Trent Hosick @Trenthosick
Trent Hosick @Trenthosick
Quarterback for the University of Missouri, trying to glorify Christ with my life, and bring joy to peoples lives through football.
Ask me anything you want!
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When will you make a decision about where you'll go next?
Most likely within the next few weeks.
How much time do you have to decide where to go next year
I'll be decided by the end of December.
Disappointed that you've bailed out on BYU. We were looking forward to your becoming a Cougar. Was it something lacking with the school in general, or some specific disappointment with the football program or coaching staff? Best wishes to you in your future career, wherever you end up going.
Haven't bailed on BYU. Coach Beck was here yesterday watching my game. I was under the impression that Taysom was going to be leaving, and now that he isn't, that hurts my chances to play.
Not a problem with the program at all, just evaluating my options to play. That's all.
How are ya?
Things are good. It's very hectic for me right now. I'm taking 29 credit hours, so school is a little overwhelming. But I am glad I got this opportunity to come out here. It's been a blessing.
You tweet Christian music lyrics but you seem to have picked up some pretty smooth dance moves. What artists are you favorite to dance to?
Lol!! Well, I didn't get to really show what can do in that video with Coach Pinkel, but I can dance to a whole lot of music. Everything from NSYNC to The Cathedrals. My roommate just got a video of me dancing to a Backstreet Boys song, when I was brushing my teeth after my shower. I didn't realize he was filming me, but it was pretty funny to watch. I dance all the time. I'd say, when it comes to versatility, I'm at my best when dancing. ;)
Have you received my letter yet? I sent it about 2 weeks ago.
Got it yesterday. Thank you for your kind words. I'll have it in the mail on Monday.
Are you a clash of clans addict???
Honestly, my clan is an awesome clan. Like, we are a legit unit of men devoted to accomplishing the same task. It's more than serious...
Is there any chance that you'll be back in Missouri soon?
Probably after the semester ends, I'll come back for a little bit. I miss my family.
I'm still trying to figure out something to send you to have you autograph that is easy to send in the mail. Any ideas?
Whatever you want. It can be a football, a picture, a piece of paper, or anything. Whatever you want me to sign, I'll sign.
I am staff member at Fort Osage and always enjoyed playing Staley when you were QB because you were such a competitor and they were classic battles. I have always been impressed by the person that you are and for putting Christ first in your life. I hope our paths cross again. My best wishes.
Thank you very much Coach. As much as you enjoyed them, I actually despised playing Fort O for the same reason. Because I always knew it was gonna be a battle. :) Y'all have a phenomenal program. Good luck to y'all the rest of the year.
What aspects of your game need the most work?
I am looking forward to getting back to D1 and sharpening my game film study. As much as I try here, it will be nice to have someone coaching my in a film room.
I'd like to see myself sharpen my coverage identification so I can quicken the release of the ball.
And I should probably get out of bounds/not take hits a little better than I have.
You are so kind to everyone!! Why are you such a nice guy??!
Thank you very much. I appreciate that. I just love people! :)
So Glad you left MU
I'm sorry you feel that way. But I agree, it looks like it was best for everyone.
Any tips on getting recruited?
Though I think it's best to live life as selflessly as possible, I think recruiting is different. After having gone through this once already, I would advice someone else to be selfish while being recruited.
Do what's absolutely best for you, and don't fall for guilt trips.
Go to the place that "needs" you more than you need them. The absolute most important thing is to go a place that feels like they're the ones coming out ahead. You want them to think "This is our guy." Otherwise, you'll find yourself ending up somewhere that didn't want you for your play. And trust me, it's not a good feeling.
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What is the best place to follow your current stats each week? Love keeping track and it's awesome that you've been posting some highlight videos.
To be honest, I don't know the answer. Some places have them incorrect, as you probably already know. I'll try to post them with my Hudl videos.
This week I was:
18-22 266
21 carries for 35yds
4 Total TD's
I also had 2 picks. One of them was a great coverage for our play call. I should've tucked it and ran. The other was a shovel pass that my guy tipped in the air after it hit his hands. One of those fluke things.
Is there anyway to get your autograph? I live in Missouri...
Absolutely! Send me something that you'd like for me to sign, and I'll mail it back.
Trent Hosick
Box 87089
Arizona Western College
2020 S. Avenue 8E
Yuma, AZ 85365
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Of What you've seen out of BYU this year. What do you like the most?
Zero losses. :)
When do you think will be an ideal time that you will start perusing a woman?
I don't think that is really for me to choose or to even know. But I believe it will be made known to me.
From the first time I met you I could feel the love you have for Christ radiating from your very being. It's so encouraging and inspiring to meet a guy, and an athlete much less, that is so open and mature in their faith. I think you will do such great things and I'm praying for your future success.
That means a great deal to me. Thank you for telling me. I appreciate that.
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Andy Reid... for one... Brian Billick.. Norm Chow... Mike Holmgren... Doug Scovil... BYU has had a pretty massive influence on NFL football, and Lavell was throwing the ball in the 70s before anyone else.
Wow. You're right, he has had a tremendous influence.
What do you know about Lavell Edwards and the influence he had on college and professional football? Do you know how many players and assistants he had that are now head coaches or NFL coaches?
I know he is considered one of the winningest coaches of all time. He led BYU to their first and only national championship, (for now), and coached BYU's only Heisman trophy winner.
I don't know the names of the coaches who have coached for him, but I know he is a legend.
Any studs at Arizona Western you plan to bring with you to BYU!?
We have several studs on the team. We'll see if BYU is for any of them, or even the other way around. If BYU wants any of them...I probably have a little pull. :)
PAP shirtless pic
Just google Brad Pitt in the movie Troy...
...basically the same thing. :)
Have you heard that BYU might be playing Missouri at Arrowhead Stadium in 2015 or 2016? News is starting to break that it's happening.
That would be a blast...