Trent Hosick @Trenthosick
Trent Hosick @Trenthosick
Quarterback for the University of Missouri, trying to glorify Christ with my life, and bring joy to peoples lives through football.
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how excited are you to play with BYU ? and what has been your most favorite game to watch thus far?
Can't wait. And even though we dominated Texas, my favorite game was UCONN. Just knowing how good we were going to be, having all this hype, and then coming out week 1 and living up to it was a blast to see.
Are you in contact with the BYU coaches and players very much right now? Any BYU players you buddies with yet?
I talk to the BYU every week. And as far as players go, the only two I've talked to since my visit are Mitch Mathews and Nick Kurtz. Love those dudes.
I only met you once, but almost instantaneously I knew you were a very special person. I may not agree with all of your views, but the genuineness of your character is so wonderful and unrivaled. Not a question, but I always wanted to let you know how much I admire your qualities.
Well thank you very much. I appreciate that.
You are kind of a similar player to Taysom Hill in a lot of ways. You should fit the scheme at BYU well! I hope to see you doing big things at BYU!
Thank you very much!
How are you liking Arizona?
It's very hot. :) But it's been fine. I just miss my family.
What is your favorite part about being a football player?
I love the competition. I love the pressure. I love overcoming the doubt. I love the necessity of cohesion. I love the fact that multiple personalities are a must, if you want to be the absolute best. And I love that it's not easy, but it's simple. In that aspect, it echoes life.
Excellence is never easy, but it's very simple.
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Are you still waiting for your high school crush?
Lol! It was way before high school. :-)
If I knew for certain she wanted me to wait on her, I would.
I don't know for certain that we would even fit together. We might not. But she is a really, really special person. And I personally think, just having a "shot" for us to work, is worth the wait.
Are you playing tonight?
Yes I played tonight.
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Do You every wish you were back in high school playing football? I mean you were a successful athlete, not that you won't be where ever you go but you had it made there. Thoughts?
High school was fun, but there comes a time to move on. When I was finished with high school, it was at a point where it was good for me to be gone. Everyone outgrows high school at some point. So I'm thankful for the memories, but I'm glad to be where I am as well.
Hey Trent, I came upon your story a little while ago. I was wondering if I could have your permission to write about it for my Journalism 2150 class (it'd be for a sports beat blog)? Thanks!
Absolutely. Thanks for asking.
Do you ever wish you could have played for a bigger better football team in your early high school years?
I mean, my team won a 5A state championship and we were ranked 17th in the country. It doesn't get a whole lot bigger than that.
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I'm following you and cheering. Many are! How is your family? Price Kellar
Thank you Price. Family is doing well. We're all over the place, and we miss each other, but we're doing well.
Okaaaay so if you think that you are "similar to Tim Tebow" how do you think you are different?
Tim Tebow never played Juco.
This is something I've always wondered and I'd like to hear your perspective. Do you think it is OK for NFL players to play on The Lord 'a Day? Sunday is holy and as a holy person is like to hear your thoughts.
If it were up to me, we wouldn't play on Sundays. But unfortunately, it's not.
What denomination are you?
I grew up in a Baptist church, but to me the denomination isn't the most important thing.
The theology is most important. I will attend any church that preaches and teaches God's Word, without alteration.
You remind me of Tim Tebow. I bet people tell you that a lot. Why do you think that is?
Lol! Yes, I do get that a lot. I think the reason is because my beliefs are very to similar to his, and I am also outspoken about my faith like he is.
We also play football in a very similar way. We both like to run, and we are both stronger than most other quarterbacks.
I think those are the biggest reasons why.
Is a traditional Christian, do you have any trepidation about going to a Mormon school? Are you required/pressured to accept any of the extra biblical Mormon beliefs?
First off, "great" choice of diction! You're the first person to ever use that word with me, and it fits perfectly. So, props!
I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it. I know I am stepping into a situation where I will be a minority in my beliefs, but after talking with the coaches, they assured me that I was not going to be pressured into believing anything different from what I already believe.
I know that I will constantly be asked about it from people outside of the football program, which I know will force me to grow, but I am excited to finally be around people who seek to live righteously, first.
As a Christian, what are your views on the forced teaching of evolution in public schools?
For me, the absolute most important thing is truth. Truth about anything, in every situation. And with my personality, one of the hardest things I've had to cope with is people speaking of fallacies as if they are absolute truths. The scripture in Romans 1 comes to mind, where it says, "Professing to be wise, they became fools."
But to be completely honest, the teaching of evolution in our public schools is only a small percent of the either fictional or unnecessary teaching that we receive.
Obviously I disagree with evolution, but there's so much more that needs correcting in our public school curriculum that it's hard to single out one topic as the single problem.
I believe we would benefit greatly from bringing God "back" into our school systems, like He was when our education system in this country first began.
Define your perfect girl
I just want a girl that loves God, loves me, and let's me do romantic things for her.
Obviously I've made a "list," but those things are the only things I won't compromise on.
Are you starting at Arizona now?
That's to be determined for this Saturday. I think Coach has been waiting for me to feel comfortable with the system.
I'm ready to go now.
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Do you believe in dinosaurs?
Yes! My take on it is this: When God flooded the Earth everything died, right?
Wrong!! The dinosaurs that were in the water still survived.
And today, we only have the technology to go 1/3 of the way down the Marianas Trench, and because of the pressure, the monsters can't surface.
I believe that there are still many different animals that we don't know exist, that live deep in the ocean.
Did you see the BYU QB hurdle that DB....remind you of anything? Lol
Lol! Yes I did see it.
...definitely a little reminiscent. :)
Should BYU fans be worried that you couldn't win the starting job at NEO?
You don't know the situation. I would say don't worry, but I know more about it. Have confidence in knowing that Coach Beck and Coach Mendenhall still believe in me. I think you can too.
And I look forward to proving you right, in doing so.
How do you handle leaving Mizzouri? Not the football aspect but it's got to be hard saying bye to people that are good friends of
Yeah, that part is always difficult. There's several people I really miss seeing and spending time with, but I keep in contact with most of them.