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Do you believe the devil exists?
Of course
don't you have a boyfriend destiny?
No lmao
Because its ask
Or you
Why are you in my ask box. Lmao
What's the status of my shirt?
What is the most delicious berry?
Black berry
Yal really pretty though, your very welcome Girly,
Can I eat you out ?
Lol yes really, yal some baddies.. She's just small.
Yeah a little. Preciate it though
last year whenever i saw you that jessie girl would look just like you
I think you and jasmine are like the prettiest girls at Judson that's why I asked lol
Really? Lol yeah she's gorgeous .
Which movie do you think is overrated?
Do you like Jasmine Silerio?
Yeah we're cool
Whatever that's why he slept with your friend and you didn't even know it.
K then
Your so faithful to him and he did was cheat on you, you don't need that
I'm not tryna here this. It's repetitive
Your way to good for Zane he doesn't Deserve you.
Aw. Nah but preciate it
Yeah he was knocking boots with oh girl
Oh well
but dude seriously you're style is everything honestly you is amazingggggggg
Preciate it it bb
Oooh well he cheated on you the whole time
Oh darn
do you want to live in LA
Sure do
what are your fave pair of shoes that you own right now?
Hmm. Probably my snakeskins
are you mean?
Not really
Y u an Zane break up
Doesn't matter
Nahh I'm do fr can i smell it and eat it I can pleasure and have u moaning hella loud
Leave my ask
Can I smell ur asshole and eat it