Trent Perry @Trentals
Trent Perry @Trentals
Melbourne, Vic
Every single detail you missed with your eyes.
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have you had sex with ur new "friend" yet?
Lol no.
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What is your favorite season?
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Why are people so interested in your sex life?
I'm not sure. It's weird.
When are you back in Melbourne? You're missed!
Thanks. Next weekend!
im ok im horny
Nice! Me too. Always haha.
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im Alex
Hi Alex. How r u?
What is your favorite restaurant in the world?
Haha actually a shitty little Thai place in Ringwood called Poppy's Thai
You're a well known bottom cum dump in Melbourne
Lol hard to believe.
You're in love? Aren't you still pining for your ex? I'm confused.
I'm not in love. I am seeing someone though. Early days.
What did the last text message you sent say?
Oh honey you look so gorgeous!
Double penetration? How loose are you?
I was joking.
would you double pen?
Double penetration? Sure, why not. The more the merrier
describe your first time having sex
how many guys have you been with?
That's for me only to know. In my last relationship this question caused a lot of problems. From now on, I'll tell no one and will ask no one. As long as you're not with anyone while were together, I don't care who you've been with and vica versa
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I wanna suck ur dick. Hurry up and get here!
Where is "here" exactly?
when did you come out as gay?
When I was 18
what's your fantasy?
Circus Fantasy haha
Too personal to put on here. Inbox me and I might respond.
Who, on Twitter, do you think is asking you questions?
I have no idea.
You're an awfully spiteful and negative person lately.
I know. I have reason to be.
When was your last shag?
6 months ago
Would you like to be restrained or would you like to be the restrainer? ;)
I'm the one being restrained lol. I'm a sub apparently.
You, me, handcuffs... any questions?
Where and when?
so I hear you're a sub boy who likes to be dominated
LOL hahaha
How long have you lived in Melbourne for?
2 years