Trent Perry @Trentals
Trent Perry @Trentals
Melbourne, Vic
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Ha Gayyyyy
Yes. I is homo. And I is proud homo.
Why so you still complain on twitter you miss your ex?
Probably because I still miss him?
Which is your song of the week?
Amnesia- 5SOS
Well that's not a no from you...would you do one? :P
Possibly haha
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Are your feet ticklish at all?
Not really.
Do you ever crack your toes?
hello i am cher, do you believe in life after love?
I really don't think I'm strong enough
I would fuck you and ‎@lachlansmikes. Threesome? :P
Haha you'll have to ask Lachy about that!
What's the kinkiest thing you've done?
I'm not that kinky
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He slept with his or your best friend?
His. Not while we were together though.
And what if by bitch I meant; beautiful, intelligent, talented, cute and honest?
I'm all those, but I am also still a bitch.
Ever slept with your best friend?
No. And never would. This is part of why me and my ex broke up.
Check out this song and tell me what you think:
Yeah... No
Ever been in a threesome or an orgy?
Whom have you hugged today?
Robert, Brandon, Colby, Teejay and my mum
How many guys have you been with since your break up?
None. And I don't wish to be with anyone else.
What's your shoe size? Post a picture of your feet?!
I have tiny feet haha. Like 7.5 lol
What positions do you like in bed?
Do you sleep naked, or in pjs?
Underwear and shirt
On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
Would you describe yourself a good person, a bad person, relatively good, or relatively bad. And, on what grounds are you evaluateing yourself?
Relatively good. On the grounds that I know I'm awesome.
Would you like being unexpectedly visited at your workplace, by one of your followers, whom you'd actually never met before?
I've had this happen before a number of times, so go for it.
do you like satin boxers?
Ehhhhh not really. I mean I wear them to bed when I have guests stay, but otherwise I don't use them.
Would you rather live; poor and loved? Or, rich and hated?
Poor and loved. Money can't and won't buy happiness
Give one or more common reasons why you'd date the guys you mentioned?
Because they all seem genuine. A lot if guys are just all about sex, which is fine, but these guys have more depth to them. They aren't just pretty boys looking for their next root