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Were u at state basketball
Yea for the championship bc turner and I already was in dezzy for nationals. Why?
I meant cum on her tummy or face
I wish I could even finish... Lol jk tummy Duh
Mary one kill one Fuck one Myles W. Mitch w. And Andrew Turner
Mary Myles, so I can fuck him all the time, Fuck Mitch, all the time like I do now., and to hell with Turner
Tummy or face?
Tummy? I don't really know what that means
Thoughts on Obama
What kind of question is this?
Underclassman crush
Olivia Gaul
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Why are you so gay?
Only with Dudek and Turner.
What's your favorite food?
Hey Birt!
Hey you!
Who are your tweets about
A dog
who u like
Anthony Dudek
Whose our best friend
Andrew Turner
you're cute! :)
Thanks lol
whyd you leave wd?
I was only seeing my dad 3 hrs a week mon-fri and he trained me all mu life sonit was so i could get more training in with him plus wahlert recruted me
What’s the most scared you’ve ever been?
My first day of work they left me alone to do something while i was at the register and i got robbed
Who did you ask to HC & how? What did she say??
Haven't yet i am soon tho
Who was last person the u seen/talked to today
Wat r ur thoughts on russians;)
Good wrestlers why
Nathan Feldman
If you had $5 left in your pocket what would you spend it on?
A hooker(:
Wat r ur thoughts about Kristin... Seems like u don't like her
If anyone could be ur date for hc who would it be
Thats a tough question
After i ask the girl
Who are you asking to hc
Youll find out(:
Whose ur hc date?
Don't have one yet