Trent Hosick @Trenthosick
Trent Hosick @Trenthosick
Quarterback for the University of Missouri, trying to glorify Christ with my life, and bring joy to peoples lives through football.
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How to find true love?
Don't ask me! I'm single!
Winston Churchill? Not Lincoln, Washington, Ben Franklin, FDR, or JFK? That's just unamerican! (Kidding BTW)
Lol! I thought about that. Teddy Roosevelt would be a good one too, but Churchill has me convinced he was one of the most intelligent leaders of our time.
If you could have dinner with any political figure, dead or alive, who would you pick?
No question, Winston Churchill
Do you believe Mangum will be leaving BYU?
I hope not. I haven't gotten to talk with him, so I don't know what he's thinking. But I hope he decides to stay.
You kind of indicated that Mangum may be transferring, what brought that on? Did the coaches tell you he was planning to not play at BYU? Sorry just caught me off guard
Someone told me about seeing it on a message board. Thought y'all knew something I didn't know.
You know BYU is a mormon institution, right? Not Christian?
Yes I do.
What if I don't have your number
Facebook me
Where will you be training this summer? Will you be looking for a lifting and throwing partner?
I'm definitely in training. No question. And I'm always looking for people to throw with. Text me if you have my number, and I'll let you know when we throw.
Sorry. I ment are your parents cool with you going from school to school to play football? I mean both schools you'll be attending aren't exactly next door lol
Every decision I make, that is this big, I don't make alone. My family is involved in everything.
I think you are a young man worthy of respect. Walk and talk with wisdom, and we are looking forward to seeing your future!
Thank you so much. That means a lot. Hopefully my parents will see this one. ;)
Trent, how did you and BYU find each other? Did you initiate contact with BYU as a part of your initial search for a replacement school, or did BYU hear about you from a third party, and find you after you had already notified other universities of your intent to transfer from Missouri? And for th
BYU contacted me first. And I'm glad they did.
Have your parents said anything about possibly focusing too much on football or are they play with you bouncing around
...rephrase your question. I'm sorry. I don't really understand what you're asking.
How does byu's student athlete building and other football facilities compare to Mizzou's? It's ok to say they aren't as good if they really aren't:) I really have no idea so I'm just wondering what the truth from your point of view. Thanks!
They are comparable. The stadiums are about the same as far as quality. The indoor at BYU is bigger. The weight room at Mizzou is nicer. The locker room at BYU is bigger, whereas Mizzou's is a little nicer.
Both very much big time schools.
Ybu is cheesy lame. Have fun with a bunch of mo mo's (goody goods) living some honor code. The whole time you're there, people will be whispering 'has Hosick converted to the lds church yet' non-stop! This is coming from someone who lives in Utah btw
...Utes fan? They warned me about y'all. We'll see ya in 2015. :)
I'm glad Mizzou fans weren't who you were talking about. As a Mizzou fan, I will say I'm disappointed you left, but I know that sometimes things don't work out and you have to move on. I'll still be a Trent Hosick fan :). Best of luck with the rest of your journey.
Thank you so much. That means a lot. Y'all have been wonderful to me. God bless!
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You are very committed to your faith and living a Christian lifestyle. Was there any difficulty with doing that at a big public university that led to your decision to leave? Were you not accepted at Mizzou because of your beliefs?
Mizzou is a great university. But what comes along with being a public university is often times the school is forced to accept, or even embrace, immorality. Because BYU is a private school, they are allowed to regulate more than public schools. I love the standard of excellence set at BYU, and I think it will be a better fit for me.
It's not that I wasn't accepted at Mizzou, cause everything is "accepted" at public universities. It's just that I was abnormal. I'm used to being different, but I'm excited to get to BYU where I don't think I'll have to be alone on Friday nights anymore.
Why not go right to BYU and learn the system in the fall?
I, along with Coach Mendenhall, believe you can't really put a price tag on actual game experience. I think it would benefit me, and BYU, to come into next spring with real game experiences.
Very excited to see you in Provo Trent, - The articles I've read talked about your connection with coach Beck. Can you tell us what were some of the things that impressed you about him.
To start, he's actually a quarterback. So he has an understanding of how to coach a quarterback different from other players. Quarterback is a different kind of position.
He's extremely knowledgable and very calm and collected. He will be a great coach to play for.
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What do you make of the whole Michael Sam situation?
He's a good player, and he helped Mizzou win a lot of games.
you played for the Lighthouse Christian Chargers right?  Aaron J. Coon
Yeah I did! I just answered this question.
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How involved can you be as a transfer? Ya know, with NCAA restrictions and stuff, are you allowed to be on the practice field and practice, team meetings, travel, games (sidelines), etc...
Since I'm going to JUCO, I will play immediately, then come to BYU to play in January.
Hi! What is your Snapchat? :)
...this is the third time I've answered this. It is "trenthosick"
When do you enroll?
I'll enroll at NEO in July, and BYU in January.
Going to break single season records in Oklahoma before coming to BYU? Which ones do you think the most likely?
Records honestly aren't my focus right now. It's now about helping NEO get to another undefeated national championship season.
If records come, that would great too. It's just not the focus.
you played for the Springfield Christian Chargers right?
Yes! I played with them from the very start of the program!