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Damien Smythe @Trollstep
Damien Smythe @Trollstep
I produce because it's what I love. I watch a lot of anime and play a lot of games so my music generally revolves around one of these two things lol.
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Havent a heard a decent DBZ Dubstep track, you up for the challenge love the whole anime style like with Naruto, also a gamer challenge would be Epic
Hmm DBZ...possibility. Gosh I used to love DBZ, may spark the nostalgia. And what exactly do you mean by a "gamer challenge"?
Would you consider helping a fan develop a decent sized fanbase?
Always happy to help! Message me on facebook. :)
Love your work...I want to start producing like you do. Any tips, programs, advice anything A fan from the start (before you had 100 likes)
Hmm, well I use FL studio primarily which I strongly recommend. You may hear bad things about it on forums about how it is "limited" but I assure you it isn't. Only a bad producer blames his program. Haha. If you want to ask more detailed questions, feel free so message me on facebook, I will always answer.
I love your stuff, would you consider helping a fan develop a fanbase?
I'm always happy to help! Message me sometime!
think you could upload a tutorial on sampling/mastering/and synth-making?
I've been thinking of doing some tutorials actually. I may be making a separate channel pretty soon for tutorials only. SO, yes, sometime in the near future. :)
Mayby some dubstep remixes of assassin's creed 3 and far cry 3 ? <3
Do you like the promo I did on DubstepDiscovery :P
Love it. :) Love you<3
Dude I noticed you added me as a contact on youtube and i heard some of your songs.... could i use your music in some of my speed arts? - FlawlessBackgrounds
Yes. :)
in a face book picture we saw your work room but why the laptop next 2 the pc
I use the laptop for internet surfing and such while my main computer is preoccupied with other things. xD
Hey i was wondering for a particular song. Could u do a dubstep remix of Royksopp-happy up here? If not then thanks!
Maybe! We'll seee.
what kind of plugins are you using for your music cause its realy my dream 2 become an music producer and i worked a bit with reason but i tought i gonna switch 2 fl studio but i dont realy know what plugins 2 use
Well I use FL Studio. And I really only use 2 plug-ins. Native Instruments Massive, and ReFX Nexus.
Hey its elmodancer6969 from youtube.. i was wondering if you could tell your subscribers to check out my channel.... thanks!
Haha I'm sorry but I don't usually promote other peoples channels.
HI DUDE! NICE SONGS! LOVE U <3  Denis Zhukov
Love you too!
I downloaded all of your old songs. If you need them tell me :) And heres my question: Will there be more Naruto Dubsteps ? I love them <3
Of course! I love working with Naruto samples. Always fun. :)
When are you going to make Trollstep The Movie?
maybe tomorrow
What are you wearing right now? 
What's the worst advice you've ever taken?
I deleted everyone of my songs because somebody said I should start over. God. /wrists