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Ghb Tristan ;);););) ladddd
Are you having a thing with Sara cabechina
Cabecinha ** and yes
so you are single?
Having a thing with someone
Hottest 4th yr strath
Sara , Sarah ,arianna , Anna , Clara grace etc
Do you have a girlfriend
Well no
Ho Helen
Seems nice , hott , never seen , talk a bit
What year are you in
5th year!
What happened last night
Well we want to Shannon's and then we staid there for about 2 hours til 10 then we had to pick maxes baby cousins up cause she was really drunk then we just went home
If dogs never existed, which animal would take its place as Man's Best Friend?
homo :*
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are you older than your brother tom
Liking anyone?
Naa havent been out for a while so not really in contact with that many People expect my good friends
where are you now
Boarding :(
ho x
where do you go in town
McDonald s mainly
are you in town now?
I was ! Who is this pop up
What is your favorite mobile app?
Snapchat by far
When are you next going into town
This weekend , iam in nearly every week!
Ur so gay
*Max patterson
wat u doing on fbook
nm but pop up
have you ever pulled molly harreson
harrison* and pop up
my goodness you are hot
what are you doing now?
nm just facebook+youtube
when are you back from Germany?
on the 8th :)
Would you like to live in another country?
A warmer one with less rain haha