't have a bf
I want to have children with you Trent... xxx
Awww you're sweet! Who are you? =)
First three songs in your favorite playlist?
The Fault in Our Stars- Troye Sivan
Perfume (the dreaming mix)- Britney Spears
Everything- Lifehouse
Because I miss you. When will you be back?
Nawww yay! I feel blessed to be missed haha.
I'll be back in October! =)
Come back to Melbourne, please?
Haha why?
Is there anyone you regret letting go of or not chasing? A lost love?
Yes. But he let me go. I tried everything I could, but in the end, nothing prevailed. I would give up everything I own, sell my soul, for us to be together again. I will always love him. Unconditionally.
What makes life worth living?
When you figure it out, let me know, k?
What do you about societies view on gay rights?
I'm assuming you mean what do I think.
I think slowly, but surely, more people are coming round to the idea. I think the next generation will be a lot better received. It's the older generation that have a problem with it. I think making gay marriage legal would help with making being gay more accepted.
Who is the happiest person on the world?
Someone who's rich with love
Don't let people tell you to stop grieving. Take all the time that you need - and more importantly: take the freedom. Freedom is the most precious thing we have. Take care. Also: Your opinion on cock rings, please. Have to ask it, because the website says I should ask you a question.
Thank you!
Ummm never used them!